1. says

    As Rachel and her guest pointed out, Obama is going to anger a bloc of Americans one way or the other. Unfortunately, the evangelicals are more numerous in this country than the gays, AND … the gays will forgive him as soon as he does something nice for us, policy-wise.

    Rick Warren will speak at the Inauguration. AND … he should know that we’re really mad about it – unfortunately, I don’t think that will change anything.

  2. Yeek says

    As bad as this flap is for Obama now, backing down would only make things worse. He can not afford to give the impression of weakness, indecision, and malleability right at the start of his presidency.

    He was a fool to start off this way, and he’d be an even bigger fool to try and fix the situation. Better to be seen as hardhearted and ruthless than whimsically clueless and then desperate to please.

  3. nic says

    obama should rescind the invitation, not on the basis of “religion”, but on the basis of an error in judgement (a brain fart, as it were). what the hell was he thinking? is this what passes for common sense nowadays? fucking idiot!

  4. patrick nyc says

    I love Rachel Maddow. I think Obama was not thinking how bad this would be taken by the gay community and now he can not afford to piss of the right wing.

    The stupid thing is that WE voted for him and they didn’t, and will not in 2012. Schmuck.

  5. John says

    Barack Obama has shown that he does not give a damnn about the GLBT community. More to the point, he is willing to hurt us for his own political gain.

    What we need is a million man march to converge on Washington D.C. on Jan 20.

  6. John says

    Barack Obama has shown that he does not give a damnn about the GLBT community. More to the point, he is willing to hurt us for his own political gain.

    What we need is a million man march to converge on Washington D.C. on Jan 20.

  7. John says

    Barack Obama has shown that he does not give a damnn about the GLBT community. More to the point, he is willing to hurt us for his own political gain.

    What we need is a million man march to converge on Washington D.C. on Jan 20.

  8. John says

    Barack Obama has shown that he does not give a damnn about the GLBT community. More to the point, he is willing to hurt us for his own political gain.

    What we need is a million man march to converge on Washington D.C. on Jan 20.

  9. John says

    Barack Obama has shown that he does not give a damnn about the GLBT community. More to the point, he is willing to hurt us for his own political gain.

    What we need is a million man march to converge on Washington D.C. on Jan 20.

  10. elizabeth templin says

    I’m sure Obama will be much more careful from now on when it comes to inviting certain people to his events. I don’t agree with his inviting rick warren at all, but a small part in me says “I guess he knows what he is doing…”

  11. Eric says

    I don’t get the blind faith that people have in Obama after all the things he has done to hurt us.

    Obama continues to make piss poor decisions, and his administration hasn’t even begun. Lord help us all.

  12. Patrick M says

    Obama made his first major mistake.

    He was able to rescind the Wright invite because it hadn’t been made public, so it was more straightforward to do – although it did make Wright mad.

    It’s tougher for him here.

    However, he has said “This is also part of the new way of doing business, when we make mistakes we admit them.”

    He knows by now how big a mistake this, so he has to figure out a way to fix it. It is difficult to thread the needle here, and unlikely they can rescind the invitation now, but I can guarantee you they are going to do something to mollify all of us who were gut-punched here.

    By the way, how come he keeps messing up with religious leaders?

  13. BC says

    I love how most gays are now basically “vomiting up the kool-aid” that they drank throughout the entire election process. He may be “the better choice” than far right wingers, however, at least with them we know what we’re getting.

    And unfortunately I agree with Red Seven. The gay community as a whole will forgive him when he does something nice for us, and kool-aid will be flowing again.

  14. Prince says

    I think that Rachel Maddow hung the stars and the moon, and although I voted for Obama, he was wrong to ask Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his swearing-in. Warren is such a sanctimonious dumb nuts that I can’t bear to watch him or hear from him. (Rachel, you may need to TALK ME DOWN!)

  15. Jimmyboyo says

    He could always nudge warren to come up with a family emergency or some such and have him back out on his own.

    It is best that Warren is not there and it is best that Obama not seem weak, so twist the F@ckers arm behind the scenes to bail out on his own. Use some of that chicago arm twisting!


  16. steven says

    Obama is anti gay. Always has been. Start listening with your ears and not your hearts. This guy is not on our side.

  17. Jennifer says

    He needs to find a way to rescind the invitation and extend it to someone with some actual stature. How in the hell did he overlook Katherine Jefferts-Schori or even Gene Robinson. If you want to talk about change and a New Rebirth of Freedom, then how about walking it, Mr. Obama?

  18. RB says

    Patrick NYC, WE did NOT all vote for him! I posted time and time again that Obama was NOT anymore on our side than any other politician. I just happened to be the one that did not get duped by his wonderful ability to “give a good speach”!

    Jimmyboyo, as a Clinton supporter that turned to Obama, how is that working for you now?

    WE do not have a friend in the White House, not now nor on 1/20/2009!

  19. Jimmyboyo says

    RB you are an admitted repub and liked mccain

    You wouldn’t like Obama if he officiated over a gay marriage at the inauguration.

    What Obama has done sucks the big one, but he is far and away better than what america would have had under mccain/palin

  20. RB says

    Unfortunately, Jimmyboyo, you are correct. It does suck the big one! I would give anything to have been wrong. I would love to have to swallow my words, no pun intended, and say how much you are correct. Really, it is not about right and wrong. When it comes down to you and I, it is about US. It is about being gay. And as much as you would like to think that I am the evil person, the homophobe, I am not. I wish the absolute best for you and for all of us. I just did not drink the koolaid….It is unfortunate that Obama appears to be the person that I thought that he was and no the person that you believed him to be. Trust me, we both lose!!!!!

    Take care my friend…. I still respect your thoughts and your posts my brother.

  21. says

    Sure, I’d forgive Obama for Wright — oops, I mean Warren — if Obama really did turn out to be a fierce advocate for gay people. So far? Fierce is not the word.

  22. Krebin says

    So, apparently, we should just delay our gratification. Does that mean there’s a raging bathhouse orgy awaiting us in heaven if we just hold out?

  23. glennmcgahee says

    Its so funny that you feel Obama has made a mistake. In whose mind? He hasn’t said it was a mistake. As a matter of fact, this plays along with his past actions. Touring through the churches with ex-gays, touting the power of prayer to overcome our deviance. He refused to be photographed with the mayor of San Francisco. He has never participated in a gay pride event. Why in the world gays supported him blindly has been bothering me for the last 2 years. He played us like a fiddle. We were bamboozled, hoodwinked. He hasn’t said his invitation to Warren was a “boneheaded mistake” like he did when his ties to Rezko were discovered. He had the power to text his supporters before the election and urge them to vote against Prop 8 and Amendment 2 and any number of issues that hurt women and gay people. He couldn’t be bothered. Like he said. “Where are they gonna go?” We almost had no mention in the DNC’s platform at the convention this year. Wording of Gay Rights were removed from the party platform. Donna Brazille said it was insulting to equate gay rights with civil rights. Some people were not paying attention. They were overcome by a little attention sent their way and flattered to be given access to the Convention. Like a dog thrown a scrap of food.

  24. says

    “Its so funny that you feel Obama has made a mistake. In whose mind?”

    Obama has made a mistake in the minds of all of us who believe Rick Warren’s statements about gay people and actions on Prop 8 are reprehensible. It’s true, there’s no indication that Obama believes he has made a mistake because choosing Warren fits with his big tent philosophy. Obama has also pointed out that he strongly disagrees with Warren on abortion and gay rights. As despicable as Obama’s choice was, in my opinion, I am not going to judge his entire presidency on it, particularly since his presidency has yet to begin! I will judge him by each action he takes as president, on gay rights and everything else–harshly or approvingly, depending on what he does. Accusations by the long-time Obama haters on here that we have supported him blindly are asinine. We voted for him over John McCain because he was, by far, the better choice. He still is. That hardly means we approve of everything he does, hence the outcry over this. He deserves condemnation, we’re giving it to him. If he makes bad policy decisions, we’ll condemn him again. That’s how the process works. Voting for Obama does not equal supporting him uncritically, never has, never will. Someone’s drinking the simple-minded Koolaid, but it may not be who you think it is.

  25. says

    Obama is a religious politician, and a Chicago one at that… why on earth would he be trusted? Simply, he was the only rational vote for President, but that’s all. He’s a smooth talker, don’t ever believe him.

  26. RB says

    Speaking of drinking the koolaid, I am amazed that so many here continue to support Obama as the better choice. He is not someone that can be trusted. He IS a Chicago elitist politician that has far more ties to corruption than the Clintons had with Whitewater! This is only going to get interesting. The only thing better would have been Edwards winning the election and then finding out that our president has a new baby, and not by his wife.

    He is not the “media darling” that was portrayed during the election and we will be the sacrificial lamb that is first to go!

  27. gts says

    Obama is not our friend. For “Christ”‘s sake, he all but campaigned for Prop 8. (Those were his words in the Prop 8 ads). Don’t expect much from him, he will throw us under the bus as long as it gets him somewhere politically.

  28. james says

    You might also send your protests (and, if you contributed a campaign contribution, a request for a refund) to the Democratic National Committee’s treasurer, openly gay Andrew Tobias at

  29. RB says

    No Chris, I post regularly and I am not a racist nor patroling. Besides, what the hell does that have to do with this thread? Come on, is that the only thing you can throw at me when I bring up valid points? If so, I am having a conversation with someone that is not capapble of grasping many subjects!

  30. g_whiz says

    I think Maddow has very great points, and I’m extremley pleased she’s not mincing words here. While I don’t think at all that President Elect Obama is the monster some of you are alleging, I very much DO think Warren’s presence sours my inclination to want to be in DC on the 20th. I think the real problem is religiosity and its ability to pull out scripture rationalizing homophobia. The majority within our Judeo-Christian society tend to either blank, or balk at the idea gay people are equivalent to them in any way. This is patently wrong of course, but the evengalical issue is beginning to seem more and more like an ultimatum. If the fundamentalist set, with its tax free funding and congregational endorsements does in fact weild a lot of power. Proposition 8 even existing is a testament to that. I think at present Obama is in a seriously difficult position; alienate one group or another. And it would seem our group (be it liberals, gays, or gay liberals) is the one that might be easier to win back. The Obama administration is going to have to exersise an extreme ammount of goodwill in order to smooth over the knife wound here. Its not a matter of objecting to religious leaders who are anti-gay, its this directly on top of the awfulness that came from the Prop 8 campaign that’s too much to be silent about. We deserve to be understood on this grievance. Its been an awful year for equality, and having that bigot there doesn’t do much to make us feel any better.

  31. g_whiz says

    One thing I find funny about bipartisan politics. The expectation is that if we endorse a candidate we’re to what, back everything they say or do with the enthusiasm of a vapid cheerleader? I’m sorry, but thats neither rational or wise. I’m confident that Obama will at least be a more thoughtful and responsible president than his predasessor. I don’t have buyers remorse about voting for him for a great many other reasons…but this issue he’s going to have to do some work on.

  32. Paul says

    Obama lost my support. He could dance in a tu-tu on a Presidential Proclamation giving gays and lesbians two cows and an acre of land, and I still won’t support him. No cabinet posts. No high level appointments. And complete disrespect after a painful defeat. No respect. No clue. No support. If I could take back my vote, I would.

  33. says

    Just think, if we had McCain and Palin being inaugurated, nobody would have anything to complain about. No surprises. Everybody on the platform, invocation, benediction, singers — all would be vocally anti-gay! No gay marching bands in that parade! Good times!

  34. says

    Ah, RB, only a short while ago I was saying how much I agreed with you on the threads dealing with religious fundamentalism. But now all your pre-election Sean Hannityish gibberish is reemerging.

    The difference between you (and other consistent Obama bashers here who are suddenly coming out of the woodwork) and many of us gay people who voted for Obama is this: You’re pretty much opposed to everything he stands for across the board but were hoping (or pretending to) he’d be better than the Republicans/Bush on gay rights (hard to be worse, after all). I, on the other hand, support most of what Obama stands for on a wide range of issues from science and the environment, to the economy, to health care, and the war in Iraq. I’m also hoping he’ll be better than the Republicans on gay rights, and I’ve no doubt that he will be. (Like I said, hard to be worse.)

    On a policy level, Obama is the most pro-gay president going into office that we’ve ever had, that’s fact. The question is whether, once he’s in office, he’ll follow thru with his stated policies, or whether he won’t. You (and others) are convinced he won’t; fair enough. Since he hasn’t yet taken office (why are so many overlooking this crucial point?), I am withholding my judgment even as I unambiguously condemn his choice of Rick Warren for the inauguration (and applaud his overlooked inclusion of the gay-friendly Joseph Lowery). If Obama doesn’t follow thru on anything re: gay rights, I will be the first to criticize him, vocally and often, while I still may support his other policies. (It’s not just about gay rights, as you know.)

    If McCain had been elected, I KNOW I would not have supported his positions on gay rights and nearly everything else. For many of us, McCain simply wasn’t an option, nor were the candidates with no chance to win. While many of us have concerns about Obama, it means neither that we regret our votes nor that we consider him some sort of Messiah incapable of doing wrong.
    And, though you insinuated as much recently, he sure isn’t Hitler.

  35. Jersey says

    I voted for Obama and would definitly not take my vote back. Had there been a viable candidate who supported us like Kucinich did I would have voted for that candidate but of the ones we had, he was the best option. However, I am quite suprised at how little the man realizes or cares about the issues gays and lesbians have to deal with in this country. Obviously in the political calculation we are the ones who can be ignored with little consequence to him. How do we become less expendable is the question. That is what needs to change. As of right now Obama does not have my support and I will not help his re-election. I also am beginning to think he will not really change much in the way DC does business. I’d like to be wrong on that but…

  36. Chris says

    RB, I can remember that you aren’t suddenly against Obama, but were all the time. And I remember that your reasoning has O’Reilly quality.

  37. RB says

    Chris, you are correct! I have been against Obama, the corrupt senator from Illinois which actually seems like a cliche at this point, from day one! However, since I have read you reactions both here and in other threads you are clearly lost and need help. Of course that is just an observation. That along with the fact that I hope that you never have a daughter!

  38. CJ says

    RB, after what your party has done; the war in Iraq, destroying the economy, moving Haliburton and Exxon/Mobil into the White House, removing endangered species from protection, lessening environmental sanctions against corporations, contributing to global climate change, pissing on our constitution and denying due process with the Patriot Act in the name of terrorism, torturing POW’s against the Geneva Conference, creating more anti-American sentiment, creating more terrorists through the occupation of a sovereign nation, lowering national education standards through such failed acts as “No Child Left Behind”, polarizing the nation by throwing the LGBT community under the bus (the FBI has released annual statistics demonstrating sharp increases of hate crimes towards the LGBT community, especially within the months following GWB’s State of the Union Addresses in which he states his intention of DOMA), and on and on and on. It seems you’re more interested in pointing fingers in order to save face with regards to your political GOP having their corrupt asses handed to them on Nov 4th. Being bitter and then attempting to seem “nice” through insincere apologies is not the solution, but simply contributes to the problem. Certainly, it is obvious that taking a stand with regards to LGBT rights is currently political suicide. That is no excuse for any politician to back down in our defense, however it is unreasonable to expect any newly elected political official to make waves in our defense and overturn laws and negative socio-political views.

    What amazes me is the over looked fact that Obama has invited a socially liberal Pastor to his inauguration. While I strongly disagree with Warren as a choice for an opposing voice as there certainly are other conservative Preachers who would be a better fit, it is interesting to note that Obama has kept his word in uniting political parties through the diverse appointees to his cabinet.

    Now, RB, please explain why you are a Republican? Statistically speaking, the GOP is much more homophobic than the Democratic party (however, neither party is what I would consider “gay friendly”). I happen to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal. By definition the GOP should believe in smaller government, less spending, and less social policy, however the past 2-3 decades has demonstrated that the GOP is exactly the opposite having aligned with the radical religious right and concerning itself with social/religious policy/law, increased spending and deficits as fact with the Bush administration, bigger government through such laws as the Patriot Act and DOMA – I believe you get my message.

    Instead of playing games and being juvenile with “I told you so”, why not be part of the solution and not the problem? While I do not agree with Obama’s appointment of Rick Warren, I do believe the President Elect has done a fine job in appointing the right politicians for the job by putting aside party lines and selecting those based on their credentials. I believe the mature response would be to wait until President Elect Obama is in office before passing judgment. After all, the Bush administration has done far worse for the LGBT community than Obama selecting Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration.

  39. charles wilson says

    Rachael has her nerve. Almost every night, she refers to Pat Buchanan as “my good friend”. She laughs and jokes with him, even though politically they are opposites. Now, everyone knows that Buchanan is a white supremist. He has said that his ideal America is one that is 90% white; refers to Blacks as the “incapable” and whites as the “capable”; says that black Africans owe Europeans thanks for enslaving them and bringing them to America as slaves; laments the “good old days” in his home of Washington D.C. when “they(blacks)had their theaters and resteraunts and we had ours. I guess Buchanan’s racism is not as important as Rick Warren’s homophobia. Is that a white/black thing?