Rick Warren Urges Christian Followers to Emulate Hitler Youth

Wow. At Saddleback Church's 25th anniversary at Anaheim Stadium in 2005, Rick Warren told his followers that they should follow Jesus as young Nazis followed Hitler:

Warren"Warren moved on, from his celebration of Nazi dedication to purpose, and held up Lenin, and Chinese Red Guard efforts during the Cultural Revolution, as behavioral examples for his Saddleback flock, whom Warren called on to carry out a 'revolution'. Concluding his motivational speech, the Saddleback Church founder instructed his ranks in the stadium to hold up signs, from their official programs, with the preprinted message 'whatever it takes'. Warren then introduced, as leader of the first nation on Earth in which the P.E.A.C.E. Plan would be implemented, Rwandan President Paul Kagame. In 1998 under Kagame's leadership Rwanda, along with the now officially "Purpose Driven" nation of Uganda, invaded the Democratic Republic of The Congo, touching off a conflict that has claimed more civilian lives than any since World War Two."

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This is Rick Warren's purpose-driven life. And make sure not to miss the column Max Blumenthal published last week in The Daily Beast highlighting Warren's anti-gay, anti-condom crusades in Africa.

Warren has refused to give any interviews before the inauguration, saying his prayer will speak for itself. A PROTEST against Warren is set for 9am on Monday, across the street from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Warren is scheduled to give a speech in honor of MLK Day.

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