West Hollywood Gays Take Down Sarah Palin Hanging Effigy

Earlier this week I posted about the tacky Halloween display put up by a gay couple in West Hollywood featuring an effigy of Sarah Palin hanging by a rope. It’s been taken down:

Wehohalloween“Sheriff’s officials say resident decided to remove them after discussing the situation with West Hollywood Mayor Jeffrey Prang. ‘My understanding is that the mayor had a long talk with the man and convinced him to bring it down. The homeowner began to realize what they had done caused a little more of a reaction than they had hoped for,’ Sheriff’s official Steve Whitmore says. Earlier today, protesters put up a pair of white sheets on sticks in effort to hide the display from the street Tuesday. Whoever put up the sheets could be cited for trespassing or infringing on free speech rights, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Oscar Butao. However, nobody at the house has complained so far. The U.S. Secret Service recently looked into the display and said there was no threat. Deputy Special Agent in Charge Wayne Williams called the display unusual but said so far it seems to be harmless.”

Said a spokesman for Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca: “The sheriff made this clear: This is a country that has freedom of speech and we protect that right even when we think it’s idiotic and stupid and in bad taste and wrong to do.”

Gay Couple Puts Halloween Hate on Display in West Hollywood [tr]


  1. Zephyr says

    These guys were so stupid! Just what we need here in California where we are fighting for our rights and trying to prove to the haters that we are good and decent people, these twats go and put this horrible, ugly display up so every night the evening news leads off with live reports from their home and the protests surrounding it. Nice. Well thought out plan idiots! You don’t think they are using this against us in the Prop 8 propaganda? Morons, I am so very angry over these two.
    I am glad they took it down, but the backlash continues.

  2. yoshi says

    Kodo’s to the Sheriff for solid understanding of freedom of speech in this country. Now will the readers of Towleroad get that point?

    (apparently Zephyr doesn’t)

  3. says

    a pathetic half-baked moronic “idea” by two attention seeking shortsighted twits.
    an embarrassment to their entire community.

  4. Scott says

    This guy was featured as Olbermann’s Worse List as #1 the other night. Olbermann (who cannot stand Palin) declared that anyone who would do this was stupid and that violence is not the answer to any situation. If this nitwit would have done this with Obama,there would have been a HUGE uproar. I understand the freedom of speech angle, blah blah blah…. I just don’t think it was done without thinking.

  5. UnionStayshyn says

    “Kodo’s to the Sheriff for solid understanding of freedom of speech in this country. Now will the readers of Towleroad get that point?”

    Sorry yoshi, but does your notion of freedom of speech extend far enough to allow for people to express their disgust with this display?

    I don’t remember anyone here suggesting they shouldn’t have the RIGHT to put their stupidity up for the world to see. If you’re going to start criticizing others on issues like free speech, yoshi, it’s probably best that you get a firmer grip on the issues. Though, as the sheriff says, we will protect your right to say whatever you want, “even when we think it’s idiotic and stupid.”

  6. Into the NIghtlife says

    Stupid twits. They make us all look bad.

    Between all the punches and abuse Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, two POLAR OPPOSITES have received in this election, do you think we will ever have a female leader? Not.

    I can’t wait to have a daughter so she can grow up to be successful and strong and then have the media and public treat her like ***t.

  7. says

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Yoshi, since people aren’t saying these gays don’t have the RIGHT to express themselves, they’re saying that exercising your free speech rights can come with consequences, and one of those consequences is condemnation. Last I checked condemnation (like your continual baseless condemnation of Towleroad readers) also falls under the category of free speech. These morons wanted attention but couldn’t stand the heat of negative attention, so they caved, or recognized their stupidity.

    Soon we’ll have BC exercising his free speech right–as he did yesterday–to lie and say we all support Palin being hung in effigy!

  8. ugotmeinsd_619 says

    These guys are drama idiots. We are on the verge of voting on Prop 8 and these fools try and make some political statement that wasn’t funny. I believe in freedom of speech but I also believe that stupid people should be kicked in the nuts.

  9. dk says

    This is what Andy posted on Towleroad recently in connection with a story on someone hanging an Obama likeness in effigy:

    Obama effigy found hanging at University of Kentucky: “It is with profound sadness that I must report to you that an effigy of Obama was found hanging from a tree on campus this morning. It was taken down immediately, but the damage and hurt will linger for a long time. I literally feel sick to my stomach. There will be a statement from the President shortly, and we are also considering other expressions of outrage. In the meantime, please alert your staff and be prepared to counsel students, staff, and faculty of color, in particular, as needed.”

    But when it comes to a Palin effigy, the strongest word he can muster is “tacky.”

    I’m just sickened by the fact that there are so many who claim to be on the left who are so sanguine when it comes to misogyny. It just reminds me that there are bigots on all sides in this country…very depressing.

  10. Mike says

    I think this is major over-reaction by everybody. Yes, it was extremely bad taste, but the press has given WAY to much attention to it. I didn’t consider it hate speech, stupid yes, hate no. It’s Halloween for gosh sakes…

    Vote NO on 8!

  11. Mike says

    I think this is major over-reaction by everybody. Yes, it was extremely bad taste, but the press has given WAY to much attention to it. I didn’t consider it hate speech, stupid yes, hate no. It’s Halloween for gosh sakes…

    Vote NO on 8!

  12. dk says

    Oh, so now it’s “extremely bad taste” but still an “over-reaction.”

    Great, another bigot I have to warn my two young nieces will have to worry about when they grow up and demand to to be taken seriously as women.

  13. dtownla says

    Hey Chad. Three words for you:

    You’re Not Helping!!!!!

    And now that your name is plastered all over the news, you will be forever remembered as the idiot queen who threw the right wing a bone days before an important referendum on gay rights.

    With gays like these, who needs homophobes?

  14. David B. says

    What cracked me up about the TV coverage was the two morons decided to take down the manikin early in the day claiming friends and several neighbors had convinced them it went beyond bad taste and was ALL political and no Halloween fun.

    Then Jeff Prang, the lying scumbag predator temp mayor responsible for West Hollywood’s largest (by far) payout on a sexual harassment case, shows up yesterday afternoon right as the CBS and ABC cameras are there claiming it was his sage and profound discussion with the two guys that convinced them to take the manikin down. He is soooo icky!

  15. anon says

    While there is no history of lynching women in this country, Obama supporters have already alienated enough women vis-a-vis Hillary to cause headaches down the road.

  16. dk says

    Um, why do you need to be a woman to feel alienated when a campaign’s supporters find violence against women to be funny, or merely “tacky,” and the candidate doesn’t even bother to stand up against it, and benefits from it?

  17. Kev says

    DK, are you referring to the young White woman who claimed a 6’4”, 200lb Black man, cut a backwards “B” into her face, fondled her breasts and robbed her at an ATM because of the political bumpersticker on her car and then admitted that she made the entire story up? Or the fact that the campaign of the candidate who would benefit from such a story pushed the media to cover it before the police could complete it’s investigation, even though they (the police) were skeptical from the very beginning? All with no statement from the candidate on how reprehensible that action was or how much damage it does to women who are actual victims of violent attacks. Is that what you’re referring to?

  18. willy says

    i like the idea, why they put it of???
    Halloween isn’t for scaring people?
    all the comments are from mcCain campaign or gays are more and more stupids?

  19. shane says

    Sorry, but this was just as bad as hanging and effigy of Obama. I am deeply disappointed to see how fast the “free speech” argument popped up.

  20. Ty says

    Sarah Palin will hang all of us if she gets in office, we should all be very worried.
    There is a difference in hanging Obama just for his race and Palin for her “world view” nonsence.