Matthew Mitcham Medals with The Advocate


Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming issue of The Advocate which features a stunning set of photos and profile of Australia’s gay gold medal-winning Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham.

Mitcham talks of the dive that was the highest-scoring in Olympic history: “I remember the things that I was thinking on the platform before the dive, and I remember what happened as soon as I hit the water. The dive itself is a bit vague. It felt good, although I wasn’t exactly sure. I did wait underneath the water a bit, thinking, I wonder…I wonder…I wonder… Then I popped my head out and the crowd was going wild…It was the most far-out experience. It just completely took me over and I just lost it.”

He also talks about recently accepting Australia GQ‘s Sportsman of the Year Award. “I think the last thing I said onstage there was, ‘Oh my God, I’m a homo and I just won the sports award.’ People just pissed themselves and thought it was hilarious.”

Photo by Adam Pretty. The issue hits newsstands next week.


  1. Jay says

    If it’s possible to be adorable and hot all at once, Mr. Mitcham’s doing it admirably. He’s a damn fine athelete to boot. And kudos to him for being out.

  2. crispy says

    I don’t know, Tank. If you look at the indentions of the stars, he could be a shower. Not that I stared at them for 15 minutes or anything.

    Hey, let’s ask Derrick. He’s a huge size queen! 😉

  3. Jay says

    OMG – it didn’t dawn on me that one of “us” made the cover of the Advocate until you guys pointed it out. Change HAS come! lol

    And grower or shower, I’d totally hit it. On top of the bod, he has a sense of humor. Nothing sexier.

  4. Jet Pack says

    Mitcham is so freaking adorable.

    Matt & Tank, why the douchey comments? I just looked and the only non-gays on the last ten issues of the Advocate was Obama.

  5. davefromtampa says

    I am not a size queen but I can be impressed. It is not only his body, face and package. I just love his attitude, he is ADORABLE! If I were a rich man, la de de de dah…

  6. Owen says

    Matt and Tank,
    You could at least use proper grammar when you post ill-informed comments. It’s lose not loose and proper names are capitalized. You two are morons.

  7. C. Foley says

    I already knew he was cute and fit, but I didn’t realize just how HOT he was until I saw this.

    I have to wonder, though, if they could’ve possibly found a skimpier outfit for him to wear. Maybe next time… sigh.

  8. glenn says

    Hmm… I thought he was supposed to be endorsed by AussieBum… that’s a big disappointment if the company backed out of the endorsement. I mean please, talk about an obvious tie-in… when he competes in his sport he wears skimpy swimwear just like the ones AussieBum makes, which is bought primarily, one would presume, by fabulous fags like Matthew who would be proud to buy products that support our own. Plus, he just won Sportsman of the Year in Australia, where… drum roll… AussieBums are made. I am rather stunned they didn’t follow through with the endorsement. Pretty shitty… actually.

  9. PatrickPatrick says

    To C. Foley:

    “I have to wonder, though, if they could’ve possibly found a skimpier outfit for him to wear. Maybe next time… sigh.”

    That skimpy outfit is his “work uniform.” It’s not unlike many of the covers with Phelps (or any other swimmer or diver) wearing the same.

    Really…so what?

  10. Miles says

    Wow, an issue of The Advocate I might actually want to buy!

    MM is fucking perfect–out, accomplished, seems nice, and of course beautiful.

    And yes, Jay, it is possible to be both adorable and hot. Seems like a strange thing to doubt.

  11. nicolas says

    See, this pisse me off big time. We have the Thorpes and the rest, who our country lauds over and scrambles to give as many endorsement as possible and sometimes you think they’d have found a new penicillin. But, here we have a true sports star, recognised with an award and will companies touch him? No. Even his triumph at the games was buried at the end of news and few people knew just who he was and what he achieved. Shame.

  12. Terry says

    It’s wonderful that he can be out and proud and be a role model for young gays everywhere. It’s too bad there aren’t more like him. Unfortunately, the reality is that being out like he is might have some detrimental side effects such as lack of endorsements. True, we don’t know the whole story but sometimes the truth is more obvious than we like to think it is. Ah well.

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