CNN Exit Polls: 27% of Gays Voted for McCain

CNN’s exit poll data says that 27% of gays voted for McCain in this election.

MccainAccording to the Log Cabin Republicans, that’s up from 20% four years ago. They write: “That equals 1.3 million votes – the most any Republican candidate for President has received.”

I reported last June that 14% of gays favored McCain while 60% favored Obama. That’s quite a jump, and both numbers astonish me, quite frankly.

This was a candidate who didn’t even know what the acronym LGBT stood for. He also didn’t believe in gay adoption, supported a ban on gays in the military, worried if his clothing looked too gay, isn’t sure if condoms stop the spread of HIV, thought same-sex marriage ceremonies were okay as long as they were fake, and promised right-wing religious groups that he’s speak out against LGBT causes.