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News: Marilyn Musgrave, Banksy, Gay Kiss, Ben Barnes, Indiana

road.jpg London gets World Gay Pride in 2012.

Banksyratroad.jpg Bidding frenzy breaks out over British pub adorned with Banksy rat.

road.jpg Markey-Musgrave race in Colorado attracts big outside bucks: "Musgrave campaign manager Jason Thielman said much of the independent spending is driven by the incumbent's support of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. He said that's led wealthy gay-rights activists, particularly Denver philanthropist Tim Gill, to spend millions of dollars against her in the three most recent elections. 'The radical homosexual movement driven by Tim Gill hates Marilyn Musgrave, and they are willing to spend anything and everything to settle their vindictive agenda,' Thielman said."

road.jpg McCain attack ad emphasizes "bLACKS". McCain surrogate bashes "the gay."

road.jpg DNC responds to anti-gay mailing from Indiana Democratic statte senate candidate Andy Schemenaur. DNC: "While this flier is disappointing, it's a reminder that while we have made great progress to ensure equal rights and protections under the law for every American, clearly there is still more education that is needed even within our party."

road.jpg Study of galaxies suggests we may live in a fractal universe.

Vieiraroad.jpg Meredith Vieira is a liar!

road.jpg LOSER: Gay meth addict lawyer who caused scene on Southwest flight goes to jail. "Moody, now 44, groped and fondled a flight attendant then picked up a 7-year-old boy, hoisted him over his shoulders and proceeded down the aisle...According to the arrest affidavit, the incident began in Indianapolis when Moody boarded the plane with three friends and loudly asked, 'Where is the gay section?' He then proceeded to drink heavily from a liquor supply in his luggage. The flight attended said Moody groped his buttocks, back and abdomen and invited him to the lavatory to have sex."

road.jpg U.S. expects message from Bin Laden before election?

road.jpg Jason Statham takes it off for Transporter.

road.jpg Two gay men arrested for kissing in Mexico: "Eric Schroeder, 22, and Jose Mendez, 35, were accused of committing "a moral misdeed" (una falta a la moral), jailed for 15 hours and fined 2,000 pesos ($148). Schroeder told the paper that on Oct. 10 the couple was "resolving some differences that we had" and, as they walked out of the house, 'there were a few hugs and a kiss out front.' At that point, police arrived, handcuffed them, then drove them around while they 'picked up more people who presumably had committed other crimes,' he said."

Barnesroad.jpg Ben Barnes falls into The Gap.

road.jpg Lance Bass gets handled by Chelsea Handler.

road.jpg Cowardly act: D.C. police officer finds anti-gay graffiti scrawled on his locker.

road.jpg Madonna and A-Rod helicopter to secret rendezvous in the Hamptons.

road.jpg OUT: Jesse Oxfeld on gay reporters on the campaign trail "It’s a job that requires you to have some of the attributes of a loner -- few commitments, an ability to pick up and disappear from your life -- without having the personality of a loner. You have to be social enough and socially adroit enough to read people, talk to people, and get them to talk to you. 'Is it a total surprise to me, if I were to go and look at it analytically, that gay guys want to be political reporters, and might excel at it?' asks another reporter. 'No. Because to be a good political reporter you have to be interested in power and sophisticated in seeing where it works and how it shifts. And I buy into the theory that growing up as a kid who feels different, you get to be very sophisticated about where power is, just in your own experience. You feel outsiderish, and you have that critical perspective.'"

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  1. QUEEN: Love that crazy lawyer, he sounds like my kind of stud. But why does Andy call him a loser? COUNTESS: Hmmm, give me a groper any old day. It must be the meth part, dahling, it’s just not politically correct anymore. Maybe if he had one too many cosmos … QUEEN: Oh yeah, that’s quite gay and politically correct. But I’d much rather have some Krug. COUNTESS: I’ll drink to that. Too bad Consuelo isn’t around anymore to get our hooch. QUEEN: Yeah, well you know the story. Miss Derrick started sending her Obama campaign flyers and Consuelo got all uppity so I had to have her deported. COUNTESS: Pity. Well, maybe when that lawyer gets out of jail we’ll have him over and do the bars. QUEEN: Yeah, he sounds like great fun to me. We’ll go groping and then some!

    Posted by: the queen of hoochie with the countess de coochie sister to miss derrick from philly | Oct 31, 2008 4:53:56 PM

  2. Discriminatio for being gay is illegal nationwide in Mexico. These two men can write a complaint and send it by email to the National Council against Discrimination:

    Angie Rueda is the officer that looks after the LGBT community at the Conapred and Vilma Ramirez is the Director General for Complaints. Her email is:

    Posted by: Alfredo | Oct 31, 2008 7:07:26 PM

  3. Andy - love you to bits but wish you would have told us about the race to oust Musgrave earlier. This is NOT just a CO. issue but for all Americans as she wanted to stamp on our rights on a federal level. I just donated. Hope it is not too late!

    Posted by: Mike | Oct 31, 2008 10:44:25 PM

  4. Could Lance Bass just calm down and come over to my place. please.

    Posted by: j | Nov 1, 2008 7:15:12 AM

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