1. matthew says

    In this country in the past year, gays have been compared to everything from pedophiles to now nazis. This is particularly stupid because how exactly does he see a comparison between gay people simply fighting to keep their right to marry and be protected under the law to the ehnic cleansing and the extermination of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Brad Dacus is not only stupid and bigoted with his hateful rhetoric, he is dangerous. The sad thing is there are so many more out there just like him, just waiting to spread their hateful and hurtful ignorance to anyone who listens.

  2. Mike says

    I don’t get the analogy. Isn’t it supposed to be reversed. It was Nazi Germany which started writing laws which discriminated against a particular group of people. If anything, the Yes on 8 group is doing EXACTLY what the Nazi’s did. Writing discriminatory laws targeted to a specific group. This is typical wingnut double speak. Accuse someone else of doing what you are actually trying to do. I really have contempt for these people. How shameful!

  3. fab says

    I just donated this morning! Please donate as little as ten dollars! It would make a difference! You don’t have to be from California! WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! I’ve seen our NO On 8 ads on tv 5 times this morning! Please please donate! Don’t let the Mormon Church rewrite our Constitution! Please donate today!

  4. Frank says

    Once again the right wing is crying aloud because they are being “victimized” and not allowed to hate as freely as they wish to. It’s not even ironic to me- it’s shocking that this idiot would invoke Hitler and the Nazis against gay people after all the gays who were exterminated by Hitler.

  5. Leland Frances says

    Has anyone in California seen Ellen’s PSA on TV yet? I saw it once a couple of nights ago and was all excited that they were finally running and she was coming through after all the criticism of her by me and others for doing too little. But haven’t seen it since, nor is it featured on the the NoOnProp8 site as one that’s actually running on TV.

    Andy’s probably linked to them all by now, but you have to see the YES ads do really understand how vicious AND DEVASTATING they are. Just as Anita Bryant did 31 years ago, the “save the children” warning has moved from one part of their attack to their central theme. A recent ad baldly calls the CA State Superintendent of Education a “liar” for saying in a NO ad that gay marriage won’t be “taught” in schools.
    I hope he sues them for slander.

    Thanks again to Andy, and to all those who’ve donated. United we stand….

  6. Gianpiero says

    How stupid does this make him look? And could it be more offensive? Equating victims of Nazi persecution to the persecutors themselves? Somebody needs a history lesson.

  7. Tom In Virginia says

    We just had one of these amendments in Virginia (2006). It’s worth helping beat back the effort in California, because if they can win in CA, they will march hate across the country-

    Maybe Towlerload can make prop 8 always on top until the deadline tomorrow?

    In the end, don’t we care more about gay marriage than the Mormons do?

  8. says

    I donated yesterday $100 and will donate another $100 today…anyone join me?

    Let’s go and win this battle.

    In FL we are close to winning too…we are trying to defeat a similar Amendment #2 in Florida….say NO to 2; we also need help for TV ads going up this weekend.

    Check out

    In Florida, we only need 40% + one vote to defeat this Constitutional Amendment challenge and NOT 50% + one vote. So we can win ours with a little help; we are close to winning but need a little help from friends.

    Thank you and PLEASE also give to help defeat Prop 8, it is our human rights you are protecting.

  9. ERB says

    There should be a new “no” ad that plays an excerpt of this clip with the gays as nazi’s punchline…then a flip to the numerous documentaries that exposed the many gay prisoners placed in concentration camps alongside the jews…would CA citizens actually have the conscience to vote in favor of similar Nazi policies today??…now I hate the hackneyed political comparison’s to Hitler, but this douchenozzle has opened up pandora’s box…so let’s play the game!

  10. anon says

    I don’t think he’ll win many undecided minds with such rhetoric, and considering that over thirty states have already banned gay marriage, the effects of CA on the rest of the country is going to be fairly small. The main issue was that CA had no residency requirement, thus leading to potential lawsuits in others states under full-faith-and-credit arguments, but I think DOMA solves that one, if “solves” is the right word. There are only about six states that haven’t weighed in yet.

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    A shout out to Chip Arndt! Ever since he and his former partner won “The Amazing Race” five years ago and he relocated to Miami, he has been working harder and harder for LGBT equality, and, believe me, it’s an uphill battle in that state. He’s president of Freedom Democrats, MIA’s LGBT Dem caucus, but his greatest honor may come Tuesday.

    Even before being picked as an out gay Obama delegate to the Dem Convention, he’s worked his lovely tush off to help Florida finally go blue. And if Obama does “win” next Tuesday, Chip has been chosen as one of the members of the Electoral College from Florida which means at least one out gay man will be one of the 538 Americans officially “electing” Obama on December 15th.

    PROUD of you, Chipster!!!

  12. Michael Bedwell says

    95% of the time posts by anyone signed “ANON” are among the stupidest and the one above is no exception.

    EVERY expert on the fight for LGBT equality has emphatically stated that the outcome of the vote on Prop 8 will be a “tipping point”—either toward the expansion of marriage equality in other states via new referenda or court decisions or against it. And it will affect other gay rights issues, too.

    But don’t believe me—believe all those FOR Prop 8—the majority from OUTSIDE California—who have contributed MILLIONS of dollars to pass it. THEY get that helping religious fascism succeed in California will help it advance everywhere. Too bad “ANON” doesn’t.

  13. says

    Thanks for keeping on this. I donated this morning so hopefully Towleroad will reach $100,000. I so don’t want to see those religious fuckers win this one! Regardless, I hope the next proposition is one taking away the tax exempt status of all these “church/religious” institutions that are using their pulpits/stupid followers to force their political agenda.
    Keep up the great work.

  14. Will says

    I donated 200 earlier this week and 200 again today. I challenge all of you out there who have not done so to donate to No on 8, regardless of your belief in gay marriage or not (whether you want marriage or for personal reasons never want to get married).

    This vote is a watershed moment for us gays, and goes far beyond just marriage rights. It is a test of our strength and support in California. If we lose, you can reconcile yourself to another 20 years in the wilderness no matter how many other states get gay marriage. It will not happen at the federal level, where the important rights reside. And will take the wind out of the sails everywhere else gay marriage is being considered or being fought for.

    Not only that, the religious right will be re-energized to push their theocratic agenda on the rest of us. If they can win in CA, they can win just about anywhere else.

    Donate now and if you live in CA, please volunteer and be sure to vote on Tuesday. We in the rest of the country (I’m in NYC) are counting on you!


  15. Trasker says

    Andy, this site must be responsible for a whole lot more than what is just tracked. Personally I would go back to the No on 8 and emails in my inbox to click through repeatedly after watching videos and reading stories here that pissed me off. I will be riding my bike to work for weeks because of these damn bigots.

  16. Scott says

    Did I miss some verse in the bible that reads Hate Thy Neighbor? I mean, how did these people get stuck in the Old Testament? Let’s bring back slavery and child sacrifice while they’re at it. Maybe just gay babies. Or would that be just babies of gay people? Heck, how about all gay people?

  17. Jon says

    Ugh… I am just sick. And angry. One would think that ANY comparison to Hitler would ONLY be used to refute people who are against gays and lesbians in any way. After all, Hitler’s answer to homosexuality was genocide. But as right wingers can’t get away with killing us, they simply try to kill our spirit, our freedoms, our rights and reputations. And all in the name of God… just like Hitler.

    I am SICK of extremists invoking the name of God for their causes, justifying their discrimination and hatred with their Bible, and smearing their neighbor instead of loving them as they were taught to do. I have HAD IT with people who claim to love God and their country, but clearly don’t love God’s creation or their countrymen. And I am FED UP with the hypocrisy of a group who fights relentlessly to pick the specks out of others eyes, when they have beam after beam in their own.

    IT IS TIME for these people to be asked once again, “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” Jesus never spoke a word about homosexuality. Jesus never sought to interfere in politics. Jesus taught to love, show compassion and turn the other cheek. He NEVER taught, “Hate the sin, love the sinner” – he simply taught to forgive. And he embraced anyone who was considered sinful or an outcast of society.

    IF ONLY those who claimed to follow Jesus would emulate him.

  18. turlie says

    I am a little confused…….Hitler was not the Nazi’s…..he was a Nazi…..THE NAZI’S was made up of the arian community of Germany………Or am I dumb and wrong here…… is this finally proof that the christian right is slowly becoming NAZI’s?

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