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Rick Warren Urges Christian Followers to Emulate Hitler Youth

Wow. At Saddleback Church's 25th anniversary at Anaheim Stadium in 2005, Rick Warren told his followers that they should follow Jesus as young Nazis followed Hitler:

Warren"Warren moved on, from his celebration of Nazi dedication to purpose, and held up Lenin, and Chinese Red Guard efforts during the Cultural Revolution, as behavioral examples for his Saddleback flock, whom Warren called on to carry out a 'revolution'. Concluding his motivational speech, the Saddleback Church founder instructed his ranks in the stadium to hold up signs, from their official programs, with the preprinted message 'whatever it takes'. Warren then introduced, as leader of the first nation on Earth in which the P.E.A.C.E. Plan would be implemented, Rwandan President Paul Kagame. In 1998 under Kagame's leadership Rwanda, along with the now officially "Purpose Driven" nation of Uganda, invaded the Democratic Republic of The Congo, touching off a conflict that has claimed more civilian lives than any since World War Two."

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

This is Rick Warren's purpose-driven life. And make sure not to miss the column Max Blumenthal published last week in The Daily Beast highlighting Warren's anti-gay, anti-condom crusades in Africa.

Warren has refused to give any interviews before the inauguration, saying his prayer will speak for itself. A PROTEST against Warren is set for 9am on Monday, across the street from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Warren is scheduled to give a speech in honor of MLK Day.

Follow Jesus Like Nazis Followed Hitler, Rick Warren Tells Stadium Crowd [huffington post]
(via shakesville)

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  1. Holy shit!

    Posted by: Jeffrey | Jan 16, 2009 11:50:46 AM

  2. And Jeremiah Wright is offensive?

    And why are no mainstream news outlets running with this?

    I'll take Reverend Wright any day.


    Posted by: Rad | Jan 16, 2009 11:55:24 AM

  3. I find it interesting that he could of picked any number of GOOD speakers, like Billy Graham or Gandhi but he chose the scary ones... what is going on in his head?

    Posted by: Dawn | Jan 16, 2009 11:57:49 AM

  4. HUH?

    "For his part, Bishop Robinson, who in December said he had shared his feelings of betrayal privately with the Obama team about the choice of Mr. Warren, now praises the final ministerial lineup.

    “I’d be the last person in the world to say that Rick Warren should be excluded,” Bishop Robinson said in an interview this week. “Frankly, I think it is a magnificent, symbolic statement that Rick Warren and I will be praying for the new president and the nation. I think that’s fantastic.”

    I'm beginning to really believe the whole world has lost its collective mind. Is this a political maneuver by Robinson? Is there something we don't already know that's going to be sprung upon us on inaugeration day?

    Posted by: Eric | Jan 16, 2009 12:01:50 PM

  5. I'm against using words like "crazy", "insane", and "delusional" because 1) it's too easy and 2) mental illness is serious stuff, but what else can possibly describe this?

    I just looked up "appease": yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles.

    We (the United States and all other nations) should not be appeasing these people. (Looking right at you, Barack.)

    Posted by: Rick in Ohio | Jan 16, 2009 12:01:57 PM

  6. What a megalomaniacal nutjob. Hopefully all that lard has overworked his heart to the point he'll meet Jesus before Tuesday.

    Posted by: rayrayj | Jan 16, 2009 12:04:07 PM

  7. Y'all know how much I love our new President, and I defended his decision to invite this wretched preaching pig to give the invocation on Tuesday; but President Obama must be saying to himself (or Michele), "What the hell was I thinking?"

    It's all right--Warren is bound to make a fool of himself on Monday or Tuesday or soon. I don't think he's very smart. He's what they used to call a "confidence man".

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jan 16, 2009 12:12:45 PM

  8. Apply his "Whatever It Takes" mantra to civil rights and maybe we're getting somewhere.

    One problem with radical (his word) fundamentalists is that they don't really follow Jesus; they follow their cult leaders with Hitleresque egos who spew hate and nonsense.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jan 16, 2009 12:17:14 PM

  9. I wouldn't normally use such written language, but : UNholy shit !

    On the negative side - this is just the level of creepy that reaches all across the Atlantic ocean to freak us out even in the UK.

    On the positive side - surely this is approaching camel-back-breaking levels of straw?
    If this story goes mainstream and STILL doesn't get Warren uninvited, then I'm not sure what more it would take short of him wearing a Nazi uniform to go kitten-kicking.

    Posted by: PM | Jan 16, 2009 12:18:23 PM

  10. Rad,

    You know the reason why the press won't touch it: Warren's a white, Right-wing conservative. They're expected to say racist, sexist, and homophobic B.S.

    As much as Right-wingers say they hate "Commies," they love the tactics of authoritarian dictators:
    1. Secret Prisons? Check!
    2. Torture? Check!
    3. Absolute party loyalty? Check!
    4. Extreme nationalism? Check!
    5. Political persecution/prosecution? Check!

    Look at how Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh have made millions dispensing hate. They all are invited to speak amongst "good Americans" about their beliefs. Coulter can call for forced conversions of Jews and Muslims to Christianity or call John Edwards a fag but she will never have to worry about not getting an invitation to appear on NBC's Today Show.

    How any decent person could call upon another to act like the minions of Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, or Mao is breath-taking in disrespect for the MILLIONS who died under the boot of some 20th Century's worst dictators is astoundingly twisted.

    Satan and crew must be having a Hell of laugh.


    Also, the Reverend Wright may have said some stupid things, but the guy had a long history of being a progressive who supported gay rights, including marriage.

    Posted by: noah | Jan 16, 2009 12:18:29 PM

  11. What. The. Fudge.

    @ Eric: Robinson, IMO, is just playing his cards smart. No attacking, just grab the talking point of togetherness and then let actions speak louder than words.

    Posted by: Jay | Jan 16, 2009 12:21:07 PM

  12. Does Godwin's Law apply when someone compares their own side to the Nazis? Looks like we may need a Warren Corollary. And what do the good people at Ebenezer Baptist Church think about this rhetoric?

    I can think of other dedicated people who changed the world. Dr. King and those around him. Ghandi. And those are just the easy ones.

    I honestly cannot fathom why he'd choose Hitler in this situation.

    Posted by: Alex | Jan 16, 2009 12:31:01 PM

  13. It's, frankly, apropos that 'Dick' Warren should invoke Nazi practices. Remember the documentary "Jesus Camp" ( The indoctrination scene where the woman screams at the kid? I went through the same thing as a kid in my aunt's Baptist church in Michigan. I had nightmares for years afterward. They use Jesus as a thin veneer to cover their hatred and small values--there is no concept in their minds of who Jesus really is. It's power, cult status, being a star, media whoredom, and ego. This is a window into Warrne's soul. No Christianity there. He's a snake oil salesman and a pharisee (you know someone that Jesus fought against).

    Posted by: Woodroad34 | Jan 16, 2009 12:38:03 PM

  14. Shocking!

    Posted by: Rob79 | Jan 16, 2009 12:53:35 PM

  15. Ok, I'm just curious, because everyone is concentrating on the Rick Warren side of this arguement. But what exactly does this say about our future president?

    I like Obama. But, this is a serious blunder. And one that kicks off a presidency.

    Can someone justify this choice?

    Posted by: Br!on | Jan 16, 2009 12:53:44 PM

  16. I can't take the media exposure of these hate-mongering douchebag liars anymore. It's making me so jaded that I think everyone I have to do business with is most likely an untrustworthy liar... I hate this...

    Posted by: David B. | Jan 16, 2009 12:57:43 PM

  17. Not only does he look a bit like Jerry Falwell in this picture, but he really sounds like the old windbag. Uh oh, do we have the reincarnation of Falwell here? Shit.

    Posted by: christopher | Jan 16, 2009 1:07:32 PM

  18. Gene Robinson is a perfect example of a so-called religious moderate protecting and defending religious zealotry and intolerance. He is without impact or effect, and the only significant thing about him is his orientation which catapulted him into global consciousness when he was ordained. The ordination of a gay man was significant, not who that gay man happened to be.

    Religious moderates are a part of the problem with their inconsistent criticism of fundamentalism, praise of fundamentalist leaders and willingness to work alongside them in spreading the message of their SHARED faith. They are just as much a part of the problem of religion as the exploitative huckster preachers.

    Is this surprising in the least? Rick Warren is an uneducated slob whose congregants are mostly constituted of malleable, prejudiced, fearful and superstitious people. The scary part is that many think that these tactics and a subsequent christian holy war would be a blessing and sign of the end of days...they simply have no regard for this planet, its inhabitants and this life.

    Posted by: TANK | Jan 16, 2009 1:08:02 PM

  19. I'm with ROB79. Obama's embrace of Warren is a dangerous signal to us all.

    Posted by: | Jan 16, 2009 1:09:30 PM

  20. Not only does he look a bit like Jerry Falwell in this picture, but he really sounds like the old windbag. Uh oh, do we have the reincarnation of Falwell here? Shit.

    Posted by: christopher | Jan 16, 2009 1:09:46 PM

  21. "But what exactly does this say about our future president?"

    Well, BRION, it says that President Obama is a politician who thought he was making a politically smart move by inviting a neo-conservative, white evangelist to give the invocation at his inauguration. It was to reassure white conservatives that SlimJim is not a "Manchurian Muslim Candidate" created by Al Queda decades ago to take over our Blessed America.

    It was a mistake. But it seems that the only Americans who are outraged by this mistake are gay people and some Liberal Democrats who support gay people's civil rights. Most of the our Blessed America doesn't seem concerned.

    We shall overcome the President's mistake.

    (and if I spelled Al Queda wrong again, most Americans don't care)

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jan 16, 2009 1:09:48 PM

  22. "Pastor" Warren is not the first prominent evangelical to reference Hitler. "Pastor" Hagee, Senator McCain's former spiritual adviser, made a bizarre statement about Hitler as a great "hunter of Jews" before he was discarded by the republican campaign. (Hagee was referring to the establishment of Israel, but entirely as an agent of his own salvation).

    As a Jew, as a gay man, I find these references INCREDIBLY painful and bizarre. My mother's relatives in Lithuania, around 30 people, were murdered by the Nazis. The United States fought a devastating war against fascism to end that criminal ideology in Europe. How many people were tortured or killed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution?

    "Pastor" Warren must come from the same fascist ideology. Can't these idiots find some other metaphor - maybe in the bible - to spew? It's incredible that they have the chutzpa to equate Christianity with the Third Reich!

    Posted by: Dave | Jan 16, 2009 1:12:31 PM

  23. This is unsurprising in the least. Those who are surprised have not been paying attention. This type of thinking and theology is so pervasive and so culturally ingrained in some areas of the country as to go unnoticed and unchecked because it's assumed. But this type of thinking is poisonous, and there must be found a way to counter it without, at the same time, allowing these loons to put on the mantle of intellectual and cultural martyrdom, which is a big part of how we all got to this point in the first place.
    Hosea Ballou and the Universalist movement in the 19th cent. came the closest to doing just that because he and his folk, unlike their cousins the Unitarians, were working class Christians instead of upper-class intellectuals. I would recommend any one of you take a look at Carlton Pearson's books to find out what happens when a modern fundamentalist leader (Oral Roberts' left-hand man) becomes convicted (in both senses of the word!) of Universalism. The evangelical outrage is caustic and extreme.
    Those with the stomach and the heart MUST re-engage with the Rick Warrens of the world, and MUST have the ammunition of hundreds of years of tradition and belief behind them, and life and writings of such luminaries such as Ballou, William Channing and Joseph Priestley in their heads and on their lips, or this will go unchecked.
    The New Atheists are winning some hearts and minds, the Buddhists others, the liberal Christians like Spong and Borg, yet others; but there is yet more light to be shone on this, and this time, one that appeals to more than the well-read must be found or the situation will only get worse.
    And we're just talking evangelical Protestant fundamentalisms. What about the Catholic or Orthodox? Hmmmm...

    Posted by: clint | Jan 16, 2009 1:16:39 PM

  24. It's not that Obama is a typical, calculating, two-faced politician...he just wasn't aware of what Warren was like.

    More HOPE and CHANGE you can believe in.

    Posted by: paul c | Jan 16, 2009 1:22:44 PM

  25. wtf is wrong with this man?? my goodness.

    Posted by: elizabeth templin | Jan 16, 2009 1:28:08 PM

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