1. RB says

    A “blue dog” democrat with a more conservative voting record than McCain and one that the NRA supports!

    Sounds like Paterson is trying to remove any dem competition for election. However, he will be creamed by a repub.

  2. Rikard says

    It’s about time. I get the feeling he was just letting Kennedy make a fool of herself and kept dangling the position in front of Andrew C trying to get him to swallow instead of spit(zer).

  3. MikeNYC says

    It’s all good with me. She sounds decent, I like that she’s more centrist, and I’m just happy that it didn’t go to Caroline. Caroline should stay out of politics and remain involved in philanthropies and other pursuits where she can preserve the love and goodwill that the American people have for her. That is far more powerful than 1 senate seat.

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