The Buck Stops Here


One more day of voting. Polls close at 5pm EST tomorrow.

If we win, we’re going to retire from these Weblog Awards in coming years.

Please help us do that by clicking HERE or on the photo above.


  1. Nathan says

    yeah, that guy’s kinda the face of towleroad (besides andy’s, of course). what’s his story?

  2. Orlando K Modeno says


    I’m really disappointed that you are not covering the massacre (War)that is taking place in Gaza. As a gay man, I’m not just interested in gay injustice, but in all human injustice, which deserve our compassion. Why are you not reporting this story? How many more Palestinians need to die before you decide their lives are worth mentioning. I thought you were a politically- aware blog, not sure anymore; although, I see you are covering the liberation of the 140-year-old lobster. Well, that’s important to gay and lesbians. It’s good to know where your priorities lie.

  3. Joseph F says

    Re: Orlando

    I don’t think the exclusion of the Gaza story means anything about what anyone’s priorities are. I mean, he could link you to other news sites reporting on Gaza, I suppose, but I’d hope you’re not relying on Towleroad for all your news anyway. I think this blog is meant to cover those things that you might not run across in mainstream news, and that gay people might be especially interested in. If you wanted Andy to include all human injustice out there, as you say, than this blog would have to triple in size and not have much of a “homosexual tendency” anymore…

  4. says

    Ya know, the more you beg me to vote in something like this, the less likely I am to do so. But when ya “rickroll” me into visiting a voting site (as you previously did), I don’t ever vote for you again. Ever.

  5. says

    b2t and bdj~

    I’m so happy to see that you survived clicking on a link and not finding a half-nude man on the other side. Are you both OK? Did your health care plans cover your recoveries? I realize that you might not be able to leave the hospital for a while, but I’m glad to see that you’re still able to write bitchy comments. It gives me hope for all the children of the world who click links and don’t see half-nude men appear on the other side. It really is the largest humanitarian crisis we’re facing.

    Jesus, you’re accessing this content for free since who knows when, and the people producing it ask you to do one little thing for them and you turn into spoiled children. Realizing there are people like you in the world makes me very hopeless.