1. Leland Frances says

    ‘Scuse me! There are self-respecting gays still watching Ellen after she did so little to stop PROP H8TE, could spare no more from her $70+ MILLION fortune than STRAIGHT celebs Pitt and Spielberg donated,,,$400,000 LESS than STRAIGHT Steve Bing donated….invested more time and money into fighting for the CA proposition to be kinder to duckies and horsies …

    THAT Ellen?

  2. gmcfly says

    Leland, Ellen spoke out on her show about prop 8 a ton of times. Plus she very publically got married. I think that’s made a bigger impact than any amount of money.

    And anyway, Ellen gets a pass in my book no matter what she does from now on.

  3. Garland says

    Perhaps Ellen realized that donating a dump truck of money to Prop 8 wouldn’t do any good. We tend to think of a campaign’s effectiveness being entirely proportional to the amount of money a group spends, but that was not the case here. Maybe Ellen is saving her money for fights that are national, like the repeal of DOMA.

    And perhaps, just perhaps, you can feel free to criticize Ellen once you have done 1/100th of the work that she has done for Gays and Lesbians. Because attacking one of our most visible members, a woman who has done more to humanize our lives in the minds of the heterosexual community than anyone else, is short sighted and self-defeating.

    *Adjusts his tiara*

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