“El Coyote’ Restaurant Manager Resigns Over Prop 8 Boycott

Shortly after Prop 8 passed in California, the popular L.A. Mexican restaurant El Coyote came under criticism for a donation to “Yes on 8″ by the restaurant’s manager Marjorie Christoffersen. After threats of boycotts and protests Christoffersen held a meeting to try to assuage the anger of the gay community but wasn’t very successful.

ElcoyoteWord comes now from L.A.’s Frontiers magazine that Christoffersen has resigned over the flap:

“Bill Schoeppner, a fellow manager at El Coyote who has been with the restaurant for 26 years, told Frontiers Christoffersen was also resigning as a member of El Coyote’s board of directors. ‘She no longer works here,’ Schoeppner said on Saturday. ‘She just told me tonight.’..Schoeppner said Christoffersen tended her resignation to her mother, Grace Salisbury, who is described on the El Coyote Web site as the ‘matriarch’ of the restaurant. Salisbury’s sister-in-law founded El Coyote in 1931. ‘Everybody is kind of used to her walking around the restaurant with a water pitcher going from table to table to table,’ Schoeppner said of Christofferson. ‘I guess that part is no longer going to exist.'”