1. says

    Indeed. He takes the high road.

    Everybody vote. It looks great for Obama but the more of us show up and vote the sooner the Republican party will be OVER.

    And if you life in California — don’t forget to vote NO ON 8!!!!!!

  2. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    You want to know who’s fueling hatred? Attend a Sarah Palin rally. Watch Fox News. Listen to Limbaugh. Read Drudge. If Obama is taken out, they’ll be the cause for it — and they should be held accountable.

    As for the freak with the gun, is it just me or does he look like he’s wearing eye shadow and rouge?

  3. richard s says

    Unfortunately this is exactly how some/many will view this campaign. To disregard them is an ‘at your own risk’ type of mentality. Don’t be naive gentlemen and ladies.

  4. Jim says

    “Oh, Kitten, put down that dayim GUN. We’re late for the pageant and you’ve only got yer MAKEUP on. Grab yer gown’n’wig and git a MOVE-on!” I’m sorry, but this idiot doesn’t look macho, he looks like a drag queen-in-training with that blush and eyeliner. Can’t have it both ways, boy. Which way do you want it, boy? Guess you’ll find that out in prison.

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