1. says

    I have heard so many rumors over the years that Jonathan Knight is gay. Recently, I heard he was going to come out. Glad to see Donnie is comfortable displaying affection for his good friend like this. I have so many straight friends that are the same exact way. Good for him! I saw NKOTB a month ago in Lauderdale and they were awesome! Performed for 2.5 hours!!! AMAZING show.

  2. paul c says

    Cheap ass mofo. Buy him something pretty next time.

    I think Donnie got the better end of the deal, at any rate.

  3. tanisha says

    i saw them twice in the rain a the today show and it was great. jon shook my friends hand and she was screaming like a 13yr old. then saw the concert at MSG great show. i would have never have thought they would still have a place in my musical heart. i heard jon was going to come out too it was in a blind item. but he probably wont since this is america. home of hypocricy

  4. tizzle says

    Fans have known Jon was gay for many years, I definitely know that I knew by the time they had their last tour in ’94. He has always been super shy though, so that might be a major reason he doesn’t want to talk about it, even though it may be “okay” for him to do so now.
    And Donnie is a hot piece (inside & out)!
    They are great and its been so nice to see them having so much fun with each other again.

  5. aynot says

    So because Donnie was having fun with him and being silly automatically means that Jonathan is gay? Hmmmmm. Interesting… people that believe that are a bunch of focking idiots! I assume if Donnie would have grabbed his azz, that would make Jonathan gay too? WTF ever… You people only want to smear him because he’s the shy/quiet one… Good one.

  6. Jen Shafq says

    Whether he is or isn’t it’s nobody’s business but his own. If he want’s to share his personal life with us he will, but until then and forever it doesn’t matter because I think all of them Rock no matter what!!!

  7. Bella says

    Real fans don’t care if he’s gay or not. I will ALWAYS love you Jon. I just seen them last night here in HOUSTON, Tx. It was AMAZING! I will ALWAYS be that 13 yr old girl when it comes to The New Kids on the Block.