Lighting Up the Night for Equality


Candlelight vigils (for the rights of 18,000 same-sex couples who married, and looking forward to the day when those rights are available again for everyone) will be held across the country tonight in an action organized by Join the Impact. As you may have heard, ‘Yes on 8′ filed briefs to try and annul those marriages on Friday.

Find a vigil in your city HERE.


  1. Progress says

    LUTN won’t be as noisy as the 11/15 protests, but it’s an important event…for soulful reasons.

  2. holla says

    They should ALL get on a flight to Hawaii and follow Obama around while on holiday and let them know the gays are pissed he’s not including them in his white house staff or his cabinet. Tell him to pass a national marriage equality law and let the soldiers come out of the closet. Pass laws to make it illegal to fire gays from their jobs. Let him know we’re watching and waiting. Lets HOPE he’s gonna bring some change for Xmas.

  3. RB says

    Thomas, I am not sure what your post has to do with this thread, but it was disgusting!!! I have always been anti-abortion and I found that clip to be beyond repulsive. I have posted time and time again that when we find what makes being gay genetic then the “good Christians” will be lining up to abort their gay babies!

    After watching that clip, and being the father of a soon to be 7 year old girl, I am even more anti-abortion! If my daughter showed up in a planned parenthood facility and that was told to her I would spend the rest of my life trying to shut them down! NOT AGE APPROPRIATE! NOT LEGAL! It is NOT a choice for a 13 year old to be involved with a 31 year old; it is against the law and he should go to jail!

  4. says

    Gee, imagine if all of those pretty little candles represented a federal tax protester; then perhaps our government would begin to VALUE us AND our tax dollars instead of just noticing how pretty all the candles look. Visibility is nice (and important to an extent), but why-oh-why do you allow your government to legally abuse you psychologically, emotionally, and financially and then file your taxes every April 15th as if things are just dandy?

    The I.R.S. can go FUCK ITSELF until these two American Myths are made REAL:

    * Separation of Church & State
    * Equal Protection Under the Law

  5. Critifur says

    I went to the LUTN event in West Palm Beach/ Lake Worth and no one was there. It was me, my Mother, Aunt, and teenage cousin. Where was everyone???

  6. John says

    My husband and I showed up at the venue posted for NYC. We were the only ones there! Was it cancelled? Nevertheless, we soldiered on up–just the two of us–to 42nd Street with our cheapy made-in-China battery-powered fake candles.

  7. Jeremy says


    I was at the NYC protest–are you sure you were in the right place? There were a few hundred people there at least.

  8. TJ says

    As for being pissed at Obama not including openly gay people in his White House Staff. Look at Brad Kiley and others who are working on the transition team. He is openly gay and served in the Clinton White House. I feel sure that he will be in the Obama White House.
    We should keep up the pressure about equal rights, that we are being denied.
    According to the brief filed by the Attny. General of CA…In 1923, the US Supreme Court said that marriage is a fundamental right.
    So there we have it…

  9. Christian says

    RB, you’re nuts. PP tries to help, they are not responsible for a girl having a relationship with a 31 year old. (And in some countries the age of consent is 13, in many European states it is 14.)

    If they start to call police on that they force the people they try to help to seek for other ‘help’ which may not be competent in medical aspects. So it wouldn’t scare you if your daughter became infertile or die because of a messy abortion?

    This is clearly right-wing BS. There is no sane point against providing legal and secure access to abortion.

  10. says

    @ HOLLA: Yes, we must hold Obama’s feet to the fire, but so too Pelosi’s et al. The president can only do so much on his (or her) own. Some things, like the military’s rules, can be changed by Executive Order. Most things though, must be changed by law, which is a legislative action, then signed by the president.

    Yes, the president has a lot of power to push change, but must do so in concert with the congress. Civics 101!

  11. Vi Agara says

    The only solution to tnis imo is to call all couplings given status by the states civil unions. Let marriage be a church ceremony. There is no other way to go. The majority is going to be influenced by religious, who want their marriages male/female only. THey are jealously possesive of the word. Unfortunately its become generic for a couple union and used by the states. The word needs to be exorcised from civil law and given back to the churches. Then any church can perform it on any couple it sees fit. The civil population though can get hitched to either sex.

  12. RB says

    Christian, do you have a kid? Are you a parent? Probably not or you would rethink your position on the subject.

    Again, when we genetically discover the gay gene/genes, good Christians all over the world will line up to test and abort the babies. Just wait until then and see where the LGBT community stands. More Americans would welcome a downs child than a gay one. You my friend are the one that is nuts!

    Something to think about…

  13. says

    To be more specific, marriage was a legal contract long before it was a church thing. The church stepped in to gain more power, just as it has done with holidays, real estate, and our bodies.

    It is time that religion return “to Cæsar what is his” and stick to “holy unions” or whatever the fk they want.

  14. Chris says

    RB, I don’t give something about the opinion of a racist.

    Is being a parent an excuse for not using the brain? So you really prefer the death of your girl to a secure abortion? Wow. I guess you have to think that way, otherwise you would be excluded by your Republican cult.

    If I had a daughter in that state I would need a strong antidepressant. But if this happens and she doesn’t tell you and tries to evade persecution for him, how do you think her fate would be?

    PP isn’t doing what is right from a naive perspective, but what’s intelligent for the life of the people they try to help.

    This isn’t the first time I have to notice that your comments are somewhat braindead.

    And your gay gene hypothesis would be no excuse for banning abortions in general. It’s more a reason for indication-based and term-limited abortion. There are also findings that indicate that “gay genes” (plural!) are linked to other effects like improving fertility.

  15. Nick says


    Using a photo of the Virginia Tech candlelight vigil seems oddly out of place for this article … the cadets are clearly visible in the foreground as are the dorms across the drillfield.

    It’s not a stock photo.