1. gabe says

    This scripted reality shows are getting dumber and dumber. Brody’s “shocked” these two interns invaded his privacy but he wasn’t with the camera’s presence? Hilarious!

  2. Noah says

    Lame. That was obviously staged for effect. There was nothing homoerotic about it since neither of the two interlopers cared about Jenner. They were there because the director told them to walk in and speak to Jenner.

    Jenner is just a male Paris Hilton-wannabe. He and the producers shot the scene to be edgy. Major fail.

  3. Jay says

    I’m with Gabe on this one. While normally I would think that a guy who lets two guys walk in on him in the shower is packin’ heat, not so much here. All things “reality” being scripted and such, he was probably wearing a cocksock. Bromance is so stupid and so obviously trying to get gay attention that it’s almost as if Rick Warren came up with the concept.

  4. Brian says

    Jenner doesn’t even qualify for “dumb, but pretty” status. I’ve never been a fan of so-called “reality” TV (the reality is that it is not in any way, shape or form, real), but this program is further proof of the on-going decline of Western civilization. What a waste of everyone’s time.

  5. says

    I catch the clips on “The Soup” and find it a howl, but I am SOOO over this “I am really such a confident hetero that I can push the homo line” bit… over and over again.

    What’s next, a group shower?


  6. Ed says

    As softcore porn goes this program isn’t too bad but like most porn the plot is thinly stretched and filled with gaping holes.

    That aside, I think the best moment in this show was when the one openly gay guy saw the light and decided to get off this train wreck in the first episode.

  7. says

    Even staged beefcake shots are better than none at all!

    While I do think he’s a fairly attractive guy, I fail to find anything at all even remotely interesting about the Jenner-Kardashian clan.

    Are they producing these programs themselves, or is Brody blowing someone at MTV?

  8. DJ Tenn says

    YAWN. I was hoping this show would be about boys and their buddies, str8 or gay talkiing about how they feel for their friends , sure beefcake was nice, but these scripted scenes (like all the awkward pause reality TV) is a crashing bore.

  9. Marie says

    I’m not sure why people hate on Brody so much. He’s incredibly beautiful to look at, he’s not an asshole and has rejected a major supreme douche (Spencer) as his friend. Plus he seems to be an generally loyal and kind person. So pray tell, what is the problem? I have no issue with Brody having his own show, he just needs a much better concept next time.

  10. Not So Fast Cowboy says

    @ ED “but like most porn the plot is thinly stretched and filled with gaping holes.”

    thinly stretched and filled with gaping holes?

    yep, that’s porn alright.

  11. GregV says

    I don`t expect Brody would give two hoots if his two long time best friends walked in to his giant bathroom on a regular day while he`s in the shower and said, “Yeah, Brody, what did you need.“ I mean, was he really annoyed that they interrupted his lathering for the cameraman… The director obviously said, “Brody, you be in there lathering seductively, you guys walk in and then you act annoyed like you were having a private moment.“
    “Reality“ looks so staged.

  12. Garst says

    He just needs to come out and give the real reason he signed-on (begged to do?) Bromanc;, he’s obviously looking for a life partner and is not man enough just say it.

  13. seattle mike says

    I don’t see why anybody would think this was staged. Sure he had a camera crew in his bathroom taping him in the shower and then when two guys walk in he says, “Hey, I’m in the shower” and then… Oh, wait.

  14. IDon'tGetIt says

    Why are there people so desperate they find this douche attractive? The crap that comes out of his mouth is an instant turn off and he’s below average, not even a head-turner.

    No one would pay attention to him if he was just some kid on the street without a rich daddy to feed his ego.

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