1. Jimmyboyo says

    Love that family

    Scratch that. I love the First Family. :-) Mr President, The First Lady, the 2 ?First? Daughters (what did we all call Chelsea back in the day?), and Michele’s moma the First Grandma who has helped a ton in raising the girls through the primaries and the election.

    I hope Obama and Michele can survive the coming dreaded teen years of their 2 daughters.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “I hope Obama and Michele can survive the coming dreaded teen years of their 2 daughters.”

    Amen, JIMMY, and I also hope that the FBI and Secret Service will do their jobs in helping The First Family survive some of the violent, right-wing nut jobs in this country.

  3. Jimymboyo says


    I also Hope the girls get through their teenage years without going crazy. The pressure of the spotlight, being constantly surrounded by SS agents = hard to rebel, etc. Rebellion is a normal part of growing up and I can’t even imagine the difficulty in being a typical teenager under so much pressure. Hopefully they both come through it and grow into graceful and dignified young women like Chelsea did.

  4. RB says

    Gee, I guess the whole freakin gaycom is in bed with BHO. Well, not everyone. This is just nauseating fawning over an empty-headed politician. And did BHO mentioned who he voted for? So Palin gets ridiculed but BHO gets a pass. How typical.

  5. says

    You are indeed in the minority here, RB, so, unless you can cope with the joy most of us felt when voting for Obama today, you better stick to safer sites like FOX News and the Drudge Report, tho I suspect things might get glum over there later tonight. Your mistake is thinking that we’re “fawning” or that Obama is “empty-headed.” You voted your conscience, we voted ours. Obama, whatever you may think of his positions, has proven that he is anything but empty-headed, one reason that intelligent Republicans have come over to our side this election. History is shifting, with or without your endorsement.

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