CNN Exit Polls: 27% of Gays Voted for McCain

CNN’s exit poll data says that 27% of gays voted for McCain in this election.

MccainAccording to the Log Cabin Republicans, that’s up from 20% four years ago. They write: “That equals 1.3 million votes – the most any Republican candidate for President has received.”

I reported last June that 14% of gays favored McCain while 60% favored Obama. That’s quite a jump, and both numbers astonish me, quite frankly.

This was a candidate who didn’t even know what the acronym LGBT stood for. He also didn’t believe in gay adoption, supported a ban on gays in the military, worried if his clothing looked too gay, isn’t sure if condoms stop the spread of HIV, thought same-sex marriage ceremonies were okay as long as they were fake, and promised right-wing religious groups that he’s speak out against LGBT causes.


  1. ichabod says

    Just proves that there are a lot of stupid people in the world (gay, straight or otherwise). Mercifully, the smart people came out in force this time…

  2. mikr says

    Meh. Racists, Hillary dead-enders, gay plumbers, and diva worshippers who wanted to do Palin’s hair. oh and hedge fund managers who can’t quite grasp their era is ovah!

  3. Mike says

    … and 52% of the people in California voted for the first time to place discrimination against a minority into their constitution. Some people just don’t get it – and gays have their share.

  4. yoshi says

    That’s quite a jump, and both numbers astonish me, quite frankly.

    If they astonish you may I suggest you get out of your little bubble every once in a while. There are some real concerns over Obama’s positions and where he will take this country. The world is a complex thing and to boil it down the reason to not vote McCain because he doesn’t know what “GLBT” stands for is frankly superficial and naive.

    (voted Obama for varying reasons – didn’t vote for Al Franken for other varying reasons)

  5. Jack says

    I find it odd that CNN shows this breakdown for the national poll, but when I check the breakdown for California and New York, the YES row shows n/a for the Gay/Lesbian row on the table.

  6. Cameron says

    Here we go again, trashing people for not being 1 issue voters then turning around and damning anyone that votes Republican simply because they embrace an anti-gay platform. It’s hypocritical.

  7. Ben says

    If blacks are only 6.1% of California’s total population, their turnout voting 70% yes on Prop H8te is not a lot of votes. If they’d voted 70% no, it would still pas.

    Direct that anger at the real culprits – the Mormons and Krazy Kristians who spent, advertised, duped, etc the voting public. The LGBT community and activists sadly underestimated the effectiveness of their money and tactics. Perhaps the religious nuts knew they’d lost on the presidential and focused instead on Prop H8te for a victory with which to continue to rally their forces of hate. But THEY are the perpetrators here…not a small segment of the very large supposedly liberal California voting population.

    Oh and gays voting for McCain…I keep telling people…the real battle in this country is the rich vs the rest of us. There are plenty of rich and wannabe rich gays who will always vote to maintain that class divide.

  8. Rad says

    And at what point can we stop parsing the electorate into categories? Isn’t that what got this country into divisive problems in the first place?

    One country, of the people, for the people, by the people. Not red states, or blue states, but the United States? Ring a bell, anyone?

    We have a lot of work to do. It’s time to stop bickering about who voted for what. These next TWO years are a chance to begin real change in this country. Rights and ballot measures will come again, and perhaps the next time, the fight will be more cohesive.

    On Prop 8, the only message I got from it was “We must raise more money than them!”, and honestly, in a political season rife with requests to donate, I hit [Delete] [Delete] [Delete] when those came in. It was not until near the end of the push that someone, somewhere actually said what Prop 8 was about, changing an existing constitution to take away human rights. Perhaps if THAT basic, BASIC message got out sooner, it would not have passed by the slim margin currently on the books. I fault the “No on 8″ folks, too. We do not vote on CA issues, but my elderly relatives were in the “For 8!” column until I relayed the basics, then then realized how bad it was.

    So we have a lot of work to do.

  9. says

    Ben… you are absolute correct… the rich gays vote for their money and their property.
    It was disheartening to watch both parties this entire past campaign season only discuss the middle and upper class and ignore poverty concerns and the lower class completely.

  10. says

    Your math is off.

    When it was reported in June that 14% favored McCain and 60% for Obama, you don’t add up to 100%.

    Both numbers showed a jump. Obama clearly received 73% of the vote rather that 60%, if you assume a negligible number voted for 3rd party candidates.

    Plus, there are other issues than gay issues at stake here. I still think it is wrong to project your priorities on to anyone else.

  11. another matt says

    Well I, for one, think that it’s a good thing and is another indicator of how diverse the gay community actually is. Our diversity of opinions is just as important as racial diversity, gender identity diversity, and different levels of masculinity and femininity.

    I proudly and enthusiastically voted for Obama, and despite our heated conversations, my boyfriend –whom I love very much, and is neither a bitter Hillary supporter nor a racist– was one of the 27% of gays who voted for McCain, and I understand and respect his vote.

    When Bush was reelected, many of us thought that it was the end of homosexuality as we know it, and that proved to be wrong.

    There are many other issues in a presidential campaign to vote on and LGBT issues are priority #1 for some of us and priority #27 for others, and there’s nothing wrong with either point of view.

  12. sexyback says

    CAMERON et al., it’s not ONE issue – McCain is against gay people in a myriad of ways, including economics, healthcare, children’s rights and education. McCain and Obama were more divergent on gay issues than almost any other area. Stop calling it a single-issue problem.

  13. RJP3 says

    I do not believe that 27 percent of gay people voted for a VP who is an evangelical fundamentalist – and I do not believe that 27% voted for a man who has said gays should not be allowed to adopt.

    Yes there is a segment of gay men are notoriously self-centered and pretentious and only care about tax cuts – and THEY would identify as voting for John McCain.

    BUT we are talking about 27 percent of the SELF IDENTIFIED men who said they were gay.

    That obviously does not include those who would not share their sexuality with a pollster on the street or all the gay men who are not out and obviously would not self-identify as gay — and did this include all the bisexual men too ?

    Dont believe the numbers from a twisted group that ENDORSE this losing anti-gay ticket —- remember the log cabin Republicans are in it for the MONEY and nothing else.

  14. LightningLord says

    >>If blacks are only 6.1% of California’s total population, their turnout voting 70% yes on Prop H8te is not a lot of votes. If they’d voted 70% no, it would still pas.

    It’s not the % of the total population that matters, it’s the % of eligible and registered voters and, more specifically, the % of registered voters who actually went to the polls to vote. In a race as close as Prop 8 was, any increase in voter turnout was likely to have an impact on the outcome of the initiative, and all indications are that Blacks turned out in record numbers to cast a vote for Barack Obama and, at the same time, vote Yes on 8.

    I find it odd that some people highlight the higher turnout of Blacks as a factor in helping Obama win the Presidency but then simultaneously downplay the higher turnout of Blacks in helping pass Prop. 8. You can’t have it both ways. Does Black turnout matter or not? And if not, is not that inherently racist to basically say “Black votes don’t really count in the big picture.” How condescending and elitist.

    Finally, if the turnout of Black voters in CA was ultimately irrelevant to the passge of Prop 8, then why was such a big deal made among the No on 8 campaign about the “outreach” they supposedly made to the African-American community. Are we supposedly to simultaneously believe that the African-American vote was crucial to defeating Prop 8 but not to its passage?

    The intellectual contortions some people make in order to bend over backwards to be politically correct and not identify one of the major reasons why Prop 8 passed would be funny were it not so pathetic.

  15. RJP3 says

    Oh and gays voting for McCain…I keep telling people…the real battle in this country is the rich vs the rest of us. There are plenty of rich and wannabe rich gays who will always vote to maintain that class divide.


    Ben you are 100 perenct correct.

    The rich and wanna-be rich in Boston have destroyed any sense of a progressive gay community here in Boston. Anyone of any quality has moved away from the South End that they have settled in (to be near the ruling straights in the Back Bay)…. decent gay men and women have moved to Cambridge, Dorcester and other suburbs to get away from the pretense, elitistism and meth pipes.

    Very dark homosexual souls – I do not think Republicans get to be called GAY sorry.

  16. taloisi says

    OK: Of the CNN sample, 68 people said they were GLBT. So 17 or 18 of these folks supported McCain, and about 49 voted for Obama. 68 people is hardly a representative sample of our community!

  17. patrick nyc says

    In the 80’s when the Log Heads voted for Reagan, they too used the ‘more than one issue’, when AIDS was the issue, the other issue sadly is the same today. Their wallets.

  18. PeePee says

    How dare some gays think for themselves? How dare they not march in lockstep with everyone else?

    Doesn’t everyone know the only approved types of diversity in the gay movement are race and trannies?

  19. Sebastian says

    Even more amazing/distrubing news this morning, and, I wonder how many voted for YES on 8? Since the scapegoating has started about why it passed, may as well ask those gays who voted GOP and fell for the hate and self hate if they were for it in Cali and other states including Arizona where McCain backed it twice.

    But, it is America and people are free to vote for whom they want, although, this is a odd one. Bob Barr or Cyntiha McKinney would have been a better choice for them.

  20. says

    I think that part of that would be just as many of the votes that put Prop 8 in were black, many of the gay votes against our own interests were not FOR McCain so much as they were AGAINST Barack Obama (most likely due to racism).

    I witnessed one “friend” online who posted his early voting ballot to flickr. When confronted about and asked for a reason why he would vote for McCain, rather than saying giving an actual platform leaning (perhaps abortion rights or the war in Iraq) he stated that it was due to his “being raised in the South”…which felt like code for “I’m a racist”

  21. Jimmyboyo says

    1/2 of voting age gays in CA aren’t even registered to vote

    1/3 of registered gay voters didn’t even vote

    prop 8 is ahead by 400,000 votes 4% and just the non voting registered gays in CA would have equaled another 7% and we would be ahed by 3%

    unregistered gay voters in california would have given us 10% more = 6% ahead

    Registered gays CA who didn’t vote + unregstered ca gays = 17% more for our side and we would have won at +13% ahead

    the blame is ALL ours gay CA

  22. says

    Peepee: “How dare some gays think for themselves” you mock? The whole point is that voting for a ticket whose party platform is EXPLICITLY anti-gay is that you’re NOT thinking for or of yourself.

    I don’t agree with being a “one-issue” voter. That means if someone is gonna raise your taxes you better think twice about voting against them if they’re also in favor of X, Y and Z other issues that may affect you as much or more.

    But if you’re voting for a candidate (two, actually, counting his imbecilic veep) who is openly against gay rights, that is not “one issue,” that is who you are. The sex you have is not who you are, but being gay is—it’s an identity.

    It would be like a black person voting for a ticket that was explicitly anti-black, that wanted to disallow blacks from marrying or adopting or enjoying equal rights. 27% of black people would not be so stupid to vote against themselves, even if 70% of black voters in California ARE that stupid to be enslaved to religion and to vote against gay marriage. (My bias: I think religion is a joke and people who filter their lives through it are mentally challenged, at least in that one regard.) I don’t agree with their vote, but it’s a lot easier to see how they would vote against another group than it would be to see how they would vote against themselves.

    27% is disgusting and embarrassing. It shows, since it’s a jump up from Bush, that McCain somehow successfully kept his “maverick” label for those voters, because 27% is a figure I would have expected when he first announced his candidacy, back when he was less obviously a sell-out to the far right.

    Then again, I can’t stand a lot more than 27% of gay people I meet, so I guess the % isn’t that bad! ha

  23. Godfrey says

    Darling, dear!

    How soon you forget that that there is “rampant” racial discrimination in the gay and lesbian community. Just because we are an oppressed minority does not mean we do not have our own nice little set of bigoted racial nut cases!

  24. KBR says

    Given the fact that most homosexuals are probably in the closet how in the world does any news organization really get an accurate sample of the “gay” vote? This is one exit sample that I would ignore completely. There are just way too many DL people in the world for anyone to think they can accurately sample the homosexual population during an exit poll. And for those who want to cast dispersion on Blacks for supporting prop 8, let’s also remember that Black’s played a more critical role in making Obama president. Frankly if we were to have to chose between having prop 8 passed or having Obama elected I think most of us would chose Obama over 8. So let’s thank Black voters all over the country for what they did to make that a reality.

  25. Godfrey says

    Darling, dear!

    How soon you forget that that there is “rampant” racial discrimination in the gay and lesbian community. Just because we are an oppressed minority does not mean we do not have our own nice little set of bigoted racial nut cases!

  26. ATLSteve says

    Maybe this vote will serve as a wake-up call to many to show them once and for all that the black community, by and large, is not our ally.

    They do not equate, and actually resent, any civil rights comparison.

  27. Ben says

    LightningLord, as you were addressing me with your very self-serving creative contortions, I’ll just address you right back.

    6.1% of the California voters. (12% of the entire population.) Thus 6.1% of 37000000 (You can extract from the total here for clarity.) That amounts to 2.25 million voters. 70% of that is 1.6 million. Yes, if only 35% had voted No it’d be 800000, etc etc.

    But other groups with much larger population numbers also voted Yes on 8, and a LOT of supposedly liberal white Californians voted for 8 as well. The only racism here YOUR blame laying on black voters. I or no one else would suggest that the yes votes of black CA voters was not detrimental…they certainly were. But to blame them solely as you did in your first post is, well, stupid and demonstrates a non-understanding of statistical and situational facts.

  28. Mark in NYC says

    Precisely why we have a gay population rather than a gay community. We span ALL demographics. The only thing we have in common is our sexual orientation.

    I am appalled that some gays support figures and proposals that strip rights away from others, but I’m not surprised. To say that we’re all clever, liberal, and creative is a myth.

    We try to appear that we’re united and all-inclusive with our politically correct GBLT tag, but it just isn’t true. There is so much division and segregation in our population. There are genuine caring people amongst us, but face it, we’re notoriously self centered individuals.

  29. says

    If the numbers are correct, it boggles my mind, but then again I’m not a gay Republican. To those insinuating that gay Obama supporters were one issue voters, equality issues aside (as if), McCain/Palin was still a terrible, backwards-looking choice, as the majority of the country–most voting with gay issues far off the radar screen–confirmed. Not a good week to be a Log Cabin Republican. Someone should set up a hotline.

    P.S. Interesting that the black voters destroyed equality in CA theme has even moved to this thread, which has nothing to do with that. But I suppose inflaming race wars takes the losing Republican strategy into the future.

  30. Jimmyboyo says

    atlsteve go sit in a corner in your KKK robes, the adults are talking


    1/2 of voting age gays in CA aren’t even registered to vote

    1/3 of registered gay voters didn’t even vote

    prop 8 is ahead by 400,000 votes 4% and just the non voting registered gays in CA would have equaled another 7% and we would be ahed by 3%

    unregistered gay voters in california would have given us 10% more = 6% ahead

    Registered gays CA who didn’t vote + unregstered ca gays = 17% more for our side and we would have won at +13% ahead

    the blame is ALL ours gay CA

  31. jeffjeffjeff says

    Just one thing to point out: that number was taken from an exit poll. And wasn’t EVERY news source (including Towleroad) decrying the use of exit polls this year??

    So NOW we’re supposed to actually pay attention to ?

    I have a feeling this is b.s. I’d like to know exactly where those numbers came from.

  32. Um no says

    Proud gay republican here. If you think it’s just about greed, you’re wrong. There are many issues from the economy to defense to healthcare. What’s so offensive to so many of us gay republicans is the assumption that we must be liberal on all issues. Sorry, but that’s absurd. My being born gay didn’t also make me born a pacifist or fiscal liberal or whatever. On the national level especially, there are so many issues to be concerned about. Also, it doesn’t help for the Democrats to talk out of both sides of their mouths on gay issues.

    Oh, and I seriously doubt many gay republicans supported prop 8, so cut that baseless charge out. These are self-identified gay men. If you want to look for closet cases or self loathers, look to the family men that supported it in droves.

  33. Mark in NYC says

    …and enough with the racist rhetoric.

    As Jimmyboyo continues to point out, the blame is ours. Let’s accept it, learn from it, and move the battle forward.

  34. Luke says

    You know Steve, your words can be reversed, there are many in the gay community who hate blacks as much as anyone else as a glance at just about any gay board shows. Until there is a equality within the gay community and outreach to people of color that we share the same concerns and issues, there will always be a divide.

    GOP gay voter? A bad joke at best since the moderates have long since left that party and its run by the right wing, chuch going hate crowd.

  35. Fredo says

    ATLSTEVE, that is a ridiculous statement when you consider that millions of the votes that came in favor of the Prop passing were from white voters. Does that, by your logic, now mean that we should consider the white population our enemy as well?

    Also keep in mind that are also blacks WITHIN the gay community + that hundreds of thousands of black voters were also voting against Prop 8.

    Keep your divisive notions to yourself, thanks.

    P.S. While a lot of people are indirectly blaming Obama’s driving black voters to the polls for prop 8 passing, also remember that he drove tons of young voters to the polls (who voted more in opposition to Prop 8).

    It’s not “unite + conquer”, people. It’s “divide + conquer”.

    Keep alienating the black allies + fellow members of the gay community due to the actions of some of the black voters + we will all suffer as a result.

  36. bmorg says

    I voted McCain and am quite proud of it.

    I predict that Obama’s victory has destroyed the progress we had made toward limiting the amount of money in political campaigns. By shunning the public finance system, and raising obscene amounts of money, he has guaranteed that the Republican candidate in the next election will need to do the same.

    All this money corrupts the whole system, and every issue: health care, fiscal policy, and even gay rights issues. The democrats used to care about this issue.

    McCain ran a campaign that did not demonize the LGBT community, and his campaign staff shows he can work with and respect the gay community. Those who argue that the Republican party is controlled by hate mongering right wingers should stop demonizing the moderates in the party, like McCain, who don’t fit that description.

  37. says

    I disagree, LUKE. I do feel that gays in much higher number view their struggle for rights as having similarities to the black struggle for civil rights.

    Like Steve, I live in Atlanta, and am confident when i say that most blacks do not believe that the gay rights movement has any similarities to the black civil rights movement.

    Many blacks (and whites, and greens, etc) believe that being gay is a choice and that is a fundamental difference – because no one believes that being black is a choice.

  38. says

    Read before you post, racist morons!

    The biggest betrayal — and biggest numbers are these:
    Conservative: 85% FOR Prop 8
    Liberal: 78% AGAINST Prop 8
    Those are both higher percentages and higher absolute numbers.

    It’s the Conservatives we need to reserve our hatred for, not any other group. These are the same conservatives McCain would have brought to power.

  39. says

    RRGG, did you not bother to read the other comments here, or are you deliberately stirring up more futile racist tension?

    Forgive me for repeating a comment from an earlier thread, but I’m sick of reiterating arguments on this ad nauseam:

    Jesus, how long are we going to focus on race instead on what can be done to move forward in the fight for equality?

    I understand the disappointment and anger that the black vote went down as it did. How could people who support Obama not support us? But that’s a simplistic assumption (like we were somehow doing AA’s a favor by voting for Obama, the best candidate), and points to a lack of understanding about how black people–many very religious and, for various reasons, not well informed on gay issues–vote. (Of course many black voters are informed and, gasp, even gay!) So maybe the vote was a useful wake-up call. What doesn’t make sense is this scapegoating of blacks for putting Prop 8 over the top, the argument being that if Obama hadn’t energized black voters and brought their disproportionate Yes vote to the ballot box, we’d still have equality today. But focusing on the black vote neglects the much more significant 80+% Republican (mostly white) vote in favor of Prop 8, the vast Mormon (white) $ funding Yes, all the gay people who didn’t bother to vote, failed political strategies on the No side, and so on. Any of those things could have put Yes over the top, so pinpointing blacks smacks of racism. That doesn’t mean the black Yes vote shouldn’t be acknowledged and analyzed, it’s the obsessive way it’s being acknowledged (Black Vote = Prop 8 Passage) that’s offensive. And let’s not forget: the power structure behind 8, what funded it and got it on the ballot in the first place was predominately very very white. Without the white push, Prop 8 wouldn’t have been there for blacks to support.

    Move on, this racial infighting only helps the opposition.

  40. Chester says

    Even my right wing Ohio republican family members were not able to vote for McCain because of his divisive, dishonest, vapid, fear-mongering, content-free campaign. And the Palin pick.
    And Bmorg, he supported the Republican platform so he is not a moderate, thank you.

  41. Chris says

    Well, if gay Republicans cite defense or healthcare as their reasons to be/vote Rebuplican, then … um … I’m virtually speechless. (Do they know the word failure?)

  42. Ted says

    The LGBT community will see its power and political voice continue to diminish – what little rights we have will gradually be stripped away if we do not begin to vote as a politically unified community.

  43. Charlie says

    This doesn’t surprise me. The majority of gay men over 50 that I personally know were all voting for McCain, and most of them freely admitted that they “just couldn’t vote for a black man for president.”

  44. Alex says


    McCain ran a campaign that did not demonize the LGBT community, and his campaign staff shows he can work with and respect the gay community. Those who argue that the Republican party is controlled by hate mongering right wingers should stop demonizing the moderates in the party, like McCain, who don’t fit that description.


    1. McCain made very ignorant comments about gay adoption

    2. McCain supported Prop 8 and the similar ammendment in AZ.

    3. McCain chose Sarah Palin as a VP pick who is a barbaric social conservative who came out very vocally against gay marriage (not to mention women’s reproductive rights!)

    And before anyone starts with “Obama doesn’t support gay marriage” either, please do your research. He supports the repeal of DOMA and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” He is against Prop 8. He has also said time and time again that just because he has certain religious beliefs does not mean that 1. He can be wrong and change his mind and 2. Those beliefs will influence his policy.

    The same cannot be said for McCain and Palin.

    But whatevs, they lost.

  45. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    1. I wouldn’t believe a word out of any Republican’s mouth.

    2. Any gay person who voted for McCain is a traitor, not just to gay rights but to everything the US stands for.

  46. anon says

    The problem is that Obama won but gays lost. We vote Democratic in order to make gains in civil rights. What do we do when that strategy doesn’t work? Gays are liberal almost entirely for the purpose of gaining civil rights, not for fiscal policy reasons, so this half-loaf strategy has now bounced. The best we can hope for is repeal of DOMA and DADT and the enactment of ENDA. The repeal of DOMA will lead to several lawsuits as people get married in Massachusetts and go home insisting they are married. This will then lead to huge support for the FMA the next following election.

    Blacks were 10% of the vote in CA this time, not 6%. That was last time.

  47. ATLSteve says

    LOL, what a bunch of bitchy little girls.

    Did I say I hate blacks or the gay community hates blacks or that there isn’t racism in the gay community? Nope. But don’t let that get in the way of your tantrums.

    Some of you irrational, uptight twits seem to think any group that has gone through a civil rights struggle is our ally. You got your slap in the face on that.

    And of course all the self-absorbed, Project Runway watching, $200-jeans wearing, designer label obsessed, Manhunt profiled, clubbing circuit party queens are equally to blame.

  48. CK says

    for what it’s worth, some of my Californian friends were adamant that Prop 8 ‘just could not pass, it’s never going to happen’…. If only they had trusted less in the ‘good hearts’ of their fellow Californians and campaigned as much as I did against Prop 8 (though I am in NJ) maybe it would have been different.

  49. Mike G says

    I don’t know. All of this just makes me feel sad more than angry. I’ve supported the Democratic Party and many Civil Rights/Equality groups with both money and time and it just feels like we, as gay people, get nothing in return. It just makes me want to just say, “why bother?”, and just stay out of supporting anyone.

  50. Marc says

    African Americans voted 70% against us having civil rights – Obama hurt us too!

    Obama: Prop 8 “Unnecessary,” But Doesn’t Believe In Gay Marriage
    Barack Obama’s walking a fine, gay line.

    The Democratic Presidential candidate appeared on MTV this weekend to come out against California’s Proposition 8, which would overturn gay marriage in the Golden State. At the same time, however, Obama reiterated his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. Said the Senator from Illinois:
    I’ve stated my opposition to this. I think [Prop 8 is] unnecessary. “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that’s not what America’s about. Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don’t contract them.”

    On a related note, the New York Times this Saturday ran an article highlighting Obama’ss same-sex marriage opposition; motivated more by religious elements.
    As a Christian — he is a member of the United Church of Christ — Mr. Obama believes that marriage is a sacred union, a blessing from God, and one that is intended for a man and a woman exclusively, according to these supporters and Obama campaign advisers. While he does not favor laws that ban same-sex marriage, and has said he is “open to the possibility” that his views may be “misguided,” he does not support it and is not inclined to fight for it, his advisers say.

    What’s interesting, we think, is that Obama consistently frames his opposition of Proposition 8 in terms of constitutionality, rather than whether or not gay marriage is right – a tactic that’s quite popular among the center and conservative set. That helps explain Obama’s later comments in which he says he believes in strong civil unions that provide marital rights, like hospital visitations. That believe, he insists, provides a great example of his style of governance:
    If they’ve got benefits, they can make sure those benefits apply to their partners. I think that’s the direction we need to go in. I think young people are ahead of the curve on this for the most part. Their attitude, generally, is that we should be respectful of all people, and that’s the kind of politics I want to practice.

  51. dc8stretch says

    I’d like to congratulate all the Obama supporters on their victory. I sincerely hope he brings the CHANGE that you all believe in so strongly.

    But, for those of us who did not vote for him, we will be watching to see if he keeps the pledges he made to win your gay vote. The clock starts January 20th.

  52. Mark N Chicago says

    I proudly voted absentee (in Missouri, state I haven’t lived in for three years–amazingly, I’m still registered there) for McCain, but mostly against Obama. There were a multitude of reasons to vote against Obama. And, thankfully, I count my vote as one of 5868 which kept MO red!

  53. Derrick from Philly says

    “I proudly voted absentee (in Missouri, state I haven’t lived in for three years–amazingly, I’m still registered there) for McCain, ”

    Did anybody tell you who won the election, Mark?

  54. Derrick from Philly says

    “… proudly voted absentee (in Missouri, state I haven’t lived in for three years–amazingly, I’m still registered there)”

    Come to think of it, you may have broken the law by voting absentee from a Missouri address. They may put your ass in jail.

    What’s your real name? Tell me, god-dammit!

  55. Jason (A) says

    YAY! We no longer have to hear that bullshit about how Missouri is a bellwether! Thanks, Mark!

    And guys, Prop 8 may have passed, but at least in an Obama administration no SC judges who would potentially bar SS-marriage at the federal level are likely to be appointed. With McCain all bets would have been off.

    This is just a temporary setback. All movemements have them.

  56. Mark N Chicago says


    Thanks, but I actually took the time to check with the local election board. I was eligible to vote in MO so long as I was still registered and only voted once…so of course, I voted where my vote mattered more. You know, Obama, on his website, encouraged people in my situation to do this very thing to vote for him…so, I used it to vote against him.

  57. Thomas says

    Voting for someone who uses the word ‘gay’ as a weapon, to organize bigots and exploit minorities, is dumb. It is fucking dumb.

    Our country saw the largest surge in middle class population when those at the top were being taxed the most. How can anyone claiming to vote for McCain for ‘fiscal reasons’ be so willing to ignore that?

    Personally I think a huge amount of this is based on fear, which produces bigotry, selfishness, and hate. Frankly, I hope Obama’s presidency can reduce some of that in this country, because I have had enough of it.

  58. MCnNYC says

    Sorry folks….the truth has to come out and that is the oerwhelming majority of African Americans in CA did NOT SUPPORT OUR CIVIL RIGHTS.
    And Barack Obama gave them cover with his “religious” beliefs.

    As Dan Savage notes

    “African American voters in California voted overwhelmingly for Prop 8, writing anti-gay discrimination into California’s constitution and banning same-sex marriage in that state. Seventy percent of African American voters approved Prop 8, according to exit polls, compared to 53% of Latino voters, 49% of white voters, 49% of Asian voters.

    “I’m not sure what to do with this. I’m thrilled that we’ve just elected our first African-American president. I wept last night. I wept reading the papers this morning. But I can’t help but feeling hurt that the love and support aren’t mutual.

  59. Jason (A) says

    ^In the midst of all the hand wringing about AAs and Prop 8 in California it seems to being going unnoticed that African Americans in ARKANSAS voted 54% AGAINST a ban on same-sex adoption. So I’m actually not sure what the happened in California.

  60. Rowan says

    Like everyone’s stated.

    Just cause your gay don’t mean you care about ALL civil rights.

    Just cause your black don’t mean you care about ALL civil rights.

    Etc, etc..

    Over and up.

  61. RJP3 says

    How dare some gays think for themselves? How dare they not march in lockstep with everyone else?

    Sorry being gay is a progressive state.
    Any same-sexer who votes Republican in 2008 may be homosexual but is not gay.

    Any woman who votes Republican in 2008 may be female but is not a feminist.

    The Gay Movement is just that – a progressive MOVEMENT.

    There are homosexuals that vote Republican in 2008 — but there are not any people in the Gay Movement that vote Republican.

    Just as there are not any Feminists who vote Republican.

    And any man or woman of any sexuality that voted for a man and woman who are against EVERY goal of the Gay Movement are barely qualified to be called human, let alone GAY.

  62. RJP3 says

    RRGG, as a black gay man, allow me to say one thing: F*ck you.

    Posted by: Fredo | Nov 6, 2008 11:37:16 AM

    Hey Gay Black man — the black vote did hurt us …. if you can accept that the bigotry in the black community hinders the Gay Movement that is your issue.

    Yes we KNOW the majority of voters against Prop 8 were white, and there were asians and latinos as well….

    What I think you as a Black Man should try to understand is the most PROGRESSIVE GAY PEOPLE consider people like MLK to be our hero. Especially the Gen X crowd.

    The younger progressive gays are even more color blind. The gay community (all cries of racism aside – yes we hear we do not reach out enough to the black community) is for the most part progressive and very much came of age supporting and FIGHTING for CIVIL RIGHTS and working against racism.

    OR at least that is how they see it.

    Yes white attacked our community.

    To have Black people turn against us in such huge numbers is a shocking truth for many of us who have lived our lives working for and supporting Affirmative Action in the workplace – and supporting diversity to be inclusive.

    So forgive the Gay Community for RIGHTFULLY feeling betrayed by this group… the Black Community … so much for the Rainbow Coalition that Jessie Jackson spoke of.

    I want my rainbow back from the bigots in the black community.

  63. Walter B says

    African American voters in California voted overwhelmingly for Prop 8, writing anti-gay discrimination into California’s constitution and banning same-sex marriage in that state…. at 70 percent


    with this election and this prop 8 vote — NEVER again should any AFFIRMATIVE ACTION program stand

    the black community was given every chance to show that once free it would not then try to enslave another group to second class citizenship

    this community was expected to live by a higher standard – to live by the example they preached and taught us

    they failed in California
    how dare they go dancing into the polls when gay people fought for their freedom – including the black gay man who helped organize the March on Washington

    how DARE they when Corretta Scott King spent the last YEARS of her life speaking out in favor of Gay Marriage

    they ignored their own Civil Rights leaders so they could get a leg up and kick another group DOWN

    damn them
    to think I used to support the United Negro College Fund … not another penny

  64. privilege says

    I know a gay man who voted for McCain. He jerked off to Shock and Awe and the illegal invasion of Iraq – no joke. He’s a soulless capitalist to compensate for the fact he’s gay. And now he blames the black minority for Prop 8. Sick.

  65. Fredo says

    Btw, WalterB, you seem to forget that some of “your” community is also “our” community, meaning that there are also black gay persons within the community as well as black supporters of LGBT causes.

    Don’t go burning any bridges.

  66. Ricky says

    White people in the California Central Valley and the North voted for Prop. 8. There are a hella lot more white people there than than black/hispanic voters in urban areas. Rather than blame black/hispanic people for voting Yes, talk to the white people in the trailer parks. So 70% of the black community voted for Prop 8. How many white gays reached out to the black community about this proposition? White gays rested on their white priviledge and assumed that black people would vote no. You are white first and gay second. How many ads for No on 8 featured black couples? Asian couples? Latino couples? The gay community as presented itself as another white racist group who has no interest in people of color unless it’s for their own needs.

  67. Ricky says

    Black people are only 10% of the entire voting electorate this year in Cali–how can we be blamed for Prop 8 passing (we’re also on 6.7% of the entire state population)? It looks like older people over 65 really turned out against it, which is how it passed. But people always expect Black allegiance when they’ve done none of the work.

  68. says

    I supported Obama through various big events that I asked the party to help publicize to our local radio and tv outlets. I was told no on every single one of them. Why? “Because those aren’t really events that we’re trying to focus on.” Celebrities coming to Las Vegas to support a candidate not news? That’s all the news here was, as long as the celebrities were at straight venues. Even though the Obama Pride campaign was very well organized by a group of wonderful and dedicated people, it never was really publicized outside of the community. That’s fine. We all know that too much “gay” on the candidate would’ve been death to the campaign.

    I’m black. Black people don’t like gays. That’s how it is. Not all of course. But, go ahead, ask a black teen in any “‘hood” in America what he thinks of gays. If you live in West Hollywood or Chelsea be prepared to get your feelings hurt. I’ve had black guys online tell me they thought I was “cute” but that I looked too much like a “faggot Punk” because of the way I was dressed or how my hair was cut. It is what it is.

    All too often white gays don’t see past their own nose. They think the entire world thinks or should think like them. To a lot of Black (and Asian and Hispanic) gays the whole gay marriage thing is a white issue. A lot of minority groups would never even think of getting married due to the fact that couldn’t face their families again. Their moms’ reaction is far more important than their “rights”.

    So many people thought that because they were “progressive” enough to support a Black man (gee thanks) “the Blacks” would return the favor. Why? How many white gays have ever tried to reach out to a local black church and build a bridge for the day that prop 8 came up for a vote? The Mormons (who don’t even think blacks are people) knew enough to reach out. They were better organized and thought outside of the box.

    They won.

    Now, maybe gays will see that they need to do a little bridge building and get this idiocy overturned.

  69. Richard Smith says

    Ok – this blog is filled with more craziness than a chicken pen in extreme heat. I am to believe it is ok for gays to vote against their own interests (i.e. for mccain) but, god forbid, anyone else to do the same (i.e. african americans for prop.8)? what kinda sense does that make? We are soooooooo fucked as to think this.

  70. Honesty says

    The truth is that the Republicans are not in it for the money. There are lots of rich Democrates as well. The Republicans are followers of truth. They love the gay people, they just do not condon the against nature way and it is bad for the country and the children growing up. In the beginnning was a man and a woman and God married them. They are Adam and Eve. It is not right that Gay’s should target the Mormons and badmouth them. They voted in a free election and the Mormons would never treat the Gays the way they were treated at the Temple in CA. It just goes to show how mean and hateful the Gays are and that they don’t want a (the Mormons) minoity to have freedom of voting. It was a fair election. Are the Gays against free election?

  71. Honesty says

    To the guy who said that Mormons don’t even think blacks are people. He is confused and knows nothing about the Mormons. The blacks go to the temple as same as do all the other nationalities who are members of the Mormon Church. The blacks have every right that anyone else does in The Church. The Mormon Church loves all people to include the blacks. Go to the Mormon church some time and find out the truth before you make statements that are not true.

  72. Honesty says

    If you wish to know the truth about the Mormons, go to or LDS.ORG. You can look up just about any subject as to what they believe. May God be with you in your search for truth.

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