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Zac Efron Attacked By Older Man; Hideous Wax Twin Left Alone


Madame Tussaud's unveiled a rather ashen wax figure of Zac Efron in London yesterday. Then again, Halloween approaches. Perhaps it's the zombie version. Meanwhile, the real thing was nearby in Leicester Square promoting High School Musical 3.

And he was attacked by an older man while leaving a West End Theatre last night:

"An onlooker said: 'Some guy was just stood near the door where Zac and Vanessa emerged. He just reached over and grabbed the side of Zac's head. There was no provocation. It all turned into a bit of a mess. He was shouting all kinds of things at Zac. Their security team eventually dealt with it. They had to bundle Zac into a car, but at one point it looked as though the man was going to be pushed into it with him.'"


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  1. I'd probably push Zac Efron if given the chance too ... okay, no I wouldn't, but he creeps me out. Looks too much like a girl for me; I like my men's mensy lookin'! :D

    Posted by: Zac | Oct 9, 2008 6:52:53 PM

  2. @ ZAC: Hmm, so you are a fag and a gay basher?! Meanwhile, you say things like you like your men "mensy"! Let me tell you, that is the faggiest thing I ever heard and you are dismissing the fems in our community?! Look here queenie, those were the ones in our community who led the way to whatever equality we have now because they refuse to hide the truth, unlike the cowardly types like you who hide behind a "put-on" butch facade. Here is a friendly tip: the giggles you hear as you enter and leave a room is because you are a joke and you are fooling no one--sorry to break it to you like this.

    Posted by: Excuse Me! | Jan 13, 2015 7:15:32 AM

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