1. Bojo says

    Wanda is the BEST! I remember her working at the Woodie’s Department Store in downtown DC…she was a laugh riot then always keeping the customers and employees entertained.

  2. tjc says

    That was awesome! I also like the fact that she mentioned sex. So often we downplay the fact that we have actually have sex because of the perceived ‘ick’ factor for straights. Just a gentle reminder that sexual intimacy is one of the rights (or privileges, or benefits) associated with marriage.

    And besides, if the anti’s want gay people to stop having sex, they should make marriage MANDATORY for GLBT people! :-)

  3. says

    Wanda might end up with her own show if the networks are on the ball.
    her T-shirt rocked, and the audience loved her!
    unfortunately Jay degraded into “straight guy lusting over lesbo action” territory, but Jay does what he does.

  4. tjc says

    PBAR– you’re right, of course (“hot lesbo action!”). But I still think it’s good to remind folks — gently — about sex once in a while.

    Not all the time, but now and then.

    A (gay) friend once told me his (straight) coworker was jealous of gay men, “because you can get oral sex, practically on demand!”

  5. 2nd Class Citizen says

    Thanks for the reminder on morality. Any church can spend millions on hate while its congregation goes hungry and do nothing. That must be in the bible, somewhere. WWJD?

  6. Zeke says

    A year ago I would never have imagined that Wanda Sykes would soon become one of the most visible, vocal and effective spokespersons for gay rights.

    You ROCK Wanda!

  7. Disgusted American says

    and speaking of Wanda coming out – last nights episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine” had to do with Bigotry & discrimination towards LGBT people….coincedence? I think not….part 2 episode next wed 8pm….Thank u Wanda!

  8. says

    My love for Wanda keeps growing. Hearing her talking about getting up at that rally in Vegas, I had the sense it wasn’t what she wanted to do, but what she did do, because it was the right thing to do. Same with talking gay marriage on Leno. I felt she was talking about it because she knows it’s important, not because she’s completely comfortable being placed in the role of gay spokesperson. I hope other celebrities take notes from a class act with a dirty (in a good way) mouth.

  9. Cameron Johnson says

    Alright, given how much ass she’s kicking as an out, proud and hilarious person in the mainstream media. I think the time has come for Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster to come the fuck out.

    After all, there’s only so many times we can send NPH on the Tonight Show.