1. Carmen says

    Thanks once again, Corey, for bringing this issue to the forefront here on Towleroad. We are hoping that our bi-national families will finally get our rights and finally have the freedoms to make life choices that many gay couples take for granted.

  2. says

    Let’s hope. I love my life overseas, but it’s time to at least have the option to come home – with my family.

    Not yet, I know, but somehow it seems a lot closer than it did last month.

  3. ALAN says

    I’m hoping and praying that the UAFA comes to a vote and is passed. For too long we have been discriminated against. It’s time for all of us to be on equal footing when it comes to immigration.

    Thank you Rep. Nadler for being so passionate advocate for bi-national couples. You make me and my partner feel less alone.

  4. says

    Thanks for this story. The Uniting American Families Act is definitely achievable in this administration, and I think it’s even something that most “middle of the bell curve” Americans would support as a matter of of basic fairness, so passing it shouldn’t use up all that much of anyone’s political capital. Go Congressman Nadler, go UAFA. Yay.

    Also … um hai thar Corey. Blush.

  5. says

    Jerry Nadler was my congressman, before I moved (now it’s Charlie Rangel). I hope he gets a chance at some leadership here in the new Congress.

    But Corey: don’t get so close to the mic! Nadler sounded so much clearer (with a bit of distance from the mic) than you did, and you were the interviewer!

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