1. says

    The Onion has been doing a great series recently on the many different violent ends that might be in store for our departing President-Select … if there’s anything to this whole “karma” scheme, that is.

  2. LO says

    rmuguy — doubled our national deficit, gave billions of dollars in tax cuts to the richest 0.5% of the country, deceived the nation into going into war for no reason that’s killed thousands of troops and costs $10 billion per week, ignored the REAL terrorists who gave us 9/11 and similar atrocities around the world, authorized illegal spying on American citizens who never did anything wrong, locked up people in G. Bay for years without ever being charged for a crime, took environmental protection back 30+ years in the face of major crises, made the ENTIRE world hate us (including our “allies”), appointed the guys who love economic deregulation which led to the current economic crisis, let energy companies write the national energy bill, cut off funding for contraception/family planning organizations around the world…. God, I could keep going. Trust the rest of us — worst president EVER.

  3. nic says

    what a maroon, what an embezzle! i, too, am counting down the days when we can say, “goodbye chimp. don’t let the door knob hitya where the good lord splitya.”

  4. ExoticGoddess24 says

    His face should be pinker and less saggy. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good likeness.

    I like the colors chosen for it, but a white tie and darker hair would be an improvement.

    If I were to grade it, I’d give it a C.

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