1. MAJeff says

    But he’ll still be fucking up the country for years with Alito and Roberts. Just look at this week’s decision helping to gut the Exclusionary Rule in Herring v. U.S.

  2. CK says

    I cannot muster up any enthusiasm for this man at all… he has the anti-midas touch… everything he touches turns to shit! Good f*cking RIDDANCE! Tuesday cannot come around soon enough!

    Have to say though, I don’t envy President Obama’s task ahead… He has my support though, to try, ‘cos no matter where we stand, what political persuasion we have, we are faced with now having to dig ourselves out from the rubble that Bush and his cronies buried us under!

  3. jimmyboyo says

    Months before he announced he was running he bought that scrub land ranch in Tx. No cattle nothing but brush. Now he is selling it to move to the city.


    The Connecticut yankee, finishing school, silver spoon in mouth, cheerleader fool. The repubs like to screech “hollyweird” but they are the ones with all the actor politicians = reagan an actual actor, bush jr playing the cowboy schtick, thompson who pulls out a truck during campaigns but parks it when not campaigning. Why are repubs suckers for smoke and mirrors?

  4. Dback says

    We have new tools to freeze terrorists’ funding assets? You mean those same tools that AL GORE tried to get Congress to pass in ’98-’99, when Phil Gramm killed it because it was too “onerous” for the banking industry (which he profiting from), and Orrin Hatch accused the Clinton White House of “exploiting fears of terrorism” to get what they wanted?

    Shit like this just reminds me why I despise most modern Republicans.

  5. jimmyboyo says


    As far as modern repub administrations go (Lincoln and Teddy R , hell even Nixon with founding the EPA would be tossed from the modern repub party)we always !!!!! have to clean up after them.

    Ever since reagan with the whole gov=bad and doesn’t work they can not make it work. Their world view makes it impossible for them not to F it all up.

    Once way back when pre-reagan they actually thought gov could work with their goal to be “smaller” workable gov. Their world view thanks to and since reagan is no gov can work thus they are an unending f up that needs fixing.

  6. Greg says

    I won’t miss that little smirk on his face which makes him look like he can’t believe he’s getting away with talking such crap.

    People call him a chimp, but in truth he made monkeys out of everyone who voted for him. And while he distracted attention with his loutish ineptitude, the truly despicable men in his government set in train many evils that have murdered tens of thousands both overseas and at home, and have poisoned the world against America.

  7. says

    I can’t force myself to watch or listen to any part of his farewell. Even looking at his face in the NYTimes makes me shudder. When my b/f and I returned home last night to hear NPR blaring his address, we literally screamed (in a butch way, of course) and ran to turn it off.

    Good riddance. Go to your ranch and stay there.

  8. Br!on says

    Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!

    Rumors abound. But one of them is that Bush has bought thousands of acres in Peru, after his visit there. They have no extradition laws.

    Think on that for a minute.

  9. ML says

    Chris Matthews had an even sharper criticism of Bush, saying he was just handed everything from his dad and he had no interest in world happenings until Cheney et al. told him what to think. It was every bit as sharp as Olbermann’s special comments.

  10. Kyle says

    The points he made were valid and you can’t argue that he made the country safer and spent the most on foreign aid. He is sincere and did what he thinks was right. Why would he talk about his mistakes Honestly, people hate him so much they fail to look at him in an unbiased way. He was elected for two terms by the way. The country is vastly safer and put yourselves in his shoes and see if you could do better. I’m not pro-Bush, but people let hate get into the way of looking at all of the facts. I hope people who hate Bush, don’t let Obama get away with anything. That’d be the best thing for the country.

  11. Paul R says

    Kyle, do you not recall that there was intelligence before 9/11 that there was a plan to crash jets into US landmarks? And how does overextending our military in two protracted wars, at great expense to our economy and world image, make us any safer? The money spent to make us “vastly safer” was in direct response to actions he took that made us less safe. The war in Iraq was predicated on lies: there were no WMDs; they made things up because he wanted revenge for a failed plot on his father’s life 10 years prior and his advisers hatched the idea for the war in the late 90s because they wanted Iraq’s oil and sought to establish regional influence.

    And he was elected for two terms because, again, he lied and the Dems had a terrible candidate.

    On another note, am I the only one who gets annoyed by Rachel Maddow? She comes off so smugly. Is she trying to be funny? It just grates on me. I agree with what she says, but cannot stand how she says its.

  12. 2nd Class Citizen says

    Seven years and the bad guy is still running around in the desert, while Americans go homeless, jobless and health care less BUT big corporations and Haliburton are just fine. I wonder how much money has the US added to the Bush family bottom line?

  13. Kyle says

    He was in office for a few months and he didn’t run the FBI, CIA, and INS which failed. Terror began a problem when Clinton was in office. So if you want to blame anybody, blame Clinton. But you cannot blame 9/11 on Bush or anyone specifically. The government as a whole failed.

    So attacking before Iraq with the invasion of Afghanistan, that wasn’t actions to make us safer? Capture of terrorists? The Department of Homeland Security? So are we safer before or after 9/11?

    How quickly we forget.

    And wake up: every politician lies. Barack Obama lies, John McCain lies, everyone lies. And saying he won because the Democrats had a bad candidate isn’t convincing at all. It’s like saying Obama won just because McCain ran a bad campaign. Bush and Obama both knew how to run campaigns and people can relate to them.

    And yes his terms for going to Iraq were bad but things have been fixed. The country is doing well because of the surge and we will be out soon. If Iraq turns into a stable democracy, history will judge Bush better.

    **Yeah I agree with you about Rachel Maddow.

  14. chapeau says

    Bush is a War Criminal.

    By Standards applied by the US GOV’T for other dictators, WWII Japanese soldiers, etc … etc … etc …

    And by the fact that cheney as well as shrub have basically *confessed* that they *authorized* *torture* (by the terms outlined in the Geneva Convention) … they are by *defination* War Criminals.

    I know the USA will never consent to sending a us president to trial at the Hague … but if ever we had an example where it is just … it is W and Cheney!

  15. Jon says

    Can someone tell me what happened in the clip Letterman showed as his “number one favorite george w bush moment”? The video is so jumpy, I can’t tell. Thanks.

  16. Reggie says

    I have heard the “we have not been attacked” argument many times and I am sick of it. I am reminded of the old folk tale that tells of a rooster who crows each morning because he thinks he is the causing the sun to rise. or of the man who gets up each morning and shoots an arrow off to the east. When asked why he did this, he says he is doing it to keep elephants from attacking his house. When asked to explain what the connection was, he points to the fact that in all the years he has done this, he has been successful, and no elephant has attacked his home, so it must be working. Goodbye and good riddance, bush.

  17. nic says

    less than 48 hours and this complete waste of oxygen will be gone. i do not wish cleaning dog shit from my shoe would be so hard as finally being rid of him (it).

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