1. sexyback says

    I was just a few months old when she was doing that performance and yet in the 24 years since then I have somehow achieved a modest understanding of foreign affairs, read a handful of different American newspapers and magazines, figured out that sexual orientation is not a choice, and learnt how to construct a coherent sentence.

    What the feck was Palin doing in the 80s and 90s?!

  2. Bob says

    She is good at dodging questions she has no answer to. Considering that Ms. Couric is asking very specific questions. She just rambles on and on without actually saying anything and I think most of Americans are going to eat it up. Would it be so bad as to respond ‘I don’t know!’
    This is terrible. John McCain has no respect for Americans.

  3. says

    She’s obviously not bad at blow jobs. :-) I wonder if that’s how she got the ‘position’ on the GOP ticket? ‘Cause we KNOW it’s not because of her wealth of knowledge of the issues!!!!

    I hate this bitch soooooooooo much……she is the epitome of ignorance and narrow-mindedness that (unfortunately) pervades this country. And when she wins the VP seat, she’ll make sure such backwardness blossoms!

    I’m extremely angry at John McCain – not because he’s Republican, but because he made a shitty decision regarding his VP pick that could send the country (socially) back to the 1950s.

    I predict that tomorrow’s debate will come out in her favor……(and I hope to GOD I’m wrong)…

  4. AED says

    I am afraid that this debate will go very similarly to the smugness that was Cheney in the Edwards/Cheney debate. Cheney just sat there and smiled his bastard of a grin and turned every question into one of his scheduled talking points whether it related to the question or not.

    That is the training Palin will be getting. Spread the agenda, use this as a speech event.

  5. Alex says

    The sad truth is, the same idiots who voted for Bush twice, will blindly vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. The dumbing down of America has increased considerably during the “reign” of Bush. Bush can’t complete a sentence, and Palin can’t answer a simple question like “what papers do you read? It’s no wonder the rest of the world looks at what is happening here and laughs. Let’s hope the American public isn’t as stupid in this election as they have been in the past two.

  6. Mark in NYC says

    What’s scary is that this isn’t the first vice presidential debate between unqualified Repub and a qualified Dem candidate. Remember Quayle/Bensten in ’88? Let’s hope this one has a different result come November.

  7. jason says

    This is what I want Sarah to say to Joe Biden:

    We conservatives are honest in our attitude to gays. We go by the Bible. You liberals, on the other hand, go according to your masturbatory fantasies. You accept into the mainstream the “hot lesbians” but not the “not-so-hot gay guys”. You use the liberal media to push your views, including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and People magazines, not to mention the porn industry. Your real views on gays can be summed up as a “phony acceptance based on titillation and segregation”.

    Your attitude to bisexuality is even worse. You’ve got a bisexual double standard. This double standard is the defining hypocrisy of liberalism. Bi females are celebrated in the mainstream, bi males are considered unnecessary or non-existent. Just do a Google search and you’ll find the differing treatments. Straight liberal males are enabled in this hypocrisy by liberal females who wish to corner the market on bisexuality for reasons of vanity and free drinks.

    Together, you liberal straight guys and your female enablers are contributing to a phony acceptance of gay/bi people which is based on titillation and segregation. We conservatives are at least consistent and honest.

  8. David R. says

    JASON: I’m so sorry that you feel so slighted by the world and that you suffer more discrimination than ANYBODY else. Perhaps someday you and your kind will be accepted. Sniff, sniff. Please get your head out of your bisexual double standard ass. Or at least try out some new words and get to work on your very important PhD thesis that I can’t ’til it’s published to great fanfare.

  9. Sean says

    I can’t get enough of these daily doses of Joe-six pack, intellectually illiterate, mental mediocrity.

    Her lack of knowledge at this point is no surprise and is beyond embarassing, in fact, painfully so.

    What I do find brilliant is her way of making herself out to be this folksy, down home “I’m just like you,” everyman/woman schtick. Uh yeah, I have heard of these things being asked to me but I don’t really know them, Bush Doctrine..umm huh? Supreme Court, yeah like Judge Judy only with more people right? Reading, yeah I read, I read everything. I am well informed in my microcosm of America up in Alaska.

    This is a fantastic tactic to enthuse the base but I dare hope it does not work on the undecideds. While I am sure many people can relate to her, I for one demand more of any leader, albeit my expectations have dropped considerably during the Bush Dynasty, the bar has not been lowered it is just laying on the floor.

    The sad thing is many people WILL relate to her in such a way as to blindly cast away a vote, a vote which will help to cement the US’s growing lack of significance as a global player.

    Being a US citizen having lived abroad the last 8 years and have seen first-hand the downward spiral the US has taken, I had seriously thought it could get no worse. Boy was I wrong.

    All I can do is hope she fails fantastically tonight and hangs herself but something inside me says her strange way of speaking in generalities will somehow work to her advantage.

    Her expectations are so low all she has to do really is show up, cough and victory will be declared by Mccain, not hard to move up when you are at the bottom already.

    Another tidbit of strategic spin is how she is accusing the Liberal media of trying to catch her off guard with questions. Huh? excuse me? How can you be caught off guard, none of the questions posed should have been a surprise. What the fuck did she think was going to be asked? How many States are in the US? Who is our current President? I mean for fuck’s sake questions were asked that she should have been prepared for.

    It is not only the “liberal ” media as she puts it, it is conservative media alike.

    Face it bitch everyone thinks you are a moronic imbecile…oh wait or is that only the elites?

    And what would a Palin defintion for elite/elitest be? She probably thinks anyone with two brain cells which is one and a half more than she has.

    I feel as if my IQ drops just watching her and listening to the drivel which spews from her.

    Change is in the air but not blowing hard enough. Here is a bit more rope Ms. Palin, in the meantime get back to reading EVERYTHING.

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