1. Daya says

    Hmmm … a hetero Mormon with gay tendencies? Sounds like just like one of the new cast members on MTV’s Realworld Brooklyn — “Don’t let his look fool you: Chet is not your typical punk rock party boy. Despite his tight jeans and affinity for neon clothing, this 23-year-old University of Utah frat boy is one of 10 children in a strict Mormon family.” He just appears to be a gay in deep denial — in the first show he asks another cast member “do you think I am gay?”

  2. says

    That is a horrendously… AWFUL… GOD AWFUL song.

    Unless this is some camp, parody for something like”Second City Television”.

    Or was this written for “Flight of the Conchords”? It’s that bad that it’s funny.

  3. SeanC says

    This just looks like a very tame (read: Mormon) version of a Burning Man party. With a bit of Cirque du Soliel thrown in. And unfortunately for Brandon, he looks wooden and uncomfortable throughout this video. I saw them live a few years ago and he’s equally wooden on stage. Still, he is a cutie. (And is it just me or is he increasingly looking like a slightly younger Ben Affleck? Speaking of wooden…)

  4. OberonOZ says

    Schwa: Thats exactly what I thought. The whole thing very much reminded me of the “It’s A Hard Life” video. Brandon’s costume looks a lot like a sloppy version of Freddie’s very stylised costume. Brandon may not be gay, but he sure is camp! :)

  5. Paul R says

    I’ve only read one interview with him, but he seems like someone very uncomfortable in his own skin. A lot of Mormon men I’ve met seem gay because they were raised in the more gentle sides of the tradition/cult, and were nonviolent and somewhat effete. Whether they were actually gay was hard to know, because the religion is so stifling and homophobic (gays don’t help expand the number of Mormons, which is a central tenent of Mormonism).

    On an even more cynical note, it’s worth bearing in mind that, as a student of 80s and 90s music, Brandon learned that you sell more records if you pass yourself off as being sexually ambiguous. I think of him as a less annoying Pete Wentz: likes to dress up, wear makeup, and tease whoever he can because he desperately needs attention.

  6. SeanC says

    Jay. He has lost a noticeable amount of weight relatively recently it seems. (But I’ve always been an extreme ectomorph bone rack, so I really can’t throw stones.) I don’t think he looks ‘bad’ tho. Still cute.

  7. Saint Theresa of Avila says

    RAD, I agree. The DJs at WXPN are going to have to come with an even more strong tone of “nuanced exasperation” than the one they’ve used whenever announcing “Human.”

  8. Br!on says

    The big problem here is the fact that he is just walking around in an outfit. Not owning it. Just “oh it’s Flowers in a flower!”

    The reason Freddy Mercury, Boy George, Bowie were so brilliant is that they took on characters and lived them. Flowers and this album that is supposed to be concept is just a facsimile. We are looking because he is cute. Not because he is presenting a fully nuanced concept.

    At least he’s trying, I suppose.

  9. branbran says

    He is married with a wife and a kid…I don’t think he is pulling any tommy girl faux marriage to cover the gay crap…but I do think he is playing gay somewhat. He’s really cute though *sigh* oh well.

  10. flucht17 says

    I’d like to know to what kind of music the douchey person who compared this to a second city parody listens. I think this is an incredible song– the lyrics are top notch, it’s catchy, and the subject matter is unique and glowing.
    The video is great. A common quality with all killers videos i’ve seen, with the exception of mr. brightside, is that of a self-conscious awareness that the event taking place is the filming of a music video.

    anyway, it’s good.

  11. plop[ says

    remember you only hate others cuz u haTE URSELF.

  12. leslie says

    all you have to do is notice the final frame of this video–brandon’s wistful, vulnerable face…to know the soul and spirit of it’s creator. the song is inspired. the video, wonderfully self conscious and wry…but beneath it all, brandon flowers is, simply, one of the only musical artists of this unmusical age. and he’s just beginning to, well, flower.

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