1. alguien says

    ok, so i’ve listened samples, i’ve been to her myspace page and listened to entire songs and i’m not sure what the big deal is. she’s a good singer and everything but she’s not doing anything that’s groundbreaking or innovative. it still sounds like run of the mill corporate-driven music.

  2. NoTAcyniC says

    – She can sing
    – She can write
    – She can dance
    – She can play an instrument
    – She has a personality
    – She comes across as genuine and loves her job
    – She is a big fan of the gays and open about her own sexuality

    What’s your problem???!!!

  3. alguien says

    – She can sing
    – She can write
    – She can dance
    – She can play an instrument
    – She has a personality
    – She comes across as genuine and loves her job
    – She is a big fan of the gays and open about her own sexuality

    but her music still sounds like anything else you’d hear on clear channel

  4. says

    @NOTACYNIC: My personal problem with her is that, yeah, she writes her own songs but those songs are kind of boring and pop-by-numbers. I feel like she has been marketed SO HARD to seem edgy and different when she is really just dime-a-dozen. Just because you can do something it doesn’t mean you do it well.

  5. jason says

    I’m in two minds about Lady GaGa. On the one hand, I like some of her music. On the other, I think she is the latest in a string of female entertainers who are using their so-called bisexuality as a marketing ploy. Note how you never hear about bisexual male singers hitting the charts, only female. It’s a double standard, no doubt.

    We in the gay community need to be extra-careful about supporting these female entertainers. By supporting them, we may in fact be propping up the straight male fetish for girl-girl action, a fetish which is based on titillation and not respect. These straight men are, by and large, bigots. They don’t give a rat’s about gay rights.

    Let’s not be enablers of homophobia.

  6. qjersey says

    Love her

    She is not a “corporate product,” at least according to the profiles that have been done on her.

    She is 22 and a product of NYC nightlife! yeah finally a real New Yorker on the pop scene.

    and yes, Xtina + Gwen + Janice ROTFL

  7. says

    I love her!!! I have been saying for a while now that she rocks! I saw her open for the New Kids on the Block back in Novemeber ’08, immediately downloaded “The Fame” when I got home, and have been jammin’ to it every since! It’s a great workout album too! Love that Lady GaGa!!!

  8. Big One says

    Absolutely no comparison to Christina (and I’m not a big Christina fan). GaGa’s voice has a lovely tone, but poor control and range (besides, the songs she sings are not very dynamic). Although I hate the songs Christina chooses and I dislike her personal decisions, she is one of the best pure all-around vocalists ever.

  9. Rey says


    MT: Recently you dropped the news that you identify as bisexual, which is a really ballsy move for someone in the pop music industry. Why did you make the choice to come out about it?

    LG: It’s actually something I don’t really like to talk about anymore. I’m kind of disappointed by it all. I don’t like to be seen as somebody who is using the gay community to look edgy. I’m a free sexual woman and I like what I like. I don’t want people to write that about me because I feel like it looks like I’m saying it because I’m trying to be edgy or underground.

    MT: It’s weird that honesty sometimes backfires like that. I guess you’re trying to avoid the lesbian-chic transparency of someone like the hotly contested Ms. Katy Perry.

    LG: I mean, look, I know Katy and she’s super nice and I don’t want to say anything bad about her music or her. I’ll just say not in terms of Katy but just in general, I’m very careful about the way I write about sexuality. I push boundaries in everything I do, I have a lot of girl on girl in my short films, there’s a lot of boy on boy onstage. I do all kinds of stuff like that I do not want to make anyone feel used. I’m not trying to use my gay fans to get a fan base, I really genuinely love them and that’s why I made the decision very early on to not play “Boys, Boys, Boys” in the clubs right away. I didn’t want it to be seen like I was trying to promote a song that was like a gay club anthem. Not because I don’t wanna have a gay club anthem, I want all my songs to be gay club anthems, I want the whole show to be one giant gay club anthem, but I just didn’t want to be seen as the girl who is just using her gay songs to get out there. Anybody that writes music that touches on sexuality or gay anything is setting themselves up to be a target for questioning and interrogation. But I appreciate when people ask me those kinds of questions so I can tell it how it is.

  10. LA James says

    I usually dont partake in this trival fodder..however…all things said…bottom line is I listened and watched….I saw and heard a genuine performance…bravo…

  11. James says

    if you know anything about music, you would know this girl is the real deal. thats why shes signed. shes not the hottest girl, but she has insane talent. sure, much of her stuff is pop-by-numbers so far but she is 22 (!) and this is her first album. did you hear the rearrangement of the song above? she took her own song and made it sound like regina spektor. shes written for britney spears, pussycat doll, nkotb. and really written. not some songwriter took her bad poetry and built a hook around it. again, shes 22 and this is her first album. her potential is insane.

    britney spears, christina a, etc …these girls offer different things …britney is a trained “vessel” with a distinct pop voice and christina has insane vocal range that she cant always control but neither girls are real musicians and songwriters compared with Lady Gaga. and b*tch can dance AND sing live at the same time without recorded vocals and backing tracks. only pop artist ive seen do that before was madonna.

  12. Shane says

    WTF is up with all the shit bleeped out of the video and lyrics on that YouTube vid? Search for the uncut one so it’s not so messed up.
    I think I still have her Miss Universe performance of Just Dance on my facebook page – that’s when I fell in love. lol

  13. jason says

    When I see an openly bisexual MALE singer hit the top of the American charts, then I’ll call that progress. When an openly bisexual female does it, it’s conservative and patriarchal, appealing to the sleazy straight guy fetish for girl-girl action.

    It’s amazing that we in the gay male community enable these bisexual females and not bisexual males. Have we lost the plot? Are we really that dysfunctional?

  14. Ben says

    Lady Gaga’s CD and music are not at this point any sort of high art. It’s pop music. What you play on your iPod while you’re running on the treadmill or outside in the summer. It’s for the clubs and house parties.

    But she provided clear evidence in that live performance while playing piano that she has some talent to recognize.

    I enjoy The Fame. It’s a fun CD.

  15. Hunter says

    Poker Face is the only song I like. Everything else sounds like Rhianna’s Disturbia, and if anything she sounds more like Gwen Stefani than Xtina.


  16. Tom S. says

    This is what’s great about Lady Gaga: she’s conceptual. Everything she creates–her music, her fashion, her stage performances, even her everyday wear–is all part of a concept. She is a rare “true artist” that has artistic talent and uses it to her advantage. You don’t find many entertainers doing this today.

  17. inalivita says

    actually i was in class with her when we studied musical theatre together at NYU….she has always had a voice that I thought rivaled Christina’s……she sings great in this…but she has yet to show the extent of singing skills

  18. peppe1 says

    by mistake i had my zune runnig with vanessa
    williams playing and i play the link and said, them this girl is really good,
    then i found out it was vanessa williams
    XD LOL

  19. gia says

    i really like the sound of her voice in the acoustic…i am not a fan of christina a. but her voice is way better than the voice lady gaga’s using here…hands down. she does look a lot like sarah michelle gellar…cute.

  20. jaime says

    The chorus to poker face is a giant ripppp of an 80s song and its driving me nuts i hear the song in my head but i cant place it if you really know music go restream the chorus to poker face over and over it will come to you too!

  21. Jered says

    Has anyone come up with which 80’s or 90’s song the chorus for Poker Face was lifted from? It’s driving me nuts too. The song is on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t remember.

  22. Melanie says

    It was driving me nuts too… but I finally figured it out what it reminds me… it reminds me of that “you belong to the city” song (Glen Frey)… circa Miami Vice.

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