News: Kay Hagan, UFO, Sean Hayes, Sex Education, Diddy

road.jpg The Human Rights Campaign has released its annual scorecard, measuring support for equality in the 110th Congress.

Phelpsroad.jpg Michael Phelps to get his own reality show?

road.jpg Backstage war on The View over Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s pro-McCain T-shirt: “If you do that again I will burn you down.”

road.jpg Researcher: HIV can lie dormant in a single cell.

road.jpg Diddy goes “Black on Black” for L’Uomo Vogue.

road.jpg After uproar over Roger Ebert’s review of gay indie film Tru Loved (because he wrote it after only watching 8 minutes of it), Ebert goes back and reviews the whole thing: “A good number of my blog commenters pointed out that I picked on a small indie film. They are right, and I wish I hadn’t. I discuss this in the new blog entry posted today, ‘Definitely read me second!’ Here I want to observe that it’s a miracle any film gets made. Millions of tiny pieces have to come together. It takes courage and resolve to pull it off, especially on a limited budget. Stewart Wade, the writer and director of ‘Tru Loved,’ has achieved that miracle. Attention must be paid.”

road.jpg Filming to commence on Big Gay Musical.

Haganmailerroad.jpg Anti-gay offensive launched against North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan by NC Republican Party: “A new mailer in support of incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole claims that Hagan’s agenda, with the help of ‘liberal judges,’ will be to advance a ‘radical homosexual agenda’ which includes same-sex marriage, removing ‘Under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance, and forcing the Boy Scouts to accept gay and atheist troop leaders.”

road.jpg Sean Hayes and Anne Hathaway hold secret reading, may be headed to Broadway in a revival of Promises, Promises: “Craig Zadan and Neil Meron opened the reading by introducing their producing partners John Gore and Beth Williams (Broadway Across America) and Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Assuming the show moves forward, this will be Zadan and Meron’s Broadway producing debut after making the hit movies of Chicago and Hairspray. The production will also be a re-teaming with the infamous Weinsteins after they all worked together on Chicago during the Miramax days…We’re told that Hayes and Hathaway stunned the audience with their performances (both singing and acting) and that they garnered many huge and consistent laughs throughout–as well as a few tears.”

Pinkcloudroad.jpg Tabloid: Pink cloud baffles Londoners.

road.jpg UFOs over Turkey!

road.jpg Yeti footprints!

road.jpg Ugliness on the set of Ugly Betty.

road.jpg Gay former Vallejo Councilman Gary Cloutier talks to high school students a year after his failed mayoral bid: “Cloutier, who delved into local politics in 1999, said he’s always embraced his sexual orientation in office, but said that never defined him as a politician. He also criticized the media for paying too much attention during the mayoral campaign to his gay identity and Davis’ race. The contest was often framed by some news media as a first for Vallejo no matter what – either the city would get its first openly gay mayor or first African-American mayor.”

road.jpg Lucas Grabeel’s character in High School Musical 3 still coded gay.

road.jpg Sex education to be made compulsory in primary and secondary schools in the UK: “Children will learn about body parts and the fact that animals reproduce from the age of five, puberty and intercourse from the age of seven and contraception and abortion from the age of 11. Schools will not be allowed to opt out of the rules but the government is promising separate guidance to faith schools, which could find elements of the new curriculum at odds with their spiritual beliefs. The schools minister, Jim Knight, said they would still have to teach the curriculum – which includes contraception, abortion and homosexuality – but will separately be allowed to continue to teach religious beliefs about sex.”


  1. says

    Re: Roger Ebert – I received a DVD promo of “Tru Loved” and trust me – it was beyond awful. Perhaps Ebert shouldn’t have reviewed the film after viewing the first 8 minutes (even though he clearly stated that’s exactly what he reviewed) and I’m glad he went back and re-reviewed it, but I sympathize with his miserable experience.

  2. ANON says

    I still struggle with gay cinema. I suppose it’s something more akin to erotica than any film worth watching for over ten minutes. I’m glad Ebert gave it a poor review, I just wish that LGBTQ film makers out there would start producing credible movies which are not sleazy, skeezy, or comedy. Havn’t we all moved past the caricature of gay culture as something to be laughed at and mocked? Arn’t we over the Will and Grace representation of what it means to be gay in 21st century America?

  3. crispy says

    Beautiful Thing
    My Own Private Idaho
    Broken Hearts Club
    Latter Days
    Edge of Seventeen
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    Velvet Goldmine

  4. Rad says

    I have to agree, it’s why I love NetFlix; I can tell in the first 5 minutes if a movie is going to royally suck, yank it from the player and put it back in the envelope!

    CRISPY, you forgot “Brokeback Mountain”!

    2 demerits!

  5. soulbrotha says

    What exactly defines “gay indie cinema”? What part of it has to be gay? The subject? The sensibility? The actors? The characters? The director? The production studio?

    Do all of the movies Crispy mentioned even count?

  6. crispy says

    It’s a good question, soulbrotha. I used to think of “indie” as any movie not released by one of the 5 major studios. But the majors bought up all the indie studios, so now I’m not so sure anymore.

    I think Brokeback was released by Paramount or Universal. I never thought of that one as indie.

  7. Derrick from PHilly says

    Actually, DEREK, if I understand your question, there are two independent gay films that you might be interested in renting (or purchasing): “The Reception” which was shown on LOGO; the other is called “Strange Fruit”. “Strange Fruit” isn’t great, but it answers a need for a forgotten segment of the gay movie going public…well, it helps.

    Get a membership with TLA VIDEO (a Philly based company based on-line)–they cater to gay people of all races, ethnicities… and even gender-role types (hee hee hee)

  8. crispy says

    I wish I knew of more African American gay films. Brother to Brother is a good one.

    I should have included Paris Is Burning, which is fantastic. I know you’ve seen it!

  9. alguien says

    the 90s saw a flowering of gay cinema with titles that included:
    the hanging garden
    go fish
    a beautiful thing
    totally fucked up
    priscilla, queen of the desert
    edward II (by derek jarman)
    the lost language of cranes
    etc., etc.

    frankly, the genre doesn’t have much of anywhere to go anymore. how many more coming of age, coming out stories do we need at this point?

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, CRISPY:

    I forgot about Rodney Evans’ “Brother to Brother”–very highly acclaimed independent gay film. We often forget about gay folks who live out in the Rocky Mountain West or Down South (or in Palin’s Alaska) where there aren’t many gay films shown at Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals, or advertised at all. But I would think with the Internet, and companies like TLA Video, there would be more access.

    And no, I am not an employee of TLA Video.

    “I should have included Paris Is Burning, which is fantastic. I know you’ve seen it!”

    I tried to live it CRISPY. I was never one of the “Ball Children” but Dorian Corey was one of my idols. That’s how me and THE QUEEN became bosom buddies (THE QUEEN actually knew Corey in New York in the 60s)…that was before THE QUEEN banished “herself” from Towleroad….oh, well, that’s what getting fixated on Sarah Palin will do for you–fuck you up.

  11. says

    I’m stumping for Brother to Brother…not just a great gay movie, but a just a great movie. And, I for one, prefer to do business with Wolfe Video, a gay-owned and operated LGBT company that contributes much much more to the community. They actually acquired and distributed Brother to Brother.

    And, no, I’m not an employee of Wolfe Video. I just like to make sure my money is being spent in the right places.

  12. paul says

    Are you kidding me…there is a lot of great gay indie stuff to choose from. i really sometimes do not understand why gay guys are so freakin critical.
    You guys haven’t mentioned “sordid lives” which has become a huge success. and what about the movie “Camp”, “the Life and Times of Ethan Green”, “another gay movie”…like it or not it wasn’t tragic. I mean come on, there is “Urbania”, which was great. What about the movie “Saved”. I mean come on…there is a lot of great stuff produced. “Dorian Blue”, “Get your Stuff”, “Lilies”, etc.

  13. Bading says

    For trulylicious independent gay cinema, look into foreign releases.

    Below is a partial list of the gay-themed films of just one of gay cinema’s foremost auteurs, The Philippines’ Lino Brocka:

    1. Tubog sa Ginto (Goldplated)
    2. Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (You Were Weighed and Found Lacking)
    3. Maynila, Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag (Manila, In The Claws of Dawn)
    4. Ang Tatay Kong Nanay (My Father Is My Mother)
    5. Ang Mga Anak Ni Pacifica Falayfay (The Children of Pacifica Falayfay)
    6. Macho Dancer

    But apart from the last one, good luck finding them.

  14. says

    I don’t believe anyone has mentioned “Big Eden,” which was a really sweet movie.

    There was also Ang Lee’s “The Wedding Banquet,” featuring a gay Asian couple.

    At this year’s Kansas City Gay Film Festival the film “Edge of Heaven” was shown. Not really a “gay film,” though it does have a gay subplot. One of the best films of the year, be sure to see it if you get a chance.

  15. Mr. E says

    This is in reference to the HIV article.

    I am so sick of people, STILL to this day, referring to it as the AIDS virus. For fucks sake AIDS is not a virus! HIV is the virus and AIDS is a condition caused by the virus. And not all people with HIV are AIDS patients! ONLY people with an AIDS diagnosis (requiring a t-cell count below 200) are AIDS patients. Otherwise, people with HIV are just that, people living with HIV. And for gods sake NEVER refer to someone with HIV as an HIVer. Absolutely inappropriate and offensive.

    …steps off soapbox…

  16. says

    And don’t forget what may have been the first indie-fantastic gay movie, “Parting Glances” (1986). Unfortunately, its writer/director Bill Sherwood died of AIDS soon after the movie’s release. Other good indie LGBT films:
    Mysterious Skin
    Unconditional Love (somewhat gay, but very wacky and great)

    There’s a lot out there, but yes, too much is crap. A lot like LGBT books too. Sigh.

  17. Dan says

    Regarding the medical article: Um, duh? HIV isn’t a thinking organism. It doesn’t say to itself, “Well, looks like we lost the war, no point in trying anymore.” It has a biological imperative to reproduce and it will heed it regardless of what has happened to other virons. Hell, it doesn’t even “know” other virons exist! It exists, and it must reproduce, and that’s quite enough for it’s little non-thinking self (to the detriment of anyone infected).

  18. Michael C says

    I liked “Raising Teens” very much but don’t know anything about its background or if it meets the definition of an indie film. It’s basically a documentary following three teens raised by gay couples since birth or infancy. I had no intention of watching it but caught a few minutes while channel surfing and was hooked. Matter of fact I’d like to know even more about all three of the teens profiled since the 2006 filming.

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