News: Leonard Matlovich, Bulgaria, Focus on the Family, Connecticut

road.jpg Comprehensive Prop 8 Update HERE.

road.jpg Obama to take presidential radio address to YouTube, beginning this Saturday.

Matlovichroad.jpg Memorial plaque to civil rights activist Leonard Matlovich to be dedicated tomorrow. From a press release: “The author of a November 12 article in The Washington Post wrote, “His last speech was in the rain in Sacramento, six weeks before he died, and he was hoarse and tired and dying, and he talked about love. A Georgia native who grew up in the military, he had the knack for taking your heart and making it catch for a moment, like the way he announced on national television that he had AIDS. He seemed to make people want to be braver than perhaps they were.” The public event will begin at noon, Saturday, November 15th, in the Spencer Andrew Ceremonial Room of San Francisco’s LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market Street at Octavia.”

road.jpg Connecticut: 66 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples since Wednesday. “The state Department of Public Health has received data from 130 of the state’s 169 cities and towns so far. A total of 94 licenses were issued Wednesday from those municipalities, including 28 to opposite-sex couples. Public Health Department spokesman William Gerrish says couples have 65 days to have their nuptials ‘solemnized’ by a minister, justice of the peace or other officiator.”

road.jpg Anderson Cooper visits The Tonight Show – VIDEO.

Sexybackroad.jpg Ryan Gosling’s bringing sexy back.

road.jpg Focus on the Family planning layoffs.

road.jpg Swastika and anti-gay slur drawn on Jewish student’s locker at Saugus High School in California: “Her son Todd, a 15-year-old sophomore, is Jewish, but he is not gay, she said. ‘They were mortified. They were frightened by the experience,’ said Marcia Davis, who works as an instructional assistant at Saugus. ‘It’s not random. Somebody knows he is Jewish and is intentionally doing this.’ Lt. Brenda Cambra of the Santa Clarita sheriff’s station said the department is investigating the incident as a hate crime.”

road.jpg 25-year-old Brazilian sentenced to 27 years in jail for murder of French tourist during Sao Paulo Gay Pride weekend in 2007.

road.jpg Jared Leto has GQ Style.

Tambovroad.jpg Governor of Russian Tambov region cleared of criminal complaint over remarks: “The governor of the Tambov region of Russia has been cleared of charges by an appeals court following an anti-gay outburst reported in the daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda last May. And in a separate, but related case, the Tambov city authorities give the reason that they banned a gay march was because the closure of streets ‘breaches the rights of drivers’…’Tolerance? To hell! Faggots must be torn apart and their pieces should be thrown in the wind,’ the newspaper reported the Governor as saying.”

road.jpg Entertainment Weekly: Neil Patrick Harris is #25 of top 25 entertainers of the year.

road.jpg Daniel Craig gets waxed.


  1. says

    I grew up in Saugus, California. I graduated from Saugus High School. While it was a conservative, exurban area, it was a decent place to live.

    In the 12 years since I left for college, it’s turned into a horrible hateful place. All of the AMAZING teachers that were there when I was there retired or transferred to get away from a fundamentalist, evangelical principal who brought prayer to staff meetings and hires almost exclusively from his church, Grace Baptist.

    The school was a joke. Now it’s a dangerous place to be. I hope they do something about this.

  2. naughtylola says

    Dear Ryan:

    I understand that you are still busted up over the Rachel bust-up, but its about time to get it together. Do some laundry. Take a shower. Yes yes, your lats are very nice, but they should not be on display in your local 7-11.

    If you need some comfort and consolation, I am always here for you. I even have a shirt you can borrow, as long as you don’t mind logos from road races that I’ve run. They always run out of my size, so I usually wind up with a “Medium” which would probably fit you.


    Lola (your future spouse)