“El Coyote’ Restaurant Manager Resigns Over Prop 8 Boycott

Shortly after Prop 8 passed in California, the popular L.A. Mexican restaurant El Coyote came under criticism for a donation to “Yes on 8″ by the restaurant’s manager Marjorie Christoffersen. After threats of boycotts and protests Christoffersen held a meeting to try to assuage the anger of the gay community but wasn’t very successful.

ElcoyoteWord comes now from L.A.’s Frontiers magazine that Christoffersen has resigned over the flap:

“Bill Schoeppner, a fellow manager at El Coyote who has been with the restaurant for 26 years, told Frontiers Christoffersen was also resigning as a member of El Coyote’s board of directors. ‘She no longer works here,’ Schoeppner said on Saturday. ‘She just told me tonight.’..Schoeppner said Christoffersen tended her resignation to her mother, Grace Salisbury, who is described on the El Coyote Web site as the ‘matriarch’ of the restaurant. Salisbury’s sister-in-law founded El Coyote in 1931. ‘Everybody is kind of used to her walking around the restaurant with a water pitcher going from table to table to table,’ Schoeppner said of Christofferson. ‘I guess that part is no longer going to exist.'”


  1. BusyTimmy says

    I certainly don’t know the financial details, but I’m assuming that even though she is no longer working there, she still will earn some income as a family member in the family owned business. No?

  2. says

    I don’t feel any sorrow for Ms. Christoffersen. She chose to support the bigots who stripped marriage rights from gay Californians and we chose to spend our dollars elsewhere. Next time, maybe she’ll reconsider the organizations she chooses to support.

  3. says

    Can’t wait for the far right to jump all over this one – “nice restaurant lady LOSES HER JOB because she believes in traditional marriage!!!”

    So let’s get our talking points straight.

    – She didn’t lose her job; she quit.
    – GLBT folks have the right to spend their money as they choose.
    – If we choose not to support those who don’t support us …

    … it’s called a FREE MARKET ECONOMY.

  4. alguien says

    i continually amazed at these purported “friends” of the gay community and their disingenuous responses to the community reactions toward their donations toward yes on 8. virtually all of them have stressed that they “didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” in fact, the only way they could not have been aware that they were hurting people is by not know what the measure was about-which, i think is impossible.

    they knew 100% what they were doing and when the chips came down they all started acting hurt and upset and claiming that they were friends to gays and that they just voted because of their religion.

    total fucking bullshit.

  5. Philip Wester says

    It’s not just her donation that irks me, her defense irked me, too.

    IIRC, shortly after the boycott began, she “defended” herself by declaring that she had many GLBT relatives, family members and friends (and she claimed to love them dearly) and that for her, it was a personal and private issue to donate to the Yes on Prop 8.

    Oh yeah, you have tons of gay people around you… yet you still can’t see them as anything but second class citizens. Such bigotry is inexcusable.

    Ignorant bigotry is kinda excusable, you fear the unknown, you have yet to meet nice gay people to humanize “the gay” in your mind. However, “educated” bigotry? She has friends and family who are LGBT and who she claims to LOVE.

    THAT is inexcusable. Good riddance.

  6. mizarkey says

    sounds like the fellow staffers (family) found her to be a nuisance.

    Maybe Margie can get a job with her beloved church now.

    As for me, like with Barney’s Beanery and their hompohobic sordid past, I still won’t patronage the joint.

  7. says

    This is EXACTLY what we as a community should be doing! Aim our dollars where they are wanted.

    May I make a suggestion? Google Trick Trick. He is supported by 50C. I, just today, saw a huge poster on the side of a bus for a power drink that 50c is getting paid to promote. I bet there are gyms carrying it. In gyms you find “the gays”. Boycott the drink and let your gym manager know that you are not happy with the connection to 50.

    To those who say this is wrong, look back at how many times companies have been forced to rescind their support of gay causes or networks have had to dial back a gay storyline. Anita Bryant made a career on boycotting us. Let’s learn from the best.

    Money talks. Homophobia needs to walk.

  8. MAJeff says

    “This is EXACTLY what we as a community should be doing! Aim our dollars where they are wanted.”

    BINGO! The bigots are up in arms over us organizing in such ways as to not give our money to those who would harm us, as though we have some kind of positive obligation to pay them for fucking us over. We have no obligation to them, and as long as they’re working to harm us, why on earth should we support them? If their bigotry costs them their businesses, so be it.


    The boycott continues with or without Marjorie as the figurehead. Hell Coyote is STILL owned/operated by the same family that’s made their fortune off the backs of it’s gay/lesbian patrons and continues to tithe 10% of profits back to the Moron Church.

  10. speck says

    All the points made above are valid but let’s not forget the number one reason we should withhold our patronage from El Coyote…

    The food sucks and has for years!

  11. E says

    Hold The Pickle is simply wrong. Marjorie is the only member of the Mormon church in that family. She has resigned as manager and from it’s board.
    We should be flooding back to El Coyote immediately. This is a perfect case where a boycott worked. El Coyote and it’s staff have always supported the gay community and now we need to support them back now that Marjorie has left.

  12. GOOD says

    Excellent, but Hold the Pickle is right… the family will still be raking it in and sending it to their hateful church. This smells like a diversionary stunt to stop the boycott… like we’ll all go back now that she’s gone. Don’t do it.

  13. says

    Interesting it took her a month. Probably waited to see how much of a hit the restaurant revenue took before she made her decision.

    As for:

    “‘Everybody is kind of used to her walking around the restaurant with a water pitcher going from table to table to table,’ Schoeppner said of Christofferson. ‘I guess that part is no longer going to exist.'”

    I’d rather die of thrist than take a glass of water from that bitch.

  14. FunMe says

    Since Marjorie is such a hypocrite, she might as well go work for a BAR.

    She seems to be fine with her religion being against ALCOHOL but her working at establishments that sell that.

    Hypocrite like her are many and if they resign, GOOD!

    You reap what you sow.

  15. freddie says

    I’m with BusyTimmy on this. I’m not ready to start tossing margaritas back until I can be assured that this isn’t still a Mormon-owned business. The restaurant is owned by a corporation, true, and she resigned from its board of directors, but I’ve read that she was a 30% shareholder and is likely to inherit the entire business when her aunt dies. If that’s the case, her 10% tithe to the church still includes the restaurant’s profits, and the place won’t get my money.

  16. 2nd Class Citizen says

    The El Coyote appears to be a family business. Marjorie Christoffersen’s contribution was a statement for her entire extended family. Marjorie “took the bullet” for her church and family. She resigned. Big deal. Since someone “paid for the crime”, all is forgiven/forgotten? CA GLBT should not be happy until the place closes its doors forever.

  17. lzr says


    There’s nothing unique about Marjorie’s hypocrisy. It’s typical of Mormon church members. The Mormon-owned Marriott hotel chain makes millions selling PPV porn even though the church is against pornography.

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