1. Paul R says

    Cops in that state do not fuck around. Once near the end of Mardi Gras (when they were somewhat understandably spent), three of them grabbed me, pulled my arms behind my back, said “Move an inch and we’ll break your fucking neck,” and dragged me down a half block. They said they were going to arrest me, but they just let me go.

    It was just to set an example. Apparently I’d flashed my dick for beads too far down the straight end of Bourbon Street. Live and learn.

  2. Hamp says

    My memories are clouded, but the Stray Cat bar seems to be the same place that older gay men would cruise young hustlers and Air Force recruits on one of downtown’s main drags. The recruits stayed in the hotel above the bar before being inducted in the Air Force base and the hustler trade would stride up and down the street in front of the bar’s street level windows watching for tricks. I caught the head of our Theatre Department in there one night when he was between freshman protegees.

  3. lou says

    Cops are scum, harassing people for filming them.

    Here’s a thought, if cops did their job and obeyed the law they supposedly enforce then they wouldn’t need to be filmed.

    Happens often that police take it out on the people that make sure they’re doing their job.

    Our taxes…money well spent.

  4. Marc in Chgo says

    If by ‘chaotic,’ you mean orderly and business-like. The only thing chaotic is the bad camera work.

    Watch it again. Wright was tasered because he was violently resisting.

    And the camera woman was arrested because she angrily approached the cops in the middle of an arrest.

    What do you expect?

    The cops diffused that situation pretty well.

  5. Marc in Chgo says

    I hate to defend the cops, BUT…

    Note that no one was (seriously) injured — cops , the arrested, or bystanders. That’s always a victory in my book.

    Also, for those of you shocked that Wright was (apparently) tasered multiple times (we can’t really tell because the first time was off-camera), note that Brolin wasn’t tasered even once. That’s because he wasn’t combative.

    Yes. The same cops who tasered the violent guy multiple times used restraint when it came to those who were NOT combative. That sounds like sober, good judgment on part of the cops.

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