You couldn’t pay me to go to Utah! The ONLY good thing about UTAH is “BIG LOVE”..period!

  2. MAJeff says

    Too bad this Buttars isn’t as nice as Butters.

    “My name is Butters, I’m 8 years old, I’m blood type O and I’m bi-curious! And even that’s okay, because if I’m bi-curious and I’m somehow made from God, then I figure God might be a little bi-curious himself!”

  3. duane harrison says

    To me its a problem with the old school generation who needs to retire and let the world change for the good and prosper. Full Equality is an American value.

  4. Rick in Ohio says

    Gee, the LDS Church really has a habit of breaking the Commandments. We already know they enjoy the bearing of the false witness, now they lie in the name of God (breaks #2).

    Maybe they need to re-think Monson’s title: Living Prophet, Seer, Revelator, and Official Spokesperson of Untruths as Deemed Necessary and Convenient.

  5. GayRepublican says

    Utah is a beautiful state. Most of the people are pretty nice, too. It’s a shame that the LDS Church has decided to be so out-of-touch on gay rights. Most younger mormons I know (like young people in general) don’t have a huge problem with gays. Unfortunately, unlike some more liberal churches that encourage discussion, their church is not one where people can speak up without fear of being excommunicated. It’s literally the case that if you disagree with your bishop on this issue than you could lose your entire community. That’s a pretty significant loss for anyone to take. Sadly, what it’s going to take for the LDS Church to get with it is for the older generation to die off and the younger ones to take their place.

    I wonder how that LIBERAL splinter group (not those fundamentalist wackos who have camps) from the main LDS Church is doing right now. I’ll bet its numbers are up after all this crap.

  6. says

    shocker!! No one could have predicted this!

    Seriously, what do these people think? We’re stupid or something. The boycott of Utah may recommence, if ever some people were hoodwinked into stopping. The Mormon Church has a long, long history of bigotry toward gay people. This should surprise exactly no one.