1. Darren says

    Thanks Candice for writing to your brother. I have had numerous occassions to vote against him in open elections and I suppose will continue to do so the next round should his name be on the ballot.

  2. Daya says

    “Secular” is the new “liberal”
    During the early “W” years, if right-wing people did not like you, they labeled you a liberal. This was an attempt to stifle a point-of-view they did not agree with. Now in 2008 that label has lost its “power-to-persuade” the right-wing has looked for a new label to denigrate their opponents. The right-wing has picked up from Pope Benedict the term “secularism”.

    Before ever addressing any of the specific points of the negative affects of secularism on society, I’d want to ask everyone to just think about the trouble that religions have caused to the whole world. The most recent that jumps to my mind is the fighting between the Catholics and the Protestants that spread death and destruction all over the British Isles. Then there is the continuous fighting between the Shia and Sunni Muslims. Let’s not forget that the fighting continues between many of the Muslim sects and the Jewish peoples. Then there is that ugly blight on man kind called the Crusades, which is still a source of tension today. And I seem to remember from my social studies that the Pilgrims came to the shores of the new world to escape the religious persecution of the official Church of England. Then there is the issue of Holy Roman Sea turning its collective eyes away from the fact that priest had been molesting children. Our founding fathers did not seek to create a secular state, but one that was free from one religion’s domination of one over others. Hence, there is the simple term, “…separation of church and state.” If that now translates to secularism, so be it.

    So, can we please stop throwing around this concept that “secularism” is bad and “religion-ism” is good? Let’s address specific issues cause hardship for people and stop trying to denigrate and stifle ideas that we do not agree with.

  3. sparks says

    It’s sad but comforting to know that for every Newt there’s a Candace. Passage of time indeed. In the not-too-distant future, most of the Newts will be retired or replaced in their offices by a younger, more open-minded generation of voters.

  4. noah says

    Newt Gingrich: the man who cheated on two wives? The man who dumped his first wife moments while she was in her hospital bed recovering from cancer surgery? The man who decried Bill Clinton’s infidelity while he, Gingrich, was cheating on his second wife with wife number three? The man who has been married three times talks about traditional marriage and its sanctity?


    Newt Gingrich? Please! If ever a human deserved a big ol’ scarlett letter it’s Newt “Mr. Adultery” Gingrich. What a hypocrite!

  5. Meanwhile says

    Good point, DAYA. If Gay is the new Black (as announced by The Advocate), is Secular the new Jewish?

    I wouldn’t actually say “new.” Non-religious people have suffered a lot of indignity and discrimination for a very long time. With any luck, could true separation of church and state happen in my lifetime? Here’s hoping.

  6. Peter says

    I’d agree with your points, DAYA, regarding religion. However, writer Harlan Ellison offered a good pointed modification. He felt religion, the concept of individually believing in something bigger than yourself (e.g. nature), could be a positive force in a person’s life. What he considered a force of evil in the world was ORGANIZED religion (e.g. Pope Benedict, Rev. Fred Phelps).

  7. Mother says

    I really get a kick out of Newt’s claim that secularists are trying to impose our values on him and his conservative religious friends.

    No one is forcing him to accept gay marriage. No one is forcing him to marry a man. No one is forcing him to go to a gay wedding, though Candice might… :-)

    But he has no problem forcing his values on us. He has no problem preventing us from marrying. He has no problem forcing his religion down our throats.

    When will these hypocrites be shown for what they truly are? These modern day Pharisees need to be “thrown out of the temple” and out of public life.

  8. Matt says

    Amazing that Gingrich (Newt) and Oreilly are all up in arms over this “new” secular movement by gays and “liberals” to separate church and state on which this country was founded. It was perfectly ok for the christian fundamentalist to force their views down everyone’s throats while the Republicans ran over everyone’s constitutional rights. But try to bring this country back to levels of equality, and then we looking at some dangerous ideas.
    What the fundamentalist forget is that this country is not a christian nation. we have no national religion. and yes while the laws are based on judo-christian principals, one could argue that all religions have similiar ideology: do good not bad.
    Everyone is entitled to their religious and spiritual beliefs: their just not entitled to force those beliefs on anyone else.

  9. Bill says

    Rachel Maddow needs to be more vocal about gay rights. She didn’t talk about Prop 8 at all before the election and didn’t ask Mike Huckabee about his recent anti-gay remarks when he was on the show last week.

    It’s nice to have Candace on the side of equality but she is an bad speaker. Anti-gay prejudice is pervasive and real. Haterosexuals do want to harm gay people. They have been doing that for a very long time. It’s not something that only happened in the past.

  10. lou says

    Um, no Newt, it’s the christian Taliban that’s trying to impose ITS view on us. No one’s forcing anyone into a gay marriage, or into being gay, but christians on the other hand want everyone to follow their definition of marriage or else.

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