1. Col.Jack says

    The NWS statement does not say that there will be “explosions and earthquakes caused by debris from space”, as your gloss claims.

    The statement says that satellite fragments cause vibrations, with the implication that those vibrations might be mistaken for earthquakes. Clearly the NWS knows that small impacts will not cause actual earthquakes.

  2. Courtney says

    After a few nights of drinking at a choice South Austin bar, I can fully say I’ve never heard of this “debris” on the news, or internet (until now)…so I’m going to enjoy my Lone Stars and be grateful I am drinking cheap Texas beer instead of listening to a snippet of (national?) news. Goodnight, and God Bless!!!

  3. satori says

    The NWS headline also said that it may be debris, not that it emphatically was. The FAA initially said that the Texas fireball was satellite debris without confirming that it was from the impact (fishy). It later retracted the Texas claim, as well.

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