1. Meanwhile says

    Here’s a hint: If you don’t care about a story, DON’T CLICK ON IT, and don’t leave a comment.

    Clicks and comments make it MORE likely they’ll run similar stories, not less, even if the comments are negative.

    (I’m actually neutral about Beckham stories, which is why feel okay about clicking.)

  2. noteasilyoffended says

    Oh please. You saw the story. You knew what it was about. You probably hoped the pictures would be more revealing and when they weren’t you voiced your distaste for the story and DB. Get serious guys. Better yet, get honest with yourself. Others can see your dishonesty with yourself. Can you? If you don’t want to see a specific article, be an adult and don’t click on it. And if you have the curiosity to check it out, don’t bitch. Lord…

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