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That Would Be Fist Bumping


FOX News Detroit's 'Love Doctor' gets it wrong when discussing the Obamas' PDA for one another. Way wrong.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Thank you Andy for the morning giggle...I nearly spit out my coffee all over the keyboard.

    Posted by: Boomer462 | Jan 22, 2009 9:52:28 AM

  2. Ha! Pretty funny.

    Posted by: BusyTimmy | Jan 22, 2009 9:53:35 AM

  3. Wow, I think that made my morning!

    Posted by: C | Jan 22, 2009 9:58:35 AM

  4. the Love Doctor needs to get schooled.

    Posted by: niles | Jan 22, 2009 10:04:08 AM

  5. I was wondering what the guest meant by her words. I thought it was some weird straight action I didn't know about.

    I really like the way the host reacts, though.

    Posted by: tjc | Jan 22, 2009 10:26:30 AM

  6. LOL

    We know what the good luv doc does behind closed doors = Freudian slip

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Jan 22, 2009 10:37:47 AM

  7. Without the bump, something else entirely . . . the Love Doc must've missed that class.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jan 22, 2009 11:11:43 AM

  8. "Couples really need to feel like they're physically bonded to one another."

    Well, her slip describes ONE way to feel physically "bonded" to your partner...I just wonder which one, Michelle or Barack, is the bottom in that arrangement.

    Hm. Now with that picture permanently emblazoned in my imagination, I think I will go to the bathroom and start heaving. Not that there's anything wrong with kinky straight sex...

    Posted by: Andalusian Dog | Jan 22, 2009 11:42:50 AM

  9. ...And we wonder where blond jokes come from? Though to be fair, I seriously doubt that woman had the slightest idea what she said...and really did mean it in a positive light.

    Posted by: Kyle Michel Sullivan | Jan 22, 2009 2:22:39 PM

  10. Oh no, if only she knew what she'd just said!

    Posted by: Australiasian | Jan 23, 2009 7:41:27 AM

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