1. what says

    Andy, The chronology is wrong on the appeals. That appeal mentioned above was the appeal ruled on yesterday (which was denied.) There isn’t an appeal past the AK Supreme Court. Check the date on the linked article (posted 6 days ago by the AP) and you’ll see that appeal was filed _last_ Thursday, not yesterday. It’s just confusing since both actions happened on a Thursday (however a week apart.)

  2. the queen says

    intresting, but i wonder if these scandals are going to matter a hill of beans to anyone who has decided or will decide to vote republican… that party seems to be quite resilient to scandal and upheaval… tough cookies they are, ain’t they folks…

  3. David D. says

    I expect these stories are meant to sway the undecided. I don’t think any one of them has much impact individually, but when you start weighing one pile (Obama meets retired sixties terrorist twice in ten years) against the other (Palin and husband try to use influence to get someone fired for personal reasons), that’s where the decisions start getting made.

  4. sparks says

    Sarah Palin is a lying sociopath. She has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. It’s ironic that she wants to impose such narrow-minded morals on other people and presumes to tell them what’s right and wrong.

    In this respect she is exactly like George W. snortin’ drinkin’ Bush.

  5. Sami says

    Queen, you’re absolutely right that Republicans don’t really care about corruption and lawbreaking in their midst.

    Lucky for us, though, they make up at the very most a third of the voting population. And the rest of us do not tolerate crummy politicians. Hence, the 2006 election.

  6. alguien says

    the queen:
    if they’re so resiliant to scandal and upheaval then why have they been acting like such extreme loons lately? why is it that the behavior of mccain & co so erratic and extreme that public figures as far to the right as christopher buckley (son of william) are coming out in support of obama?

    really queenie, tell us why, if they’re weathering the series of scandals oh so well, that their own party is starting to disavow them.

    crickets chirping…

  7. John Wayne Cahill says

    Let’s be honest, Sara Palin, is a dummy and a right wing neo-con. Mother Jones Blog
    reported that Sara’s Foriegn Policy experience totals 12 hours. They “MJB” mentioned she is a active member of AIP of Alaska. The chairman of the AIP Party is on a terrorist watch list along with her husband Todd.
    The pastor of her church is wanted in Kenya for burning 15 witches at the stake.
    All Sara brings to the table is “Babies got Back”.