1. says

    We all need to hold any elected leader’s “feet to the fire” but calling him names at this point in time is just heartless and divisive.

    Why not focus on the issues instead of drawing attention from them by using tacky comparisons?

    Still, it’s FOX news who are shoving this crap in our faces.

  2. OrangeCrux says

    Well I just love the fake outrage from Shepard Smith, trying to paint Ralph Nader as some racist for making an extremely valid point, even if he uses colorful terms. “Uncle Tom,” while not exactly a helpful phrase, certainly isn’t going to dethrone Obama’s historic victory. Fox News doesn’t have a clue – just fanning more flames of ignorance to create ratings.

  3. Eric says

    Nader is absolutely right.

    Obama campaigned solely on change. He MUST deliver or it will mar his image and undermine his presidency.

    So many people (including many here who are relying on Obama to repeal DOMA, DADT, etc.) have hung their hats on his campaign promises.

    If he doesn’t deliver, he’ll just be seen as another slick-talking politician who uses and abuses the people who put him in office.

  4. banjiboi says

    Ah, the backlash begins….

    Spare the f*ck out of me please. He hasn’t even had a chance to bask in his glory, not that he’s shown any indication of doing so, anyway. So fall back and let the man put together his cabinet and plan his course of action before you jump to conclusions.

    And yes, that remark was beyond patronizing.


  5. says

    Ralph Nader and anyone dumb enough to listen to let alone support him can go to hell. He’s a buffoon! He became irrelevant after 2000, when he literally handed the White House to George W. Bush, who was able to steal it more easily thanks to Nader in 2000 so that he could steal it somewhat more sneakily in 2004. Nader has ruined his valuable life’s work through his cuckoo actions of the past eight years. And the people who voted for McKinney? Don’t get me started.

  6. Joel says

    While Shepard Smith is usually a douche, he’s right to call Nader on this one. “Uncle Tom” is deliberately chosen racist imagery, and Nader ought to know better.

  7. ML says

    Nader is irrelevant. He seriously damaged his own brand by spoiling the 2000 election and giving us 8 years of Bush.

    For those who may have forgotten: In 2000, he convinced a significant number of progressive voters that Gore was no different from Bush. I think we now all know that wasn’t true.

    Mr Nader: Please go away. Thanks.

  8. Jordan says

    This idea that Nader spoiled the 2000 election, that he gave the presidency to Bush, needs to wither away and die. There were at least 4 other “third-party” candidates on the Florida ballot who individually secured well over the 500-some votes that Gore needed to win.

    And Nader is right here, too. Yes, great, Obama won, but now he has to deliver and not become a corporate tool who panders only to the “middle class.”

  9. anon says

    Never like Nader, however he will get what he wants if Rahm Emmanuel becomes COS, because both are essentially creations of the tort movement. Nader’s fans are completely deluded.

  10. racist without question says

    Ralph Nader’s comment was definitely racist. There is no other way to call it. Even though the points he makes are valid, his racism negates what he says.

  11. Matt says

    Smith begins by dimissing Nader’s significant achievements and belittling him as an “irrelevant” political force and by calling him a “spoiler” repeatedly. If that’s not rude and derogatory to someone’s accomplished career then I’m not sure what is. In fact, Nader had little to no influence on the outcome of the 2000 election in the swing states. This has been proven in hard facts and numbers and defended by the Democratic Leadership Council’s senior strategist. Not to mention Gore’s failure to win his home state of TN that year. It is a simple misconception that Gore lost the election as a direct result of Nader’s candidacy.

    Furthermore, the Uncle Tom issue is undoubtedly a perjorative remark given the country’s current political climate and Obama’s unprecedented achievement; however in the context of the quote and the historical novel, it was a question and a challenge that Nader was posing to Obama. A question that implores him to remain strong in the face of corporate America’s disproportionate influence over the government, not an intentional shot at his race or qualifications as president. Nader was not passing judgement on Obama’s perceived ability. As Eric said, if Obama wants change, then corporate America needs to be cut out of the democratic process if we really want to move past the Bush years behind us.

    I admire Nader for having the balls to stand up to Smith. Although I realize that Obama supporters and Democratic pundits who have gone on Fox News tend to let FNC’s reporters dig their own graves (especially pre-election), it’s about time someone stood up to these assholes and tell them to stop showboating, flaming, interrupting, berating, bullying, and coercing their guests into conversations that do not address the actual subject matter of the interview.

  12. MammaB says

    The efforts to keep Nader off ballots was disgusting. The end never justifies the means when the means involve abandoning principle. That goes for torture, and it goes for subverting democracy.

    If Nader’s bitter about that, he should be.

    Doesn’t mean he should make an idiotic racist remark.

  13. banjiboi says

    I repeat. I feel that under NO circumstances is that term or the n-word to be used or applied as a “prejorative” or otherwise to describe a person color, with the exception of a discussion consisting of historical content.

    Let’s not try and spin this. It DOES negate his point, and frankly, I believe he’s smart enough to know exactly what he was saying. As for admiration, *rolls eyes*.

    Nothing admirable here.

  14. John in CA says

    Nader should’ve exercised better judgment. He’s an Arab living in post-911 America. Surely, he has encountered incidents when racially insensitive language was used against him.

    However, his arguments aren’t wrong per se. We never seem to hold the Democrats responsible. And that’s part of the problem. Everyone knows the Republicans are evil. But, quite frankly, the Democrats aren’t very convincing as the “saviors” of America.

    Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have been given nearly total power over the federal government until at least 2010. If they fail to perform, they can’t simply blame the Republicans anymore.

  15. Eric says

    I’m glad to see that Obama’s election has done wonders to unite our country.

    To those of you who say that Nader is just bitter, Nader is well aware that he was not going to win. He gives those of us who recognize that the existing parties do not meet our needs or uphold our values.

    While you limit yourself to politicians like Obama who only marginally support equality for all citizens, I’ll stand behind Nader and other third party candidates who allow us to vote for candidates whose positions match ours, instead of settling for a party that tries to play both sides.

  16. John in CA says

    Or January 2011 rather.

    l forgot about the lame-duck session.

    But the point remains the same. They’re going to have to prove they have what it takes to lead over the next two years. If the voters can give the reins of power to one party, they can take it away too.

  17. clyde says

    Alright Grandpa Nader. Thanks for buckling us safely in our seat belts all these years…..But seriously watch your language when making a point…. it’s embarrassing.

  18. OrangeCrux says

    Just a few facts:

    Ralph Nader never gave anything to George Bush.

    Ralph Nader, unlike Barack Obama, supports full equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians.

    Ralph Nader, despite never winning an election, has contributed more to Americans well-being through consumer advocating than anything Barack Obama has thus-far accomplished, outside of breaking the ultimate glass-ceiling for Black Americans.

    And anyone who thinks because the blue states finally outnumbered the red means we no longer have to hold our politicians accountable needs to get a reality check.

  19. Chris says

    Nadar is clearly insane. There were 1000 other ways to say what he meant..but he said something absolutely crazy and completely offensive……..and he is the man without whom Bush would not be president today, so a big thanks for that too!

  20. Milan says

    The anti-Nader bandwagon with their pat dismissals and bitter intolerance (including the previously respectable Matthew Rettenmund) remind me of the way that I *SHOULD* read this blog – for the news, not the idiotic comments. Right on Eric, Jordan, Matt, MammaB, Orangecrux, and all of the other EDUCATED readers out there.

  21. Blake says

    See that’s funny, I feel no compunction whatever to feign “tolerance” toward people who make laughable douchebags of themselves by saying outrageously idiotic things. It’s kindof a fault I have I guess. If you say something moronic, I’m going to point and dismissively laugh at you because you’re a fool. That’s how the real world works Dr.Crybaby. mmmmmk sweetie?

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