White Supremacist Gets Four Life Terms for Gay Man’s Murder


Darrell Lynn Madden, who killed gay man Steven Domer as an initiation into the United Aryan Brotherhood for Madden’s friend Bradley Qualls, was sentenced to four life terms in prison yesterday. Qualls was also killed by Madden 10 days after Domer’s murder as the result of a disagreement about it, according to authorities.

Madden2The Oklahoman reports: “Madden, 38, pleaded guilty Thursday in the slaying of Steven Domer in a plea deal that means the self-proclaimed white supremacist will likely die in prison. Madden was sentenced to consecutive life terms for kidnapping and killing Domer. He also earned two more life terms for assaulting and spitting on guards at the Oklahoma County jail. In all, Madden must serve five life terms, including the one imposed in June after he pleaded guilty to killing the man who helped him kidnap Domer on Oct. 26, 2007. District Attorney David Prater said he told defense attorneys Madden owed the family an apology. Madden agreed, he said.”

Domer’s brother Mort offered Madden forgiveness for his brother’s killing when Madden made his apology. Said Domer: “[The evil in his eyes wasn’t there today. It looked like a little boy’s eyes. It was sad.”

White Supremacist Charged with Gay Man’s Murder in Oklahoma [tr]

Posted October 10, 2008 at 8:40am ETC by Andy Towle
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