1. Scott says

    I agree. I had no idea that it was not live. She was amazing. I’m fortunate enough to be going to the Grammys this coming week – she’s scheduled to perform at the show in addition to the Neil Diamond Tribute Concert on Friday, which I’ll be attending as well. “We’re all rooting for you Jennifer!”

  2. says

    Right towards the end, there was a moment when I could tell it wasn’t live. “She’s lip-synching,” I said, and one of my friends around the teevee machine noticed it, too. Still, she sounded great – and blew Faith Hill away. Just sayin’.

    But wait … Neil Diamond Tribute concert? I’m a total closet Neil Diamond fan – I bet that’ll be amazing. What’s Jennifer singing?

  3. seeldee says

    It’s actually the norm that singers at big sporting events prerecord the national anthem for the event and then lip sync to it. This is not news, nor should it be surprising to a bunch of guys as savvy as we are. 😉

  4. Don says

    No big deal. Whitney did it during her bravura rendition at the time of the first Gulf War in 1991. Cher did it. Happens all the time. I’d also bet that Springsteen’s music tracks were all pre-recorded too.

  5. says

    It was absolutely lip-synched; I could tell right away. Most, if not all, of these kinds of performances are lip-synched to previously recorded “live” vocals. It doesn’t make her less of a person for doing it, but it’s important to note in the same way it’s important to realize models’ faces are retouched in magazines. Because a model with NO retouching who looks flawless is all the more remarkable, and a Jennifer Hudson performance that is TRULY live and sounds that perfect is all the more remarkable.

  6. Frank says

    The acoustics of a huge stadium like that make it so hard to sing live. The echo and bounce back make it tough because you hear yourself echoing back a few seconds after the sound is coming out of your mouth. As long as it was her voice that she pre-recorded I am fine with it. Glad to see her out and about.

  7. JP says

    Well, if that was lip synched, she blew the speaker system out, that was the best rendition of that song in years, and, kudos’ to her for finding the strength to sing it after the horrible loss of her family

  8. Tasso says

    WTF???………The Rolling Stomes didn’t lip synch, or Prince for that matter…..what drivel about Jeniffer Hudson…if you have the goods…then you ought to deliver…

  9. Patrick says

    I really wanted to make a venomous comment about pop culture and its fans being vapid and untalented, but with Yoyo Ma and Itzhak Perlman using pre-recorded performances for the Presidential Inauguration, it seems like an epidemic problem that – while possibly perfected by – is certainly not exclusive to pop music.

    That being said, my heart just really goes out to Jennifer Hudson. That’s a terrible tragedy, and it is empowering to see her coming back from that.

  10. brianc says

    When you have a band behind you and millions of people cheering, it’s easy to sing live. There’s no echo, no acoustic issues. You can just go at it. It’s completely different when it’s all quiet and there’s nothing but your voice echoing across a giant stadium.

  11. my2cents says

    while Jennifer’s talents cannot be denied, i’ll take Aretha Franklin’s “my cunt-tree” rendition. Miss Hudson’s version lacked the historical depth and meaning of the lyrics.

  12. lwoolf says

    This culture has become so much about the slick perfection of product; Art as prefabricated, flawless comodity. We are losing the thrill and humanity of live performance with its rough presence. It is a sham and a shame, I say.

  13. RaiduhFan says

    Who cares if she lip synced or not? It’s not like she’s Millie-Vanilli, who, by the way, lip synced SOMEONE ELSES songs – and won a grammy. This LADY actually sang this song and I DEFY any of you to say she didn’t nail the S*&# out of it!!!


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