Presidents, Ex and Future, Hold Oval Office Summit

In part two, Clinton tells Bush how much he loves the rug.


  1. peterparker says

    Caption: ‘While President George H. W. Bush played pocket pool, outgoing President George W. Bush kidded President-Elect Obama, saying, “If you work the right angles, you can get away with a lot more things in the Oval Office than simply getting a blow job.” President Bill Clinton pretended he didn’t hear the comment.”

  2. Nathan says

    one of these things is not like the other…

    i’m referring to how short Carter is, of course.

  3. GM says

    I thought that, too, Nathan. He looks like miniature man.

    Funny, also, that Bush I is taller than Bush II. Wonder if that’s what caused all this mess?

  4. Lars says

    Of all of them, Jimmy Carter is the only one I would trust. I respect him above all.
    With Obama, well, I will wait and see. His choice of Rahm Emanuel, a hawk, for White House Chief Of Staff, and the inauguration controversy over his choice of Rick Warren, have made me skeptical, even cynical, but I sincerely hope I am proven wrong.
    The entire planet needs a change of direction in the White House.
    A concerned Canadian.


  5. Bob Dole says

    Funny, I never realised just how short Jimmy Carter is. I haven’t seen him in comparison to any of the other prezes.

  6. Winnie says

    Advocate politico stragetists say we have a 50 percent chance of seeing Obama get a PRO-GAY anything done —- in his SECOND term.

    not first term — second …

    so we gotta sit pretty til 2015 to be treated like human beings in USA?

    Obama can suck it…he will be gone by 2012

    I will vote gay next day — meaning they would have to be a OUT gay atheist liberal to get my vote. Then I won’t feel stupid and USED like I do right now.

  7. Art M. says

    So the Democrats are wearing RED ties and the Republicans are wearing BLUE ties and our new President? The one that’s supposed to be a Democrat? He’s wearing a Republican tie. Scary.

  8. sam says

    What is scary Art M. is comments like yours. You’re bitching about ties?

    Frankly, as upset as the Warren pick is for so many people here to just write Obama off and want him to fail is ridiculous. None of us have any real idea of what Obama will or will not do on gay rights or anything else. I have concerns too but I am willing to wait and see and support Obama to help us and the whole country.

  9. DJ says

    Thank you Sam!!! Its about time someone wakes the fuck up and stop being a soar ass queen.Sitting here bitchin about the Warren pick aint gettin us anywhere.Im more intrested in how Obama is going to do in the White House.THIS JUST IN,thats whats more important here.This is what makes me embarrassed for other gays.The level of ignorance bitterness and self-loathing attitude is not healthy for any human-being maybe thats why there are so many internal social problems from within the gay community.Ive never heard so many or READ so many bitter gay people talk so much shit about a president who hasnt even entered the oval office yet.I could see if he was another Bush (Jeb Bush that is) considering the horrible,revolting,embarrassing,mind-boggling,absurd track record we have with Bush Senior and W.Bush which destroyed and shattered this country over the last 8 years.But this is a new President one that a majority who voted for him still see him as a sign of hope.No gay & lesbian person in the right mind is happy about Prop 8 passing and we have every right to be beyond pissed off about it.But the bitterness really needs to stop.If you empty-headed Fucks think sitting on your self-centered lazy ass with a bitter attitude and longing for Obama to fail is actually going to solve our problems,you are sadly Mistaken.Truth be told,if we expect the outsiders to respect us,some of us (you know who you are) better start cleaning out your own backyard at the same time.I see so much bullshit in this gay community today with guys who are so far beyond superficial they practically nit-pick at something as stupid as “that guy has too much facial hair” or “he’s too short” or even “He’s not packing much” Yea I said it yes I did.There are also plenty of gay men out there who WILL NOT commit to a guy any longer than it takes to chug a beer.The constant hooking up with one random guy after another,the consistant cheap pick-up lines just to get a guy to go to bed with you.Ive even encountered some gay men who have confided in me that they had to give up some friends because many gay men cannot be trusted,many have hidden agendas,can be 2faced,full of their own bullshit,overly-dramatic about everything love to gossip and make ALOT out of something petty and small but yet still have the audacity to complain about how they cant find a boyfriend.How do I know this? Because Ive met soo many guys with these social problems,thats why I have narrowed it down to just have the 3 loving kind-hearted mature,passionate,committed trust-worthy gay men in my life if I encounter others gr8,but they are sooo far and few in between.But I digress.The point is with all the bitter over-dramatic,superficial,incompetent,
    heartless,non-committing envious,jealous queens out there,I HIGHLY doubt we will have our civil rights anytime soon.Go ahead anc call me a “self-hating gay” or whatever you’d like and go ahead and try and comeback with some insulting comment in opposition to mine.It would speak for itself that we wont even work with each other from within the gay community,so why the FUCK should any of us expect the outsiders to work with us.Im calling it as I see it.So get over yourself.

  10. Chapeau says

    Clinton is 6’2″
    Shrub is 5’11”
    Shrub’s dad-e is 6’2″
    and Carter is 5’9″

    *course he does look like he’s shrunk even from 5’9″ at 84 yrs.

    And right on — Let’s let Obama take office and actually do something before deciding to tear him down already. Geez. So some of his pix are questionable – let’s see if he’s able to make it work.

  11. Jack M says

    It must have been very scary for Obama to be standing between the two Bushes for that photo. Hope he was wearing his stupidity repellent.

  12. elg says

    I’ve seen this picture here and on another blog and it looks to me like George Bush (the son) is sort of standing on his tip toes in order to appear taller in the photo. Has anyone else noticed that?

  13. DJ says

    Maybe if you werent one of those incompetent illiterate,socially and mentally challenged trolls,you would have gotten my point.NEXT!!!