1. Josh says

    I absolutely LOVE HER!!!! I met her once while she was walking her dogs and she was the sweetest person EVER!! A true Inspiration!

  2. Paranoid says

    Paranoid, I know… but am I the only one who finds it interesting that the failed No-on-8 campaign was being run and strategized by a log Cabin Republican? Despite the millions of dollars donated; and the thousands of hours contributed by thousands of good, dedicated folks, there were always comments of , “WTF?” regarding the NO-on-(H)8 campaign

    “Where are the No-on 8 ads?” (they started MUCH LATER than the pro-(H)8 ads)
    “why aren’t the ads countering the lies?” (the No-on-8, ads never really, aggressively took the lies of the other side to task..).

    Was Guerrero’s heart not really in it because he was swimming upstream against his own conservative leanings? Was he simply not able to summon the killer-instinct to fight against the conservative groups he normally prefers?

    Or was he more of a Trojan-horse, designed to drain money from progressive voters during a pivotal election year, while simultaneously energizing the conservative base by keeping the controversial campaign in the news and running an inept counter campaign designed to fail?

  3. Joe says

    I’ve heard that Guerrero, who works for the Gill Foundation, is the reason we did as well as we did. He was dispatched by Tim Gill to survey the No on 8 operations up and down the state about two months ago and sounded the alarm that we were outgunned and out monied by Yes on 8. Lorri Jean and Geoff Kors were over their heads…

  4. CK says

    Drew is truly awesome for adding her voice to bring Prop 8 down. Good to see a celebrity actually using her visibility to bring a change for good! Thanks Drew, for standing with us!

    And then to ‘Paranoid’… that is a really interesting notion. I had not thought of it before. And given how the GOP and its supporters are so Machiavellian about how they win their elections and causes, I guess it’s not out of the realm of possibility. That would be a real tragedy if it were true. I hope it’s not.

  5. peterparker says

    I was at the protest when Drew Barrymore spoke. I approached her, introduced myself and asked if I could take a photo for towleroad. She declined, saying that because she wasn’t familiar with the website, she would be uncomfortable with my photographing her for towleroad, but she did it in the most absolutely sweet fashion apologizing again and again…meanwhile, the lady was marching with us! Talk about class! We love you, Drew!

    As for Guerriero, I will be the first to say that Log Cabin Republicans make me want to vomit, however, Guerriero was brought on in the final weeks of the Prop 8 battle, after it became apparent that the No On 8 campaign was foundering. He is responsible for turning the campaign around and gaining some traction in the last few weeks, however it was too little, too late. But I will remind my GLBT brothers and sisters, it was not the fault of the No On 8 campaign, the Mormon Church, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Black community, the Latin community, etc. It was the fault of members of our own community who did not bother to donate, phone bank, or canvass neighborhoods looking for volunteers/donations. We as a community insured the passage of Prop 8 through our own apathy.

  6. rudy says

    Joe, specifically, and Towleroadies, in general, I have had several insiders on the ground in CA confirm what Joe wrote, i.e., the only reason we did not suffer an even bigger defeat is due prinmarily to Guerrero. Even from this distance (the other coast) Lorri Jean and Geoff Kors appeared to be in over their abilities, whatever their good intentions.

    How pitiful and distressing that effective advertising, and what little outreach occurred, happened only after Gurrero was sent to salvage a rapidly failing campaign. As much as some of us may not want to credit a Log Cabiner, we need to learn from the putative leadership’s manifest and abundant mistakes. No on 8 was not out-funded but was clearly out manuevered by failing utterly to reach out to uneducated communities.

    Gays and our families were all but invisible because of tactical decisions made my the leadership, pre-Guerrero. How could we be surprised that our opponents would play the child card? The cowards always resort to using children to lie about our goals to achieve (in this case protect) basic human rights and the societal “effects” of marriage equality.

    Process the anger and learn from the mistakes. That is the only way we will eventually recover from this devastating setback and prevail.

  7. Paranoid says

    @Rudy & @PeterParker: thanks for the inside information and correcting my fears (as most fears, they were based on incomplete and incorrect information). My apologies to Mr. Guererro. I’m glad I was wrong.

  8. Mari says

    Barack Obama has gone on record saying he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. While I voted for him and have confidence in his abilities to lead us, he is certainly no great advocate for LGBT rights.

    And I heard Drew.

  9. says

    God bless Drew for using her celebrity for good. So many celebrities pay lip service to the gay community, but how many of them actually get out there and actively support it?!

    Why doesn’t the government get out of the business of issuing marriage licenses? The religious right uses the term marriage as a weapon against the gay community, calling it a “sacred union.” But if it is indeed sacred, the government should have no part in it. It’s a clear violation of church and state. Civil unions for everyone! And if people still want to get “married” in the traditional sense, they can go to their church – because there are plenty of churches out there that welcome members of the GLBT community with open arms.

  10. Bella says

    No movie of hers will ever get another penny from me. As a crusader for an absolutely loathsome and dangerous cause she really is a classic useful idiot.