1. Pete says

    Check this link out. It’s the same guy on Fox TV telling whites to “have more babies” because otherwise minorities will become the majority here.

    Class act.

  2. John in CA says

    Another moment of unadulterated stupidity from a member of the “master race.”

    To see some of these folks go completely nuts over the Obama victory, you’d think the whole universe was coming to an end.

  3. 2_wrongs not_right says

    Whoa, nelly. Can we please not respond to racism with more racism? Obama would not have won without huge honkey support so clam it with the anti-white racist bs. Now, as for Mr. Murdock, or Turdoch, or whatever his name is. The guy is reaping what his approach to the business has long sowed: catering to the lowest common denominator in people, whether you’re HItler, the homophobic right, or just a shit head… always results in doom. Its incredibly in violation of his responsibility to his shareholders.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    I am reaching the point that i am beyond even getting upset.

    There are ass-holes in the world

    These conservative guys are ass-holes

    We aren’t going to change them.


    Silver lining???= they are old and getting closer to death every day


    Each generation is always more liberal than the last (repubs today would be considered raving devil worshiping libs by the puritans) so the psycho-social maturation of the human race continues no matter what the ass-holes think.

    Spead the day of their deaths by old age and gluttony (fat rush limbaugh) because I am getting so tired to even be bothered enough to get offended. They are ass holes and that is that with no hope of changing them

  5. TANK says

    John Gibson is concentrated scum. His continued employment at fox news after his blatently racist and homophobic remarks says more about the the values that they embrace than any of their spokespeople and opinion manipulators ever could.

  6. Chris says

    I’m confused -_-; I saw this one:

    But there’s no telling who doctored what..but at the end of the one posted here, it states that he didn’t really refer to Holder as a monkey.

  7. anon says

    He’s trying to put the “shock” back into “shock jock”. Problem is that it’s basically a non sequitur, which makes it apparently racist. When they called Bush a chimp, you knew what they meant. Is this some sort of stupid payback for all that??

  8. Brandon says

    Angela: how do you know Eric didn’t say anything about whatever occurred? When these types of things happen at firms, the perpetrator is rarely confronted publicly. It’s hard to have an effective HR response if public criticism is the norm.

    Oh, and didn’t Holder just say that we need to have more discussion about race.

  9. says

    The tape is a fake… they chopped off Trace Gallagher’s use of “bright blue scrotum” and tacked it on to the end of Gibson’s comment. Gibson’s actual sentence: “We were talking about Eric Holder today on the radio and his comment that this is a nation of cowards.”

    You’ve been punk’d by Huffpo.

  10. Cj says

    Of course it’s racist. Please explain why the NY Post cartoonist as well as these Fox News radio show hosts are suddenly discussing the Connecticut chimpanzee attack with political discourse? It doesn’t add up. These blokes knew what they said and inferred by bridging both subjects together. Otherwise, I’m very certain Fox News, the NY Post and any other rag/”news” outlet would not be interested in a story of a chimpanzee. It’s time to hold this pundits up to the same standard that they have been holding everyone else up to and FIRE THEM.

  11. Geoff says

    Whoa there – to all the folks who are calling this racist, watch BOTH videos. The first one is obviously doctored – the guy has proven before that he’s an asshole, but he did not use “bright blue scrotum” to reference Eric Holder.

  12. Susan says

    Public opinion is very strong in this country. More people need to stand up and say this behavior is not acceptable. Stop watching FOX and reading the NY Post, quit buying from their sponsors. Post to blogs. Call the station. They might feel that any publicity is good publicity, but it will backfire on them in the end.

  13. says

    Where was the outrage when Bush was being compared to a chimp for 8 years? And now it comes out that the Gibson video was doctored!?!? The Elitist Left continues to play the race card in this country while pointing the finger at the other side. How very, very sad.

  14. NYSmike says

    Huffington Post has become nothing more than the National Enquirer of politics. Their headlines are so misleading and over the top. As far as one poster said on the NY Post cartoon….Obama didn’t write the stimulus, hell, I’m not sure he even read it! Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the congress wrote it. How do you leap to the cartoon referring to Obama? Seems your racial guilt overwhelms you!

  15. TANK says

    Don’t apologize. Even if this was doctored (and to be honest, we don’t know which vid is correct at this point), John Gibson is still a racist scumbag who has, in fact, made racist, homophobic, and misogynistic comments before.

  16. says

    For the record, even Huffington Post admits that they were duped and that tape is a fake. It’s so easy to believe the worst about people you hate isn’t it? When the lunies on the Right do it we call it bigotry. What do we call it when we do it?

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