1. the queen says

    gotta love her — a great talent — i don’t care if they’re for gay marriage or not, not important — like with sarah palin, if they’re tolerant that’s okay by me… talent is everything in or out of politics ya know…

  2. Anonymous says

    you need to get the interviewers into the shot… i wanted to see who she was looking at

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    ALL RIGHT! Miss THE QUEEN! Miss rotten, sinkin’ actress. Miss big fat movie star…press a buzzer, ring a bell–and ya’ think the whole damn world comes runnin’, don’t ya’?

    …lunch Miss Queeen? Why, certainly, Miss Queen…I’m sure we can find something appropriate for you to eat besides Baked Alaskan cunt, Miss QUEEN!

    Queen, you aren’t ever gonna’ vote against the Democratic Party, and you aren’t ever gonna’ leave…EITHER.

  4. says

    I was lucky enough to watch her perform for 2,000 gay men on an Atlantis cruise a few years back before Dreamgirls hit the screens. She was an amazing performer and exudes a deep warmth. Kudos to her.

  5. lou says

    I remember last year when she said all gays are sinners. Donna Summer called and told her, “don’t piss off your fan-base, honey..look at what happened to me.”

    Guess she listened: don’t bite the hand that feeds you…