Details Emerge in Gay Bashing Death of Liverpool’s Michael Causer

As a court case against 19-year-old Brit Gavin Alker progresses, disturbing details are emerging about the gay bashing death of Liverpool teen Michael Causer, who survived for eight days in the hospital with a swollen brain following an attack by three other youths.

That swelling was apparently the result of blunt, brutal strikes with a hardback book as he slept.

Causer_2Alker, along with 19-year-old James O’Connor, are accused of the murder, which occurred at Causer’s “friend” Michael Binsteed’s grandmother’s home, and not by a gang of youths in the street, as they had once reported. Causer was upset about the end of a recent relationship and had been out with his “friend” Binsteed and others drinking, and had fallen asleep in an upstairs bedroom. Binsteed has been charged with perverting the course of justice.

The Liverpool Echo relays the gruesome details:

“As he slept, Alker arrived at the house. It is alleged he was laughing with Binsteed about Mr Causer being gay. Mr Pratt told jurors Alker and O’Connor went up the bedroom where they launched a ‘sustained and brutal attack’ on naked Mr Causer, causing numerous facial fractures and swelling to the brain. He said: ‘He was punched and kicked and Alker struck him in the face and head with a hardback book. As he attacked him, Alker was saying things like: ‘You little queer faggot’.’ After the attack, it is alleged Alker said: ‘He’s a little queer, he deserves it.’ At about 9am it is alleged the men dressed Mr Causer and carried him downstairs to the floor of conservatory, where he slept again. Jurors heard Alker showed no remorse, even using a cigarette lighter to burn his leg hairs and threatening to rip Mr Causer’s body piercings out with a knife. It is alleged a plot was hatched and the men decided to carry Mr Causer out to the street. He was bleeding heavily from his nose and mouth and the emergency services were called. Binsteed and O’Connor later told paramedics their friend had been attacked by unknown men in the street. In interview, Alker later admitted punching Mr Causer twice, but said it had been in self-defence. He denied shouting any homophobic abuse. Binsteed, 18, of Evelyn Avenue, Prescot, has admitted perverting the course of justice. O’Connor, 19, formerly of Huyton, now of The Clough, The Brown, Runcorn, has already pleaded guilty to murder.”

Michael Causer, Teen Victim of Brutal Homophobic Attack in UK, Dies [tr]


  1. says

    Maybe Causer made a pass at Alker and O’Connor and that left them with no choice but to beat him to death? The cigarette lighter burning can be dismissed as boys just being boys.

    The gay panic defense against “little queer faggots” works in the good ol’ USA, why not merry ol’ England?

  2. SFshawn says

    Wow. Attacking someone in their sleep. These guys deserve to spend their lives in prison since they obviously are a danger to society. What a waste of human life-both Causer’s and these assholes.

  3. JerzeeMike says

    Homophobes ALWAYS attack in groups and when a gay person is incapacitated. That’s their M.O., they’re cowards that need others to back them up or they need their victim to not be able to defend themselves to perpetrate their crimes.

    Take a lesson from some of the drag queens in our community, many I know carry something to defend themselves. I know one with a “nail file” that could be used to hack our way out of the Amazon if need be. I know for myself, if anyone tries to screw with me they’ll come away the worse for it.

  4. DJ says

    Thats why I always say “I dont tolerate,I retaliate” If any little str8 pussy boy messes wit me,he will be sorry he passed through his mothers cunt.Fo real

  5. mike says

    No more tolerance. Only retaliation. Hunt down those heteros every time they attack us and beat the living sh*t out of them.

  6. shane says

    I can’t wait to see what bullshit lenient sentence they get. The UK court system is a joke when it comes to murder and hate crimes.

  7. Jay says

    Horrifying. I feel terrible for that poor boy’s family having to relive this. Hopefully justice is served so they can pick up the pieces.

    And again, we ask Mike Huckabee: have we crossed the “threshold” yet?!?!

  8. Gabe R says

    And mother’s ‘cunt.’ Doesn’t do much to disprove the idea of gay men being misogynists.

  9. Raven says

    I just hope those fuckin’ bastards rot in jail for the rest of their poor miserable lives. It makes me sick and I feel distraught everytime I hear hate crime stories towards young men whose lives and future are stolen by despicable pieces of shite only for being different…only for being something they didn’t chose to be.

    I’m from Liverpool and this makes me feel beyond depressed.

    RIP Michael lad!