Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to Succeed Howard Dean as DNC Chair

The WaPo reports:

Kaine“Kaine, 50, who emerged as a finalist for the job of Obama’s running mate last summer, will operate from Richmond in a part-time capacity until January 2010, when he will become the full-time DNC chairman. Kaine is constitutionally barred from running for reelection. Kaine, a friend of the president-elect’s, is a gregarious chief executive who is known to relish political combat and helped put Virginia in the Democratic presidential election column for the first time in almost 50 years. Obama transition officials declined to comment yesterday, and aides to Kaine did not return calls seeking comment. Two sources said Obama will announce his choice of Kaine for the DNC post later this week.”

Its a bit unclear what kind of supporter Kaine will show LGBT rights legislation on a national level although in September 2006, Kaine expressed his opposition to an amendment banning same-sex marriage in his home state of Virginia:

“Speaking to reporters in Richmond, Kaine said he will use ‘the power of his office’ to tell voters about what he says are the amendment’s “unintended consequences” for both gay and straight unmarried couples. The amendment says in part that ‘the state shall not recognize another . . . legal status to which is assigned the rights benefits, obligations . . . of marriage.’…’This is language I don’t feel comfortable putting into the constitution,’ said Kaine, who opposes gay marriage. ‘I’m married. You ask what the benefits of marriage are? They are infinite. . . . Unmarried individuals are not entitled to any of those?'”

Anyone more familiar with Kaine’s recent activity on gay rights, discrimination, etc, feel free to chime in.


  1. Jimmyboyo says

    DEAN (a friend of us Gays) put Va and other places into the dem column which Kaine benefited from. Kaine didn’t make Va dem.

    Kaine opposed a Va constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage BUT!!!!!!

    kaine opposes same sex marriage and even civil unions. Though he “…would not want gays to loose their jobs because of sexual orientation.”

    Kaine opposes gay relationships, is anti-choice, is anti-stem cell gov financing,. Basicaly a right winger socialy and economicaly dem.

    Oh well, Obama picking kaine to head the DNC is BS. No one can convince me the Clintons would not have triangulated the same shit Obama is doing. Though terry Mcaulife 2.0 as head of the DNC might have been better than kaine. Terry bending over backwards and lubing up to get F’d by big corps might not have been as bad as being shit on with someone who doesn’t support our relationships.

    Anyway; 1 very disapointed radical LIB who is pissed at the whole “meet the new boss, same as the old.”

    The Clintons would have triangulated the same BS, but knowing ahead of time that they were going to fuck us is better than getting sweet talked and then fucked by Obama.

    Repub trolls no BS! mcshame would have fucked us harder and palin would have had us elctro shock and pray away the gay “cured” all to the tune of the beverly hillbillies on oxicotin moving on into DC and making it a white trash haven.

    We need a 3rd party that is truly progressive and populous. One that has not dealings with religious wack jobs, more european /canada socialist economically, and socialy radical

  2. Joseph says

    I saw Gov. Kaine speak at a dinner at Richmond’s Holocaust Museum. The purpose of the evening was to honor Tim Kaine and had nothing to do with gays or gay rights. It was right before the marriage amendment was up in VA. Kaine spoke out very cleary against the ammendment that night and reminded the audience that hate take many forms and that he felt this legislation would only propagate hate. He was against the amendment from its inception and issued many statements to that effect. When I liven in Virginia, Kaine was a frequenter at many Equality Virginia (the gay rights group) functions.

    Is he the most gay friendly choice? Probably not. But he’s done quite a bit to further the Democratic Party in Virginia and spoke out against Virginia’s marriage amended in an impressive way.

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