1. says

    Man, I love that clip. It’s great to see him so relaxed and confident, comfortable in his own skin, sharing a human story, showing how something large can grow from the smallest of moments. Fired up, ready to go!

  2. Jon92027 says

    I keep thinking back to the song “do you hear the people sing” from Les Miserables

    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing a song of angry men?
    It is the music of a people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echos the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!
    Will you join in our crusade?
    Who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade
    Is there a world you long to see?
    Then join in the fight
    That will give you the right to be free!!

    Tomorrow is Today

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    Rachel maddow showed a clip last night of some wingnut reagan worker back in the day blatantly stating that the more people who vote = repubs loose etc.

    What a vast difference between dems and repubs. dems want as many people to vote who are able to while repubs only seem to like democracy on paper in other countries (reason for invading other countries)

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    Happy Obama Day, Jimmy—and everyone else!

    He was in Indianapolis this morning at a local union hall Get Out the Vote event. He participated in 13 telephone calls, which must have REALLY surprised some Hoosier households early a.m.

    As it’s my home state, from which I fled years ago, and the state where the KKK allegedly got its start, Obama’s taking it as part of his overall win would just be the proverbial cherry on the ice cream sundae. Indiana [and Virginia] polls close at 7 pm eastern time so the upsets could start relatively early in the evening.

    I know not everyone who wanted to COULD donate to No on 8, so, for those in the Bay Area who didn’t get the donor alert this morning, there will be an election night rally/results watch in the Grand Ballroom of the St. Frances Hotel in San Francisco starting at 8 pm.

  5. Jim F says

    Wow. Tingles all over my body from hearing that clip. Unbelievable. I want a confident president, a president who will unite not only this country but the entire world. GO OBAMA.