Pope Compares Gays to Destruction of the Rainforest


Both will apparently destroy humankind.

Reuters reports:

“Pope Benedict said on Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. ‘(The Church) should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed,’ the pontiff said in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration. ‘The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less.’….The pope said humanity needed to ‘listen to the language of creation’ to understand the intended roles of man and woman. He compared behaviour beyond traditional heterosexual relations as ‘a destruction of God’s work’. He also defended the Church’s right to ‘speak of human nature as man and woman, and ask that this order of creation be respected’.”


  1. Chad in NYC says

    Looking at this picture reminds me that our culture when observed objectively (from outer space, say, by a band of wandering beings) is BAT-SHIT CRAZY. Who are these crazy white ancient jedi-monsters lining up to bow to the three-tiered wedding-cake little red riding hood dude? AND WHY ARE THEY THE RICHEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET? little baby jebus in a manger, can we DROPKICK the whole lot?

  2. Mr. E says

    I think he needs a baby jesus but plug. Seriously, FUCK HIM! And the entire catholic church! If you’re a gay catholic, IT’S TIME TO LEAVE THE CHURCH! No more apologizing for the church! The church, and all of christianity, they are our enemies. PERIOD. It’s time to start treating them as such.

  3. says

    Much like the Santa and his Elves theatre depicted in the photo, we are reminded how unbelievable the bible’s annual Xmas and easter specials really are.
    It’s hard not to laugh or throw shoes at the creep.

  4. Goober Peas says

    How they fail to acknowledge the irony inherent in the fact that the Roman Catholic Church requires its priests to have a penis and testicles in order to be ordained and then denies them the proper, God-given use of them, is beyond me. Seems that the priesthood is the first order of denying the right role of man in their version of nature.

  5. Jack M says

    There’s a difference between what the Pope proclaims and what the reality of the situation is. Many Catholic churches are open to gay people, more than you may think. It will take the upper echelons lots of time to catch up. Remember, we are everywhere!

  6. ian says

    myra breckinridge would argue that overpopulation due to heterosexual procreation will lead to massive wipe out of natural resources, food, and even space on this earth, which kind of contributes to the destruction of rain forest.

    but i’m sure that pope benedict will think he’s more logical than a fictional transsexual.

  7. DJ says

    Jack M,On what planet are gays actually accepted by any given catholic church or Christianity,PERIOD,for that matter?Please save the “defend religion” story for someone who cares,as far as I am concerned.RELIGION IS THE EPICENTER OF BIGOTRY.In our case “ANTI-GAY BIGOTRY”.

  8. Bill says

    Since these comments come from the institution that has been exposed as a front for one of the largest child molestation rings in history, they merit nothing but scorn.

  9. Jimmyboyo says

    Yes, lets look at nature. nature is full of homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, and like the Bonobo chimps almost 24/7 orgies

    If something occurs then it is automaticaly natural because to be un-natural means it does not and can not occur in nature.

    This myth promoting snake oil salesman fleecing the poor so he can have red silk shoes and eat off of golden trimed china is a fool. An anachronism. An evil the world should be done with. Away with the fairytales

    PS the dude was a freaking member of the Hitler Youth for goodness sakes.

  10. paul c says

    He’s speaking about the “natural roles of men and women” as the head of a cult run by men and women who (supposedly) do not procreate.

    Again, it’s safer to pick on gays than it is to criticize the murderous organized crime factions that surround him and his Vatican on every side.

  11. retropian says

    I’m probably reading way too much into his remarks, but is the Pope subtly calling for a “Final Solution”? How exactly is the “ecology of man” that he says is needed, to be implemented? Is he talking about a garden that needs to be weeded?

  12. CJ says

    Who? The Pope? *shrugs* Whatever. Someone needs to inform the pope that a good deal of his “people” are closet cases. In fact, I recall Andy posting a piece a while ago about a man who visited a few priests at the Vatican. As I recall, his friend who worked there was so flaming, he apparently pushed a fellow black priest a side by saying (very flamboyantly) “Out of my way, Naomi [Campbell]!”. When asked why, as a gay man, he was a closeted priest, the priest stated that a lot of men are openly gay there, and that it is a charmed life… makes one wonder…

  13. Nick says

    Once again- does the RC church have any credibility at all anymore for thinking individual. I respect Santa and the Easter Bunny more than the Herr Cardinal and his band of “merry” men -make that-“mary” men.

  14. neal says

    The pope is surrounded by repressed homosexual clergy and he knows it. His enemy is within, and like all paranoid despots, this fact will ultimately drive him insane. He is creating a bitterly hostile and intimidating atmosphere within the ranks of his own clergy. His hatred will only end in sorrow for many. After the pedophilia scandals in the desperate and desperately depraved catholic church needed to bring in a Nazi to show the world they mean business. Except gay does not equal pedophilia and they end up looking like a bunch of bigots, which of course they are. Meanwhile, everybody do your duty and crank out as many babies as you can. Sheesh.

  15. Craig says

    It means soooo much to me to be lectured by a flaming queen like him that stood by as tens of thousands of children were raped and molested. May God have mercy on his disgusting soul.

  16. Jim Poppinga says

    What the hell is he smoking?? What kind of logic is that? It’s like we have a communicable disease and being gay is catching…we wish..I have a whole list to turn…Who the hell writes this crap for him?

  17. Pete says

    The perfect harmonious Christmas Present. At a time when Christian Religions preach Peace on Earth and good will to ALL men, this former Nazi Ratzinger perpetuates an evil that hides a multitude of Internal sins within the Church…

    Anyway…. Happy Christmas.. he would have been better off encouraging people to use artificial trees! At least that might have some effect on a global issue that might actually destroy us.

  18. somwerbtwngrinnblu says

    Born & living in a predominantly Catholic country (a non-American here) I am very disappointed in how Benedict handles this scenario, a complete contrast on the build bridging activities that his predecessor did (John Paul II). Honestly, when he became the new head of the Roman Catholic church, we(yes I am still an active church-goer) have become more of a joke instead of the uplifting group that his predecessor worked very hard to build – not really surprising since he is part of the Opus Dei – the strictest form of Roman Catholicism that there is. Sad

  19. idahojohn says

    first, speaking of ecology, we’re about a billion over earth’s carrying capacity of us-a situation supported only by mostly petroleum-based fertilizers. So, put on a condom or take the pill or get fixed (or be gay). The rest of us need to follow China’s one child rule (but volunarily. second, it sounds like the next phrase out of his mouth is going to be, “…so let’s kill all the jews.”

  20. marc says

    The clearest indication to date that the RC church are indeed run by
    delusional lunatics.. it could be funny, but the shit they spout really damages.. dangerous fxxxers. Fxxx off to hell with them

  21. Ted in SF says

    As a former Nazi, he is speaking from experience apparently.

    Someone should tell him that ermine is very 19th century. Where is PETA when you really need them? What next – jeweled slippers?

  22. GOD says

    HOW can any thinking person buy this fucking catholic scam? In the 21st century? Look at them for fuck’s sake! In their silly dresses and prada shoes..childfuckers.

  23. Hank says

    This us scary because a lot of people, especially outside of Northern Europe and North America, pay attention to what he says. The Vatican was in bed with the Nazis-they have been on the wrong side of history for a long time now. If, as there is reason to fear , we are heading into the 1930’s, version 2.0, let us pray that we don’t repeat that era’s explosion of demagoguery, hate, and fascism – LGBT are the most vulnerable group to ideological attack globally. SILENCE=DEATH

  24. Steven says

    Okay this disgusting.

    I believe that official teaching is that homosexuality is not a sin, but rather the activities. And just a statement from the Pope will not change official Church teaching. However it is absolutely disgusting that he said that.

    I grew up Catholic, now I’m a theist, and know they are facing problems with membership, especially of young people, and this will not help in any way.

  25. nic says

    the old fart is absolutely disgusting. he is personally responsible, more-so than anyone else on earth, for the ‘destruction of Gods work’. may his god have mercy on his black soul.

  26. says

    You know, in a way, he’s saying that he thinks being gay (and gay sex, presumably) is really awesome — so awesome that straight people will start spontaneously turning gay if they aren’t kept in a state of fear through the constant condemnation and persecution of homosexuality.

    Now, I know for certain that being gay is awesome — for me — but I also know there’s no pussy so great it’s gonna turn me straight. So I don’t understand the portrayal of gayness as some kind of temptation that will draw people away from straightness. If there’s more acceptance, gay people will stop pretending to be straight, but straight folks are gonna stay straight. (Even if they do accept the occasional blow job from a dude :-)

  27. FB says

    There certainly is a case for the church to lose its tax exemption status! There are so many thoughtful posts on this I could hardly add any additional notes except to say these fruitcakes are taking the earth down a path to Armageddon; and this trip is intentionally designed to fulfill their own perceived “divine” prophecy. Hate, Hate, Hate is all they teach; Fear, Fear, Fear is the power they possess. Nothing has changed in 2000 years except that today they can’t torture those that disagree with their mythology as they once did.

  28. SteveMD2 says

    He learned his lessons well – growing up in Nazi Germany. Certainly his comments will be interpreted by some as gays represent the destruction of the human race. The same mentality that got us mass murder of gay kids by ultraorthodox in Israel. BTW, I was Jewish. I’m joining the Universalist Unitarian church, and for my wife, when she goes to temple, we’ll call it widows night.

    You would think he would realize that his own ideas about minorities, utilizing the hatred of Jesus own people the Jews given to the world by Rome, would have penetrated his mind.

    But nothing gets through when you are frozen into a time warp of things written 3000 years ago in an age of superstition and ignorance.

    Yes,there are many good Catholics, and Catholic churches. But how in the world do we engender a split. Where the good churches, and tens of thousands of Good priests tell Rome to go to hell, and come back to the meaning of Jesus life as a message of God’s love for all his creation.

    But for Razi – two words – Sieg Heil.
    Will they ever learn, or are the privileges and power of being able to corrupt other peoples minds the ultimate sin to which they will never confess. Until the bank account runs dry.

    Because unfortunately the church does not have any mechanism to abort his Papacy and send him to a nursing home for the deranged.

    And I thought the church opposed cloning. Seems like they are run by a clone.