Gigantic White Horse to Tower Over English Countryside


A 164-foot white horse, 33 times larger than an actual one, is set to tower over the English countryside near Kent, UK in the Ebbsfleet Valley when it becomes the nation's largest public art installation:

"The valley is an ambitious redevelopment zone in the Thames Gateway area of Kent, and the horse has been commissioned to put Ebbsfleet firmly on the map. It is the work of artist Mark Wallinger, who won the Turner Prize two years ago by filming himself dressed as a bear. Britain has dozens of white horses on its hills, the oldest of which dates from around 1,000BC. This one, however, will be the first to stand proud of the landscape. Already dubbed the Angel of the South, it was picked over designs including a giant wing, 26 interconnecting steel polyhedrons, a tower of cubes projecting a laser beam into space, and a cast of a house interior atop a pile of rubble."

Watch an interview with Wallinger about the horse, AFTER THE JUMP...