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News: Octuplet Mom, South Carolina, Gene Robinson, Skating

road.jpg South Carolina state senator Robert Ford introduces Civil Union Equality Act: "It would allow same-sex civil unions in the state that would have all the benefits, privileges, rights and responsibilities of marriage."

Baleroad.jpg Christian Bale: "I acted like a punk."

road.jpg Insane octuplet mom speaks!

road.jpg Bishop Gene Robinson testifies for same-sex marriage at New Hampshire state house - VIDEO: "Ladies and gentleman of the Judiciary Committee, don't let the religious opponents to marriage equality you will hear from today and in the days to come make you afraid to do what is right."

road.jpg Gay panic: Bahamian man acquitted for stabbing death of gay, HIV-positive man.

road.jpg Canada to launch "tough" campaign in order to de-gay figure skating. Watch video.

road.jpg Sex and the City sequel confirmed!

road.jpg Simon Cowell is a homesaver.

road.jpg British teen admits to killing gay retired truck driver: "Michael Worsely, QC, prosecuting, said the attack happened after Smith, another man and two women taunted, spat on and threw eggs at the victim and his partner on the pavement below the block of flats. After leaving the flat, Smith punched Mr Dixon, who was recovering from a stroke, in the face, smashing his cheek bone and leaving him with head injuries after he hit the road. Mr Dixon, who lived in nearby Wellington Gardens, died of a brain injury shortly after the attack."

Gohilroad.jpg Gay Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil no longer a pariah in his home country: "Many believe that his growing celebrity status — being invited on the Oprah Winfrey Show and as a contestant in reality shows on British television — may have helped him gain acceptance. But, the prince is also an extremely genial person. 'In the past, many taboos were attached to homosexuality. But thanks to media attention, there is growing awareness and hence they understand me too. Besides, I have removed barriers of royal family and started visiting people to solve their problems,' Gohil said. Farmer: "I had avoided Gohil after realising he was gay. But, I saw that he was the only member of the royal family concerned about us. Since then, I have attended his functions. I salute his dedication to the people of Rajpipla."

road.jpg The world's youngest transsexual?

Camgigandetroad.jpg Did Cam Gigandet's publicist give him a shirtless ban too?

road.jpg Gay activists request end to Russia's policy banning visitors based on their HIV-status: "ussia and Armenia are the only countries who are members of the Council of Europe to impose a partial travel ban to HIV-positive foreigners. Eleven countries around the world ban or limit the right of HIV-positive people to enter their territories. The list also includes Colombia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Sudan, and Yemen. Although the US Congress passed a measure lifting the ban six months ago, the ban has not been fully lifted in USA."

road.jpg Schoolboy fights back after being bullied, stabs classmate with knife.

road.jpg Margaret Cho, Janice Dickinson, Alec Mapa and gay radio host Greg Sherrell to host GayVN Awards (site possibly NSFW).

road.jpg Freshman New York state Senator Daniel Squadron: Same-sex marriage unlikely in 2009 or 2010.

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  1. Mark my words: Crazy Baby Lady - She's psycho. Those kids are doomed. As soon as postpartum depression hits, watch out! Those kids are one mini-van ride from oblivion!

    Posted by: Rad | Feb 6, 2009 3:55:29 PM

  2. It is legal in New York now already, isn't it? Sure you can't GET Married but BEING Married is enough to consider it a State where it's legal, to me at least.

    Posted by: Occono | Feb 6, 2009 4:05:22 PM

  3. Obama has the power now to get the US off that embarrassing list of countries that ban HIV+ travelers, and I really don't know what he's waiting for. Stroke of the pen, dude.

    Posted by: Glenn | Feb 6, 2009 4:10:28 PM

  4. Occono, it's still unsettled here. The governor has instructed state agencies to treat same-sex couples, validly married elsewhere (CT, MA, Canada, etc.), as married. But that's a pretty limited, albeit important, benefit. What matters is whether the courts will recognize them. So far, 2 of the 4 intermediate appellate courts have said, yes. But the other 2 (including the courts covering the NYC metropolitan area) haven't decided the issue and don't have to follow suit. They probably will -- NY law is fairly pro-recognition historically -- but until the NY Court of Appeals actually rules, we won't be fully there yet.

    But even then, it will still be important to me, if only symbolically, for NY to amend the law.

    Posted by: Glenn | Feb 6, 2009 4:17:25 PM

  5. Vagina: It's not a clown car.

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 6, 2009 4:36:36 PM

  6. Man I watched the crazy baby Mom clip, she is bat shit crazy. 14 kids? She says she'll be able to afford to take care of them after she finishes school?? WTF Who is paying the hospital and for getting her knocked up? That is not cheap.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Feb 6, 2009 4:51:01 PM

  7. There is a more even handed article on Skate Canada here:

    Posted by: Scott | Feb 6, 2009 5:03:19 PM

  8. I think more LBGT people should have "straight" panics..only fair

    Posted by: Ford | Feb 6, 2009 6:46:51 PM

  9. I haven't had that much time for Gene Robinson in the past - because religious LGBT advocacy (even from actual homosexuals) tends to fall disappointingly far from general LGBT advocacy - but I watched his testimony all the way through, and he genuinely impressed me.
    Yay Gene !

    It would be some much fun to see the opposing speakers actually try to counter any of the gaping inadequacies he pointed out in their ancient, venerable & static decades-old-contested-amorphous-reinterpretated state-independent institute of marriage... but somehow I think they'll wheel out the same trite nonsense again.

    It kind of makes me hunger for some UK proceedings ; sure we have less loons, but leadership by two centre-right parties makes for a whole lot of genial nothingness on the progress front.

    Posted by: PM | Feb 6, 2009 7:06:57 PM

  10. Wow,there is so much stupid in the comments on the South Carolina story. I applaud senator Ford, but I'm certain that nothing will change in that state. And that's just how its residents like it.

    Posted by: Nick | Feb 6, 2009 7:30:41 PM

  11. "Schoolboy fights back after being bullied, stabs classmate with knife."

    Fighting back is not stabbing with a knife. That headline should read "Schoolboy snaps after bullying, stabs classmate with knife". Or "Schoolboy stabs classmate after long-time bullying."

    I know this is a blog and not a news paper but the first headline implies that knife stabbing is an acceptable response to bullying.

    Posted by: Morten G | Feb 7, 2009 4:59:35 AM

  12. As much as I'd love to see SC get civil unions, it's barred by their constitutional amendment, which reads in part:

    "A marriage between one man and one woman is the only lawful domestic union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This State and its political
    subdivisions shall not create a legal status, right, or claim respecting any other domestic union, however denominated."

    I don't understand why this legislator is even trying, when there are other areas of law (hospital visitation, parenting) he could be focusing on).

    Posted by: mgh | Feb 7, 2009 1:10:39 PM

  13. @SCOTT, re: Skate Canada

    Not sure even-handed is the correct term for the National Post article. It basically stated there was no merit to any of the concerns Skate Canada was trying to counter the perception of male figure skaters being gay. Then the writer, who claims 20 yrs of covering the sport, proceeds to use as his examples of "tough" male skaters some of the most unapologetically hetero examples around, like Eisler, Stojko, Grinkov, Candeloro & Pelletier. Even when the writer claims Skate Canada is "always happier with artist/athletes", he trots out more blatantly hetero examples like Browning. What? Forgot about our most famous champions like Toller Cranston, Brian Orser and more recent ones like Sandhu and Buttle?

    He even quoted Stojko say, "Skating is about power and strength. It's so much more than dressing up as a frou-frou." Gee, thanks, Elvis. I'm sure all the skating fans didn't realize that till you so eloquently put it "into perspective" for them.

    The National Post, for what it's worth, is considered right-leaning politically in Canada.

    Posted by: RJ | Feb 7, 2009 4:11:46 PM

  14. Why is it that no one ever seems to use the 'Bullied' defense it seems much more logical than the so called 'Gay Panic' defense.

    Posted by: richard s | Feb 7, 2009 5:40:28 PM

  15. I wish more kids would defend themselves w knives, glass bottles, guns. Anything to make the bully-boys scared that their target might go oopen up a can of "self-defense."

    Posted by: mike shackleford | Feb 8, 2009 2:55:46 AM

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