1. Seph says

    I’m confused. Obama couldn’t be the anti-christ.

    No offense, but according to scripture in the Revelations, the anti-christ is full-blooded caucasian. Also, is this mean that the new Pope is also part of anti-christ.

    That’s what it said on their religion Bible.

    Who started the Social Security #? Was it Eisenhower? Everyone back then thought Eisenhower was the anti-christ because of the Social Security # because everyone was given the number.

    Also, when Ronald Reagan was appointed president some people believe he, too, was anti-christ because everyone knew for being an actor.

  2. Andalusian Dog says

    Seph – people also thought that Reagan was the anti-Christ because his address in Bel Air was 666 St. Cloud St., but he had it changed to 668. Just a little factoid for the morning.

    How much do I love that lady at the end apologizing for her little bit of temper, “but she just can’t help it, she’s sick of it.” I LOVE HER.

    And how much do I hate the ignoramus from WBC who didn’t know if it was Deuteronomy or Isaiah in which God lays out the prohibition against transvestism. I mean, if she’s going to travel halfway across the country to protest the election of a transgendered person to office, I think she should have at least gotten it right. I don’t know if I am more offended by her idiocy or by her hatred.

    That aside, it is inspiring to know that there are still some places in America where people are good, decent, open-minded, loving, and accepting. The people of Silverton have every right to be proud of themselves and their mayor.

  3. Jeremy says

    I thought conservatives like these would know their flag decorum. The American Flag should never touch the ground. Why are they standing on the flag? It’s disrespectful!

    You are supposed to stand atop a soap box. DUH!

    Anyway, congrats to Silverton for successfully thwarting this lame attack.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    No, no, no. Cheyney is the anti-Christ. The Lord sent Barack to save the world. Battle over…the Lord won!

    But then what is Putin? The sequel to “Cheyney, Anti-Christ I”

  5. WeHo Superhero says

    As someone who was born and raised in Silverton, I did not expect to see this kind of reaction. This isn’t the little, white hovel that I grew up in anymore. Reading this just brought tears to my eyes and I am proud to be a former Silvertonion.

  6. peterparker says

    It’s almost funny that the idiot from Westboro Baptist Church, a woman, can’t see the misogyny in the idea that it would be shameful for a man to wear a woman’s clothing.

  7. mike says

    Actually, Reagan was suspected of being the “antichrist” because his first, middle and last names each added up to “6”, or “666” (Ronald Wilson Reagan–you do the math).

  8. Seph says

    Like I always say, “If God doesn’t make mistakes and if I’m gay because that’s what he wanted me to be. The challenge is to have everyone see it. That’s their test, not mine.”

    I’m not a Theologist, but I did some study on every major religions on this planet.

    The bible is like Shakespeare’s books. You have to dig deep to find the right meeting of the words that written to it. Obviously, this WBC…whatever crap they called themselves, interpreted the Bible wrong.

  9. dave says

    As despicable as they are, the WBC is within it’s rights to protest, but calling Pres-elect Obama the “anti-Christ” is actually pretty scary stuff, not to mention psychotic. Since I’m not a Christian, “anti-Christ” does not resonate with me, but there are a few folks out (all you need is one) there who might see that characterization as a call to arms.

    We all know there are some crazies out there who may react violently to our first black president, so why is the WBC allowed to make this kind of over the top, and I think dangerous statement?

  10. Mara says

    Well, that made me cry. Lip quivering and all.

    How totally fucking fantastic. Seriously, this story made my day.

    If PETA and the WBC members died in a horrific plane crash, I would dance naked down Stephen Avenue. Seriously.

    What hateful bastards.

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