1. JTlvr says

    I was repeatedly abused at my private school from age 6 to 8. I have been ashamed, angry, rebellious, depressed, addictive and at times, suicidal, too.

    But you know what? At 18 I was conscious enough to know I was being self-destructive and by 20, I’d found a therapist who understood and seriously helped me. I broke off the “relationship” with the GF and officially came out.

    Ted Haggard is now a middle-aged man and father and continues to use excuses and not own up to his behavior. And I’m tired of hearing him play the victim to some sort of perversion he thinks he can just pray away. The real shame he should feel should be for his own failures to be a man.

  2. anon says

    Somehow, I don’t think learning to love himself all over again was a might struggle. Hopefully his wife has heard about books like “I suspect my husband is gay.” Makes for interesting night-reading.

  3. says

    Whatever…if he were honest the first time or really was sorry, maybe I’d have some pity. I understand how hard it is to be honest about being gay AND in ministry, but if u’re a hypocrite, what do u expect from the people u lead? This gay and getting marring (to a woman) stuff has to stop. He was born in an era when that was “necessary” but now he needs to be an example of what NOT to do and how NOT to live. Being gay in general is hard….but geez, he blew it (ooops did I say that) big time. He didn’t even have a graceful fall….sad for him and I hope he’s praying and asking God and his family for forgiveness for doing them so badly.

  4. David D. says

    I sinned. I really did sin. I mean–a lot! Boy, did I sin! You have no idea, there’s ‘sin’ and then there’s SIN, and since I was sinning anyway, I thought ‘What the hell? I might as well sin my fucking face off! My ass is still sore from all that sinning! I didn’t know that all that sinning could feel so good–on my back, on my knees, on all fours, against the wall, in my car, at the motel, behind the school, at the church, on my wife’s bed, it was just sin sin sin sin SIN.

    But then I was found out, and then I asked God to forgive me and he did. So it’s all better now. The end.

  5. Jeff says

    The sarcasm in our community can be overbering at times to the point that no one truly listens. I do believe Ted is being honest and for those who know little to nothing about Christianity you have to work it out in your own heart and mind with God and others to find forgiveness to find healing.

    But in saying this what is being missed is that he is using some old emotional/physical damage to say this was the reason why he acted out with another man. This is all based on faulty psychology faulty theology that goes back to issues of abuse and in the same say the whole strong mom weak dad making one a gay man. These beliefs fuel much of the ex-gay movement.

    Ted will move on and we should to in making sure that we as people live with integrity, honesty and the power to help change our world into a better place.

  6. Mick says

    With as many “Christians” around who are violently homophobic (see: for an example of what I mean), you know what? I have no sympathy for this charlatan whatsoever. He’s an example of the types of double-lives that most of those loud, strident “Christians” lead.
    Tough luck, dude – you deserve it. Maybe you can look to the Westboro Baptist Church for “forgiveness”!

  7. SD619GUY says

    Uggh – He had his chance to come clean and tell the truth. But he’ll live his entire life in denial and as a lie. So So Sad!

  8. ChrisM says

    Now that he’s done his “public” confession let’s see how long it takes him to jump back into the pulpit on regular basis. Gotta get all that ugly stuff out of the way before you begin fleecing the flock again. I don’t believe for one minute that this was done for any reason other than to pave his way back into a church somewhere. Next there will be more interviews and then a book, maybe a TV movie … whatever he can bleed it for. Contrition can, and in most cases should, be done in private and certainly without a TV audience – his situation is ancient history (really how many people hadn’t already forgotten it and couldn’t care less) and his dragging it back into the spotlight was absolutely done for a reason.

  9. RB says

    What is the great tragedy here? Ted for not coming out or the world for believing that he is straight?! He is a miserable man and anyone that believes that is is straight is just as delusional as he is. Really, stop preaching and just go away. Oh yeah, he is a media whore and cannot let the attention go anymore than he can let go of the dick.

  10. Eric says

    Just admit it Haggard you love doing lines and then turning into a gay sex whore until you come down, but your hipocracy brought you down.

  11. gr8guyca says

    He blames his gay sexual behavior on the fact that he was molested as a boy. So, I guess he blames his drug use on being forced to take crystal meth when he was young.

    Oh, wait. That won’t work. He better think of another excuse.

    He’s like most thieves who end up in jail. He’s not sorry that he stole, but he’s very sorry that he got caught.

  12. mike says

    God! I LOVE Ted’s comment: “We consistently blow it.” Hmmmm. Well, Ted, I’m sure you do. I’m sure you do.

  13. mike says

    God! I LOVE Ted’s comment: “We consistently blow it.” Hmmmm. Well, Ted, I’m sure you do. I’m sure you do.