1. BVC says

    Ha! Ha! It would have been even more funny Andy if I HADN’T ALREADY VOTED FOR YOU TODAY!

    And I would wish you luck but from the look of the scores you may not need it. 😉

  2. david in iowa says

    I was very happy to cast a vote for Towleroad. I was weirded out though by seeing Tammy Bruce in the LGBT blog voting. I knew Tammy from her NOW days and see her on talk shows. If Charles Manson and Anita Bryant had ever hooked up, Tammy would be their love child

  3. Robert says

    Not going to fall for a copycat. I voted for Joe.My.God. I read your blog as avidly as I do his. But, here’s the rub. You have way too much of the young and pretty. Not saying there’s anything wrong with young and pretty. Just…oh come on! Where are the bears? Where are the not so pretty. You run a good blog and you deserve the nomination. But you hardly reflect the regular gay, do you.

  4. ohplease says

    “(t)he regular gay”? Robert, if you could point to one example of that, I’d be interested in seeing him for myself. If he exists, I haven’t met him yet.

    And bears are “not so pretty”? Geez, with friends like you, bears don’t need enemies!

    Joe’s blog reflects him and Andy’s blog reflects him. Joe’s blog is a little basic in appearance and use and Andy’s is a little slick. Joe’s content comes from an older perspective and Andy’s from a younger.

    It’s all apples and oranges (what does either Joe’s or Andy’s blogs have in common with the wretched Gay Patriot blog, for instance?), and it doesn’t mean that one is necessarily better than the other.

    And, I’m sorry, but it’s funny that Andy would steal Joe’s own dirty trick right out from under him.

  5. nic says


    according to the FBMI (FEDERAL BUREAU of MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION), current research has suggested that apples and oranges have a lot more in common than conventional wisdom has led us to believe. (a wink and a nod to “fun facts” from david letterman.)

  6. David Nelson Burbank says

    Dear Andy,

    My partner witnesses my constant update of your website. We are fans of the greatest collection of information pertaining to our lives and our interests. Doing Fine, 2009!


  7. Kris says

    I agree with Mike in the Tundra this is sad. I voted for you because I thought you were the best.. now retract the votes you got like Sarah Palin should have. Shame.

  8. says

    Vote cast. I can’t believe Gay ‘Patriot’ has over 500 votes. Are there really that many self-loathing Exodus wait listed gays out there? I hope not and it is simply voter fraud – oh right – it is a right wing site so voter fraud is the norm!

  9. sfoso37 says

    Happy to vote for you, Andy, but we’ve seen Wadle for two days, and lotsa other young hunks on the blog. Time to treat your fans to a nice beefcake photo of you!

  10. Jim/Charlotte, NC says

    I visited JMG for the first time yesterday and fell for the pic trick. Underhanded, but somewhat ingenious.

    You’ve my vote, Andy. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

  11. says

    So sad I fell for this. I voted for you yesterday, but the lag on that site is annoying. This is the kind of trick which would make me less likely to vote for you, despite my wishes for your success. Do you really think tricking readers to vote for you will work?

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